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New Astrological Signs for lz


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According to that article, my zodiac sign is no longer "Sagittarius" but apparently "Ophiuchus" :wacko:

Personally, I don't quite feel very comfortable with this change! I do hope this is all BS! I'm not sure how Jonesy and Jimmy feel about all of this! :blink: Good to know that Robert still has the same zodiac sign! :rolleyes:

But in my heart of hearts (no matter what some nutty astrologer says), I'll always consider myself to be a "Sagittarian"! B)

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This is more evidence for the argument skeptics have on the lack of accuracy and credibility in Astrology.

According to this article, some of us and all who came before, are false signs, as are their astrological charts.

I'm waiting for the what if's about how history would've been written and how some events may have turned out differently because decisions were made based on planet alignment etcetera, all on account of this anomaly.

anomaly, noun; any occurrence or object that is strange, unusual, or unique;

a discrepancy or deviation from an established rule, trend, or pattern.

Astronomy: Eccentric anomaly, intermediate value used to compute the position of a celestial object as a function of time.

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According to recent astrological news (due to the earth's "wobble"); Jimmy and JPJ have shifted signs from Capricorn to Sagittarius; RP has remained a Leo.

Here are the new dates:


Do our signs change?

So what ya saying Lorraine? "Zoso" will have to go to be replaced by what? well as Jimmy has changed from a Capricorn to a Sagi-teri-arse then it will have to be "Soso" and as Jimmy's work has never ever been "Soso" I see no change there, thank the Lord, whoever He/She is. :)

As for me and the Misses, well as She has the Cold Responce of a Fridge she would be a Fridgidarian, :o as for me? well I'll remain the same, Bullshitoverbrainsicorn. ;)

Regards, Danny

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Some cute pics of Robert and Jimmy checking their 1969 horoscopes; why is JImmy reading Scorpio when he is (was) a Capricorn? A new love interest, perhaps?

post-16361-0-82942100-1295637317_thumb.j post-16361-0-96334100-1295637340_thumb.j

He is Scorpio Rising so that would be likely why.

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