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Live versions of WIAWSNB?


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Hi All,

WIAWSNB is one of my favorite Zeppelin songs, so I was just wondering if folks have some recommendations for live versions of the song. I've heard it in the performances listed below, so I was looking for good renditions other than these:

BBC Sessions

How The West Was Won - 6/25/72

Royal Albert Hall - 1/9/70

Montreaux - 3/7/70


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Try Orlando, Florida,

31 Aug 1971

all in all a very good show, and good recording too.

That is a fantastic show, WIAWSNB is great too

Also, there are version of this bootleg that don't fill in soundboard cuts with audience recordings, in case you wanted the full show.

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I've had a chance to listen to Toronto '71 and the MSG Evening Show '70 and I must say, both are pretty solid shows with good renditions of WIAWSNB. Still need to check out Orlando 71.

Thanks again for the suggestions!

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