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planty / viz comic


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when you're entered in Roger Mellie's profanisaurus in Viz magazine, you know you've really made it. who needs a Grammy?

Robert Plant

1. erstwhile, big choppered brummy rock vocalist.

2. an excessively large lemon curd. named after the singer's 1982 single Big Log

3. a marathon day of heroic multiple self pollution. named after the singer's 29 Palms

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Hehe, now that suprises me. Good ol' Viz.

yep viz still makes me laugh. i thought it would be a long shot that any forum readers would undestand this post, so i'm glad you did

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Funny and entertaining. Anyone have any idea how long ago this little comic strip was written?

Actually, Jimmy and Robert don't look much different at the present, so maybe recent?

It was in the issue that came out in July this year, issue 217.

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