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  1. ....Deb, Thank you for the wonderful moment with Jimmy! Fans, it is truly beautiful day, as "The Star" has arrvied from the Universe itself for us!!...I have looked at all of my photos from The Charismatc City, Toronto from the 70's, Haunting Days of Youth Jimmy! very much on mind, the intense era!!
  2. ...many worlds remain beyond the Stars, and Love, your devotion shall remain endless, as the Universe itself!!...Iqbal
  3. ...Sam, Thank you for the priceless photos of James Patrick Page this A.M...The whole City is Beautiful today, exceptinally! Divine!!
  4. For Now James, as I wait for your most beautiful compositions, as always! Each and Every one of them, beautiful as Stars in the Universe!
  5. ...indepth view of culture of the 70's Led Zeppelin" in India, their spectular journey... http://www.theguardian.com/world/2015/jun/12/led-zeppelin-india-psychadelic-book-jimmy-page
  6. ,,,you welcome Maaike; I think Jimmy must Visit Sri Lanka; I would love to see photos of Jimmy actually in Sri Lanka, and so many fans over there that I know would be elated, they love him!!
  7. Hello, and thank you posting this article...I am sure there are more articles of this early news world wide, if you have any more, please post it...
  8. ...Friends, here is another interesting article, the photo source however, is our very own ...LedZeppelin.Com, the photographs first appeared here at the Official Site... http://www.scoopwhoop.com/news/led-zeppelin-mumbai-release/
  9. ...Deborah, I will be at HMV...to get all of them at once...that would be simple for me in shopping trip...Can't wait for them, with all of the fans here.... Presence, so special!!
  10. ...Fans, and Strider, here is just one more from Royston.com.. http://www.roystonellis.com/
  11. .....WIth sincerest Respect and Love for James Patrick Page!!!........Jimmy, you are loved world over more than you can imagine!! http://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-india-33017725
  12. Led Zeppelin to release India recordings Legendary rock group Led Zeppelin are to unveil previously unheard tracks recorded with Indian musicians during a visit more than four decades ago. The two tracks - reworked versions of their songs Friends and Four Sticks - are among the songs contained in the band's reissues of three studio albums. The English rock group were known for their pounding, blues-influenced songs and explosive stadium shows. They broke up in 1980 following the death of drummer John Bonham. Led Zeppelin's best-known songs include Stairway to Heaven, Whole Lotta Love, Rock and Roll, Kashmir and Communication Breakdown. The band's website said that singer Robert Plant and guitarist Jimmy Page "took a fabled trip to India to perform with the Bombay Orchestra and now, for the first time, recordings from will be officially released with dynamic takes on Friends and Four Hands (Four Sticks from Led Zeppelin IV album)". Band members visited India a number of time during 1971-72 during their tours in Asia and "during one of those trips Plant and Page participated in a session with a group of veteran Bollywood session musicians that resulted in reworked versions of Friends and Four Sticks," according to Rezaul H Laskar in the Hindustan Times newspaper. "Led Zeppelin had not officially released any tracks from the Mumbai session till now though several bootlegs have emerged of the recording. In one bootleg, Page can be heard explaining bars and scales to [late Indian flautist] Vijay Raghav Rao, who gamely tries to convey his instructions to the Indian musicians who had clearly never collaborated with rock musicians". The songs will be contained in the reissue of Coda, one of the band's final three studio albums that are being released in July. The other two albums are Presence and In Through The Out Door. All the three albums have been remastered by 71-year-old Page. http://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-india-33002262
  13. ...and the closing of the Gathering ... a review from Royston Ellis... Royston Ellis and Jimmy Page last night! Msg from Sir Roy: Dear Miriam: You’ll be happy to learn that it was standing room only at both events in London on Friday! At the Kings Head, I was interviewed by a very competent chap (former musician) for nearly an hour and that was captured on film for the Woodies Archive - while the audience packed into the small upstairs room, watched. Then I signed books, including about 15 for a book collector who had come over especially from Northern Ireland. I announced the publication that day of Big Time, and presented the first copy to the organiser, Keith Woods. The Poetry Cafe event, arranged by Hylda Quayle (singer of the skiffle/blues group New City Ramblers, who began playing in 1956) was amazing! It was held in the cellar under the Poetry Cafe with five poets from the floor reading one poem each, a skiffle performance, interval, and then 30 minutes of me reading a selection of poems from Gone Man Squared. We sold more GMS there (as well as two to Jimmy Page.) Yes Jimmy was there in full support, which astonished the old rock fans. As well as the usual suspects, there were people from Sri Lanka, Andorra, and even the USA. Hylda told me they have never had such a large crowd at a poetry evening. I even got paid a portion of the entrance fee - enough to buy a special English pub lunch tomorrow, Sunday. Now recovering - shopping - eating British food - and preparing to return to Sri Lanka (and sanity) on Tuesday. Beat regards Royston Ellis https://www.facebook.com/miriam.linna?fref=ts
  14. ...another photo of Jimmy and Royston from their poetic journey...the memorable night... ">http:// photo: N. Jayantha http://thevinylword.blogspot.ca/
  15. ...."The Heart of Led Zeppelin"...Happy Birthday, our Beloved Musician!!
  16. ...interesting book; I will invest in this, beyond my knowledge, but the Instruments are Divine Piece of Art....
  17. ....Jimmy at Royston Ellis Poetry Reading, May 29th, London Poetry Cafe/Society... Jimmy with Friends....Photos in this link ... https://twitter.com/hashtag/RoystonEllis?src=hash ...From Gone Man Squared, the Poems...Book Forward from "James Patrick Page" ...More Photos in this Link.... https://twitter.com/amalab
  18. Thank you Deborah for your warm response, it is truly inspirational for me to create more beautiful items in honour of our Forever Beautiul and Charming "James Patrick Page"...the embroiders are truly special for this scarf project...and with all of the help of my loved ones it is even more beautiful...I have some design in progress of Jimmy's Popyrus Gorgeous attire from 1975...I will have post some photos as I go along... here is the thread...Jorgen Angel...he is truly special Photographer... ....http://forums.ledzeppelin.com/index.php?/topic/20244-led-zeppelin-live-debut-plaque-photographer-jorgen-angel/ ...and Maaike, thank you for your warm response....I will stay in touch..
  19. Stargroves T; thank you for your kind comments; it is warmth of our Fellow Fan and Friend "Deborah" who added such depth and character to this project...it does look beautiful, and it inspires me to continue my creativity and dedication to The Very Beautiful James Patrick Page and Led Zeppelin..... I will post some more details as I go along with my next project, it is little slow as i need to coordinate some effort nationally and internationally in India, but it will be done!!
  20. Hi Deborah; Thank you for posting such amazing most awaited photo of "The Scarf"...i am very happy that you did fthis for me, and the fans......The Black Frame adds such depth to the red embroidery work and it is lovingly surrounded by your personal collection of of our beloved musicians.. such wondeful gesture of friendship, Deborah, Thank you Thank you :notworthy:
  21. Winnipeg Musicians Remember The Legend of Blues... http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/manitoba/winnipeg-musicians-remember-b-b-king-the-king-of-blues-1.3076185
  22. RIP Great Musician.....the whole world is gathered today to celebrate your gift of music; blues, the language of heart, this is your timeless gift to the world..... http://indianexpress.com/article/entertainment/music/blues-legend-b-b-king-dies-music-world-mourns/
  23. ..apologies for format... this from Legendary Randy Bachman, from His most recent book "Tales From Beyond The Tap" ">http://
  24. ...agreed Deborah, amazing photo by the Official Site for us the fans, very thankful to our webmaster indeed!! ....I am happy to see Richard Cole safe and happy in the audience just enjoying the Karate Chops.. from distance!!
  25. ...and Tribute to "The King"....entire afternoon show Prince From another Planet..
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