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What exactly is the pompitous of love? (I actually have googled it and drawn a blank) :blink:

Why hello "Virginia?" And how are we doing this morning? You always come up with the most interesting threads. I tried googling it in my head and my head came out blank! I tried Yahooing it and this is what I came up with as follows: The term "POMPITOUS OF LOVE" appears as a lyric in STEVE MILLER'S immortal classic "The Joker." POMPITOUS- From the Latin "Pompa" procession, an ostentatious display. LOVE- From the Latin "Lubere" meaning to please. POMPITOUS OF LOVE- A vain statement of one's sexual prowess. Given in an euphoric hazy cloud of blue smoke. The slang for POMPITOUS OF LOVE is "a good roll in the sack." ROCK ON!

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Ponder the second song if you will. I do believe we are still doing the breast cancer thing. So if you can help any at all.

By all means, please do.

I've been asked to volunteer more time and I'm a bit stretched unfortunately. However to my Asheville friends. I WILL TRY TO BE THERE!


Knebby/Sam thank you for being gracious on this one :rolleyes:

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