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Rage Against the Machine


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Hi I'm new as well, I'm also a big fan of rage and I saw them on 7/28 in NYC at the Rock the Bells fest and they rocked! Their touring Europe in 08 and are planning to release a dvd of some oftheir previous shows this year. Their website has a new look as well, no word on a new album yet but I bet its coming! B)

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Tom Morello= my 2nd favorite modern guitarist (behind Jack White, slightly ahead of John Frusciante and Derek Trucks)

(Of course Page and Hendrix win in the all time category)

I'm so glad it seems like Rage is back. I loved Audioslave, but Rage is where the intensity is at.

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Keep talking like that and they'll have a benefit concert for you after the public gets through with ya.

Sorry, I'm not going to endorse a violent Che Guevara style communist revolution to avoid getting beaten up by Rage thugs.

The hypocrisy of Rage's holier-than-though politics is obvious to everyone except themselves.

Good musicians (except for Zack) but terrible politics.

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I used to be well into them back when they released the first album. I saw them about four times at various festivals, very good live band.

They paid tribute to Led Zep on the track "Wake Up", listen to that opening riff:

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