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Happy 62nd Birthday John

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Dear John,

You left us much too soon but your music will live forever and none of us will ever forget you. Beyond the incredible music you created I think it is your kindness, your smile, and the light in your eyes that I miss the most.

Although my tenure was brief, I have never forgotten how nice you were to us, how you showed us kindness when you didn't need to, and how much you made us laugh. I will always cherish those wonderfully crazy and funny memories of you, including the little party Jimmy gave for you. For the rest of my life the memory of those things will make me smile.

Thank you for everything, John. I am grateful for all of it. My deepest regret is not having told you any of this when you were still in this world. I am sorry that all I can offer you are such trite words to stand in for such deep and inexpressible emotions.

May you rest in peace, dear John, and may God bless you and your beautiful family for eternity.

Love always,


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Happy Birthday Bonzo!!

I know guy that was at a Zeppelin show today in 1977. He said that Robert got onstage, announced that it was Bonzo's birthday, and the whole arena ended up singing Happy Birthday.

Lucky guy to be there for something like that!

We miss you John!

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