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Mother's Finest

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Mother's Finest is a funk rock band founded in Atlanta, Georgia by Joyce Kennedy and Glenn Murdock in the early 1970s. The group charted with the singles "Fire" (#93 Pop Singles), "Baby Love" (#79 Black Singles, #58 Pop Singles), "Don't Wanna Come Back" (#54 Black Singles), "Love Changes" (#26 Black Singles), and "Piece Of The Rock" in the mid to late 1970s.




Mother's Finest are a funk rock group from the US South. Their music is a blend of funky rhythm, heavy guitars and expressive R&B singing. Their debut album Mother's Finest from 1976 today is a rare collector's piece and contained with the ironic song "Niggizz Can't Sing Rock'n Roll" (although they were criticized for it by an important religious leader and dropped it from their live concerts). In the Fall of 1976, they opened for The Who in their laser lit tour through Canada. October 12th was the last show of the tour, taking place at Toronto's Maple Leaf Gardens. An unusual choice of opening acts, they impressed with their performance and choreographed stage show. In 1978 they were guests in German broadcast Rockpalast and with one concert they gathered a cult status in Europe which lasts until today (this concert appears on the DVD Mother's Finest - At Rockpalast).

In the late seventies they produced more soul-oriented albums and at the beginning of the eighties some heavy rock as on Iron Age. In the nineties they were back with Black radio Won't Play This Record, a funk metal album, and their most recent CD is Meta-funk'n-physical from 2004 which is more hip hop- and electronic beats-oriented.

Mother's Finest was well respected within the southern rock musical community. Their fellow Epic Records label-mates The Stranger (band) would play "Another Mother Further" as their introductory music.

Most recently, Joyce Kennedy was seen on the international Daughters Of Soul tour along with Sandra St. Victor, Nona Hendryx, Lalah Hathaway (daughter of Donny Hathaway), Indira Khan (daughter of Chaka Khan), and Simone (daughter of Nina Simone).[1]

Original members

  • Glenn "Doc" Murdock – vocals
  • Gary "Moses Mo" Moore – guitar
  • Barry "B.B. Queen" Borden – drums
  • Jerry "Wyzard" Seay (a/k/a "Wizzard") – bass
  • Mike Keck – keyboards

1993 world tour members

  • Joyce Kennedy – vocals
  • Glenn Murdock – vocals
  • John Hayes – guitar
  • Jerry "Wyzard" Seay – bass
  • Deion Derrick – drums
  • Ace Baker – keyboards

Circa 2004 members

  • Joyce Kennedy – vocals
  • Glenn Murdock – vocals
  • Gary "Moses Mo" Moore – guitar
  • Kerry 'Lovinggood' Denton – drums
  • Jerry "Wyzard" Seay – bass
  • John Hayes – guitar
  • Johnnetta "JJ" Johnson – backing vocals



  • Mother's Finest (1973), RCA
  • Mother's Finest (1976), Epic
  • Another Mother Further (1977), Epic
  • Mother Factor (1978), Epic
  • Live (1979), Epic
  • Iron Age (1981), Atlantic
  • One Mother to Another (1983), Epic
  • Looks Could Kill (1989), Capitol
  • Black Radio Won't Play This Record (1992), RCA
  • Subluxation (1993), RCA – live album
  • Baby Love (1998), Kiosk
  • Meta-Funk'n Physical (2003), UTR Music
  • Right Here, Right Now: Live at Villa Berg (2005), MTM MusicCompilations
  • Rock Your Soul (1996), Sony Special Products
  • The Very Best of Mother's Finest: Not Yer Mother's Funk (1997), Razor & Tie
  • Definitive Collection (1998), Sony International
  • Burning Love: Best (2000), Cedar


  • At Rockpalast (2004), ARD Video

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I remember reading a music mag back in the 1970's, most likely Cream or Hit Parader and a critic wrote something to the effect if you like Led Zeppelin you will like Mother's Finest. After listening to the video above I would have never thought it would be an almost exact copy of Zep's music with silly lyrics. Northstar.

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They were often referred to as "the Black Led Zeppelin". By the way, the lyrics to "Mickey's Monkey", a song originally made famous by Smokey Robinson and the Miracles, were written by the famous Motown songwriting team of Brian Holland, Lamont Dozier and Eddie Holland. The music is quite obviously an homage to Led Zeppelin and was never intended to be perceived as a rip-off of "Custard Pie". I imagine if the members of Zeppelin had of seen it that way, they would have sued for songwriting royalties. I also find it somewhat ironic that someone would accuse Mother's Finest of blatantly lifting riffs from another artist, especially when that other artist is Led Zeppelin. Mother's Finest were (and still are) a very originally band that were light years ahead of their time back in the 70s. They took what bands like Sly and the Family Stone were doing and made it their own by merging rock, funk and R & B in ways no one had previously imagined. They've never been recognized by the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame and most likely never will be but they were highly influential and continue to be, even in 2012.

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