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  1. Yeah, like the US ARMY. EX-SOILDER IS DENIED DAMAGES FOR ARMY LSD EXPERIMENTS IN 1957 Published: December 29, 1981 A former soldier who contended that Army LSD experiments in 1957 had made him mentally ill is not entitled to damages, a judge ruled today. Federal District Judge Donald Porter ruled that Mr. Sweet, a 43-year-old resident of Pierre, was not entitled to compensation from the Federal Government because he did not file his first claim against the Government until 1978, too late to fall within a two-year statute of limitations. The Government acknowledged that Mr.
  2. I don't know if I'd rather be eaten by a Great White or a school of Blues. I've watched how Blues go on a feeding frenzy and with the teeth they have, LOOK OUT if you're in the water! The water looks like a boil when they go off. The piranha of the ocean. Wow, this guy sees it like I do. The Bluefish The Bluefish is a very efficient killing machine , very strong and powerful , flexible jaws ( hinged in front ) like a shark, ( can take thin bites or wide bites ) and very sharp teeth top and bottom. ( Ask me I've Been BITTEN!! ). He ranges from the Carolina to Maine
  3. The reward is still good for finding the link sausages ! JUST IN Inflatable pig lost during Coachella music festival is found A giant helium-filled pig didn't drift off to hog heaven after it was released into the night sky during Roger Waters' performance at the Coachella music festival. It's been found — in pieces. Two couples found tattered halves of the inflatable swine in their yards, a few miles from festival grounds in the Southern California desert. Concert organizers had offered a $10,000 reward for the pig's return. On Tuesday, pieces of the plastic carcass were examined
  4. That was Greg Rolie in Santana's late 60s/early 70s band singing. You probably realize he was also keyboardist/vocalist with Journey early on and with Steve Perry in their heyday.
  5. Cool how within the last year and a half both very early Led Zeppelin and Cream Whisky shows bootlegs surfaced.
  6. You were the one who earlier said that's the way of the world...greed. I was just saying if I had something someone was going to make money off of, I'd want a piece of the pie. Nobody should make money, but they do. WRONG doesn't stop it.
  7. The fact that it was only in the upper 50s but sunny as can be. I dread those 95+ degree days of summer.
  8. So then it would seem if you've recorded a show and put it out freely and some bootlegger cashes in by manufacturing YOUR recorded show, well. You can gload in your purity-free from profit good nature, but maybe you should get some of that cash the money maker made. Just saying.
  9. Wouldn't Jimmy Page have been present during mixing? Who was being on the cheap renting the inferior room? How would anyone know the speakers would've made the mix too bright? It's hard for me to understand how the engineer could've been at fault. I'd think it would've been a collaborative failing. Jimmy Page was producer, the buck stops with him.
  10. Haha, good one. Alan Douglas was always such an embellisher.
  11. The story goes that Hendrix liked being casted so much he didn't want to stop fucking the goo. Who knows about the fat plaster chicks.
  12. Funny ! I wonder if an especially long version of Hear My Train a Comin' will serve as the soundtrack during the climax of the film.
  13. Everyone's got it all wrong, This was the very best JOKER. Cesar Romero. How quickly we forget, or never knew.
  14. Obama has finally strongly denounced that reverend Wright guy but it's too little, too late. It seems so disingenuous to wait so long to do that. It's gonna be a horserace all the way to the general election.
  15. Audacity

    Photos !

    You live downwind from some smokestacks? Or under some traintracks or bridge? Even under the Brooklyn Bridge you can see the sky. Maybe there a bunch of skyscrapers blocking your view?
  16. Steve Gaines was not in the original lineup of Lynyrd Skynryd. He joined after Ed King left in '76 or so and joined after LS's fourth album '76-'77 sometime. His sister was a backup singer, Cassie, and it was quite the surprise for them to go through auditions and then "discover" Steve, her brother. Freebird preceeded Gaines by about 4 years.
  17. I see. I'd thought you (or Jimmy) were saying most of HotH had been recorded, not just the next album. Thanks.
  18. Hell yeah turn the lights on! I like to see too!
  19. Audacity

    Photos !

    Oh yeah. I got there 3 hours before the doors opened. I meet and talk to all the fans as they arrive. I'm an ambassador for Sonic Youth. That's my modus operanda, I always get to shows very early and often meet the members of bands.
  20. Audacity

    Photos !

    Thanks, I don't use flash so my pictures aren't always too clear, but I think that adds to the effect. Here's a pic a buddy of mine took and you can see we weren't in seats. You can't see me but I'm just in front of that monitor speaker just on the other side of the arm holding up the camera. I actually leaned on the speaker several times through the show as I was getting crushed by the moshers! Here's how close I really was, and another of mine,
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