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Looking For a Particular Photo (Singer Bowl July 13, 1969)

mickey g

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I'm fairly new here, so in order not to have to go thru every photo thread, I'll just ask about it :

Jimmy drinking a can of Ballantine Ale with friends after a show.

This pic was taken in the Summer of '69 in NYC, probably July, not sure if it was post Zep show or he was just hanging out.

When I was a kid, my Dad always had a case of Ballantine delivered each week (yes, I'm that old) and right now it's my fav "retro" beer. Another thing me & Jimmy have in common...... lol

Thanks !

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This one?

Wow, you guys are on it !

Close !

I never saw that one, but I'm sure it's from the same photographer. In the one I'm thinking of, Jimmy is just sitting there, holding it with a big grin on his face. I'm thinking that it was taken outside, as it was a rather dark photo.

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