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Solidity and Sensuality

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Every time I listen to Led Zeppelin, I get the impression that the music I'm listening to is not only a mass of notes, but is something of solid, palpable, tangible, like on object...

And, moreover, for me, each heartrending note of Page's guitar, each Plant's shout, is full of sensuality, is like a sexual call...

Watching their live's videos, I can see the power that is inside each one of Them, a power that is emitted like a primordial force.

I'd like to know, if none of you have the same impressions while listening to Them...

What are, for you, the best words for describe Their music?

For me are solidity and sensuality!

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When I watched video I thought Jimmy looked very sexual while playing. In reading about the band I beleive he did say that playing guitar for him was liken to a sexual experience. (Sorry, don't remeber which book it was)Robert oozes mansculinity in his singing and JPJ and Bonzo carry the thruming bass of the music and that all mixes into what does come off as very sensual to me. When I listen to Whole Lotta Love I can really feel that. Of course not all songs envoke that feeling but there is a balance to their music that makes it captivating. Heavy/soft, dark/light, loud/quiet. LZ really knew how to work those opposites.

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For every diehard Zep fan, there must be an appreciation of the magical aura the band and music created. Perhaps the solidity and sensuality you speak of is from the rare and wonderfully serendipidous mixture of four excellent musicians who connected automatically from the start. Add a very deep knowledge of musical forms and styles combined with talented musicianship. With sympathetic and strong-willed management who appreciated and indulged Jimmy Page's original vision of the band's overall image, you get what we see and hear today.

The Polar Music prize a few years ago concisely highlighted the mixture of the primal and the mystical in Zeppelin's music. You can easily sustitute "sexual" and "magical" for these words.

Personally, I have to say that Led Zeppelin is the most sexual rock and roll music I've ever heard - particularly live tracks like Dazed And Confused on HTWWW, for example.

If you'd like to study more about this aspect of Zeppelin, I'd suggest In the Houses of the Holy: Led Zeppelin and the Power of Rock Music (2001) to read, in very technical and annotated detail, about what a academic makes of Zeppelin's music. John Paul Jones makes some contributions to it. It can be very heavy reading at times but it is definitely insightful. It's published by Oxford University Press, which is a hearty stamp of approval! Amazon and eBay have it.

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Another swing-era superlative meaning

Good or great.

Ex: "Solid", jackson! (Good work.)

Ex: "Some of you cats are not on the beam.

I know what's wrong, you've

been cooking with cream.

Now if you want a beat

that's "Solid" and hard, Then

Fry me mama with a can of Lard"

--(Bradley Orch. Tune Lyric)

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