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Professionally filmed Led Zeppelin concerts

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Fixed that for you!

Well, that was so kind of you. <_<

Also, current list of proshot footage:


Danish TV 3/17

Supershow 3/18 (shot that day)

Tous En Scene 6/19


RAH 1/9

Iceland 6/22 (shot by TV news crew)

Bath 6/28 (likely)


Atlanta 5/4

Tampa 5/5 (shot by TV news crew)

Pittsburgh 7/24 (test footage)

MSG 7/27,28,29


MSG 2/7 (shot by TV news crew)

Earls Court (24, 25 circulating; 17th confirmed; those photos showing the video screen have Robert in a black blouse, and on the 23rd he wore the red blouse; 18th and 23rd were more than likely filmed.)


Pontiac 4/30

Houston and Landover (not likely as the video screens were not in use and cameras were not reportedly used)

Seattle 7/17


Knebworth 8/4,11

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These photos have been identified as the 23rd. It was filmed.



Tampa 5/5 (shot by TV news crew)

Does it circulate?

By the way, what date is this from? Image credit: Roger Berlin.


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Yes, I am referring to those clips.

The picture Geezer posted is the same date as the photo with the video screen. I believe that is the 17th.

I'm a bit confused. Are you trying to say that these three photos are from the same date? (17th)




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I think so. If the picture was in better quality and JPJ wasn't washed out, I could probably date this picture. The still with the video screen (IMTOD) does not match with the 24th or 25th. Robert is not wearing the red blouse, so it's not the 23rd. If JPJ is wearing white, it's the 17th. If not, it's the 18th.

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I don't think there were any cameras on stage. And Getty Images can have the dates wrong. There was a set supposedly from July 29 but it was from the 27th. There are photos from the 23rd listed as May 1! The dates are right but that photo with the screen is either from the 17th or 18th.

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If we're assuming that the photos on Getty Images that are billed as 18 May 1975 are surely from the 18th, then we can conclude that the long shot with the video screen in action is not from the 18th (there were no cameras on/near the stage on that date, that's for sure)

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