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Best Led Zeppelin youtube channel?


Best youtube channel?  

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  1. 1. Choose the best Led Zeppelin related youtube channel.

    • Conneyfogle
    • Grubbsy
    • LedZepfilm (me)
    • LZProjects (LedZep342)
    • worldwidekillerz

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No, this is not a way to say my channel is better. I just want to see what you guys think, who has the best Zeppelin channel, in not how many videos, how good the videos are.

The contestants are:

Conneyfogle (Conneyfogle here,youtube.com/user/conneyfogle)

Grubbsy (youtube.com/user/grubbsy)

LedZepfilm (me, youtube.com/user/ledzepfilm)

LZProjects (LedZep342 here, youtube.com/user/LZProject)

worldwidekillerz (youtube.com/user/worldwidekillerz)

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Maybe someone on this thread can help me...a few days ago on this site, I came across a bit of '77 video; now I can't remember where I found it...don't remember from which date but I only know it wasn't Landover ;) Can you help me?? Is it on one of these channels?? It was two or two and half songs and for some reason I can't remember for sure what they were--possibly Achilles Last Stand and Stairway to Heaven??

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