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One of my worst nightmares:

Jon Bon Jovi hitting on me :D

Just kidding, but that dream was annoying. Anyway...

I dreamed once about 4 French prostitutes who work in a cold, dark basement, and they were abused every day by two men – two regular visitors. The whole dream looked like it’s placed in the beginning of 20th century, France.

The dream had titles in French and I still remember how those men abused prostitutes.

Sweet dream:

I think something with Pagey.

Hilarious dream:

Mick Jagger explaining to me and a friend of mine all the things we should know about the period. :lol:

Edit: I really wanted to put that 'hilarious' dream. :D

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I've had many nightmares, but one which always comes back and scares me so much I do start shaking, it's really difficultto explain, you really have to see my house in order to understand my nightmare, but basically I'm getting chased by this ghost, (doesn't sound scarey but it is) and just before I wake up, I sort of, half fly half fall down the hall stairs and into the door, again you really have to see my house.

I dunno about nice dreams, I don't tend to rememeber those.

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Wait a second... Are we talking about dreams that are coming back?

Then it's different.

I had a nightmare that ended a few months ago.

I was running down the tunnel and just when I saw the light and Danube river :huh: , I got suffocated by gas.

And I had dreams about running up and down the endless stairs while being chased by an cursed angel. The doors were at the top of the stairs, but you can't reach them, and you can't reach the bottom of the stairs.

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I once dreamed about a huge tidal wave coming toward me.

Terrified, I tried very hard to get into my car and drive toward higher ground, but traffic was snarled and very slow.

I awoke before the wave hit land.

My happiest dreams are those where I am surrounded by people who bring love into my life almost to a saturation point.

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My scariest dream was was a long time ago but as I remeber it: I was in an elevator just going up and then my leg was just gone sad.gif

And I woke up right away to see that one of my guitars (which i hang on the walls) had fallen on my leg. And i felt it in the dream. So it was like, when I got hurt in real life, something similar happened in the dream.

Best dream? All my dreams where i could fly.

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