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Hypothetical Led Zeppelin Tour (a thread to cure your insomnia)


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Ok, ok. So let's say Led Zeppelin is about to release a new album and commence touring say, 35-40 cities in the U.S. and Canada in 2012. Some cities multiple performances.

Would you say, "screw it," Zeppelin's history remains in the 1970's. " I'm not interested."

Would you try to make at least one show that was closest to your locale?

Would you have the means and desire to follow the band across North America and possibly attend every concert?

This is a loaded supposition. A rough outline at best.

A lot of us long haired teenagers back in the day would have the means today to plot a strategy. A lot of the teens of today would probably have to hope the band came to their city or had parents who would underwrite the experience if they wanted to attend multiple shows.

Me? I would like to see the band perform in LA or San Francisco or San Diego, as I've never been to California or the west coast. Maybe Seattle or Vancouver. I would like to see the band play Madison Square Garden and possibly Boston. I would like to compare the attitudes and moods of the west coast vs the east coast. Add Tampa as well. Definitely Atlanta, and of course Birmingham, but I doubt Birmingham would be included.

I certainly couldn't give up my work and do the whole shebang. I could probably take in 10 concerts give or take and I believe (hope) that would quench me. If the concerts were spread out over enough time, I could pull it off.

How would fellow Led Zeppelin forum members approach this hypothetical scenario? Sleepy yet?

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Hypothetical touring can be further pursued in this whimsical thread:


Well, you know how I enjoyed the "whimsical " thread, Steve. I'm glad this thread didn't put you to sleep just yet.

Hypothetically, you're the only forum member I'm guessing would attend every concert.

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