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Iron Maiden's 'The Number Of The Beast' voted Best British Album of the last 60 years


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Metal classic beats The Beatles and Pink Floyd in public vote

Iron Maiden's 'The Number Of The Beast' has been voted as the best British album of the last 60 years in a new poll.

The metal classic came out on top in a public vote conducted by


to celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee and took almost 10% of the votes cast.

Depeche Mode are a surprise in second place with their seminal album 'Violator', while The Beatles

feature four times in the Top 10, firstly at Number Three with 'Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band'.

The other entries from the Fab Four are 'Abbey Road' at Number Four, 'Revolver' at Number Six and 'The Beatles' (more commonly known as 'The White Album') at Number 10, with Pink Floyd's 'The Dark Side Of The Moon' at Number Five. Queen are at Number Seven with 'A Night At The Opera', Oasis at Number Eight with '(What's the Story) Morning Glory?' and Adele is at Number Nine with her mega-seller '21'.

Speaking about the achievement, Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson said: "We're astonished and delighted to hear 'The Number of the Beast' has been named Number One. Some of the most influential and classic albums from the past 60 years were in the running so it’s a testament to our incredibly loyal and ever-supportive fans who voted for us."

He continued: "Iron Maiden is a proudly British band, so to win this category as voted for by the British public, in Jubilee year, is very special. Thank you to all our wonderful fans!“

Outside the Top 10, The Clash are placed at Number 13 with 'London Calling', with David Bowie's 'The Rise and Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars' at Number 14 and The Smiths' 'The Queen Is Dead' at Number 15.

Radiohead's 'OK Computer' is 17th, with Black Sabbath's self-titled effort at Number 16. The Who, Sex Pistols, Blur, Stone Roses, The Cure, Joy Division, Arctic Monkeys, Pulp and The Rolling Stones all failed to make the Top 20.

The 10 Best British Albums of the last 60 years as voted in HMV poll were as follows:

1. Iron Maiden – 'The Number Of The Beast'

2. Depeche Mode – 'Violator'

3. The Beatles – 'Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band'?

4. The Beatles – 'Abbey Road'

5. Pink Floyd – 'The Dark Side Of The Moon'

6. The Beatles – 'Revolver'?

7. Queen - 'A Night At The Opera'

8. Oasis – '(What’s the Story) Morning Glory?'

9. Adele - 21'

10. The Beatles – 'White Album'

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Iron Maiden have a very strong and loyal fanbase, and they are in fact a good band, at least in terms of musicianship. That said, they are not my cup of tea and I find that album a strange choice for the top spot, because apart from the inevitable subjective preferences that will always play a role in people's tastes, I'm just not sure by what criteria you could possibly justify that. There are some truly great albums on that list though, so it's not all bad. I usually say if there are good things on these lists, they're OK with me, and I would say that for this one too ... it's only that there are also things on there that make the absence of Led Zeppelin, The Who, The Rolling Stones, etc. seem outright puzzling.

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I concur. Wow, just wow! People really need to stop making lists of what was the best music because no two are even similar and it seems like they are only made for the purpose of shocking you by giving way to much credit to something (Iron Maiden and Depeche Mode #s 1 and 2) or claiming something great is not very good (No Led Zeppelin on this or Ted Nugent not one of the 100 best guitarists according to Rolling Stone).

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Crikey! It's not even the best Iron Maiden album.

I hope to hell that was a joke.

I don't know...have you had a look at the Queen lately? I get a definite impression of sulphur.

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If two "Best of" lists were similar or worse, identical, then something would be severely wrong.

Exactly. Because there is no way to actually calculate the quality of music that everyone will agree on. So it's all pointless and the only ones that get attention are the ones that are incredibly silly like this one or the Rolling Stones guitar list that has been discussed so many times here. Why not just say "Iron Maiden rocks" and try to stimulated a conversation that way instead of declaring one of there albums the best English album of the last 60 years?

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It is kind of funny. Give Iron Maiden fans credit... they made it happen.

I'm a fan of Iron Maiden, and I'm glad to see that their fan base (or someone in masses) came through for them, although I do think that's a pretty ridiculous list- at least they are keeping Metal alive by showing support.

I would have never thought that they (Maiden) would make a top 10 or even top 25 of Best British albums of past 60 years.....There's so much great music to choose from. And NO Zeppelin? ...crazy.....

Well, it could be worse, Hermin's Hermits or Coldplay could have made the list.

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