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John Lennon


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If memory serves, "Fame" -it's John's riff and his voice doing the breathy "Fame..." vocal- came out of a jam session when Lennon was working on Bowie's version of "Across The Universe".

The fact that he was planning on taking the Double Fantasy band on the road in 1981 for a world tour is another reason to curse Mark David Chapman. Having said that, though, apparently Lennon told Jack Douglas things on the night he died that Douglas has never spoken about publically- speculation ranging from Lennon planning on splitting with Yoko all the way to having serious health problems or even a premonition of his death. We'll never know, Jack Douglas will probably take that information to his grave.

John Lennon in the 1980's -or the 90's, or the 00's or the 10's for that matter- is one of those things that doesn't bear thinking about, for me. I may have mixed feelings about the guy personally, but he was taken way too soon.

Yeah, I guess what seems to be happening can actually detract from what is really happening.

Thanks for the info about "Fame" - always loved that song!


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In 1980, my parents bought double fantasy and billy joel, glass houses and i guess that was the start of me blasting music on the stereo and wanting and be able to buy more records. Actually it was before that...but playing music loud was always good...,back in the day.

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John Lennon was one of the best songwriters in history.  He didn't have Page's guitar skills or Plant's pipes, but he was more than just a musician.  He was the head, the cerebral force and the essential lyricist amongst The Beatles.  He was a visionary who constantly pushed forward progressive music, spearheading the industry's most popular trends and challenging it at the same time.  He was full of many different ideas and concepts.  Almost no two songs were the same.  He was able to churn out radio-friendly hits, experimental psychadelic songs and abrasive punchy songs in equal parts.  He's what you get if you combined Bob Dylan and Chuck Berry.  No one has been able to put out songs like "Imagine" and "Give Peace A Chance", which became secondary anthems and sent shockwaves throughout the world.

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