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Gibson Flying V's


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If I may ask, what about that particular guitar do you not like?

i don't know where you're going with this, but it's just not the guitar. there are so many variances in setting up a sound and you could spend 2 lifetimes trying to perfect and still wind up scratching your ass and saying wtf over and over.

i will say that i was in a group where the guitarist had that particular model and it

wasn't the best sound i've ever heard. now is saying that, it could've have been a myriad of things, mostly his set-up, which being a drummer i have enough sound problems of my own.

i will also say that the current guitarist i'm working with uses, among many, a Steve Vai JEM Ibanez that in my opinion blows the Jackson out of the water. again it could be how well he dials it in. you may get it and throw it out the window :D

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