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Jimmy Page in Bangkok (2008)


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The original thread can be found here (though it is locked):


On this day, further substantiation of the original report comes via a news article and a half-dozen candid photographs:

In the Presence of Page

Led Zeppelin guitar hero Jimmy Page has a look at a pair of Bangkok rock clubs and meets those who would be him

Published on February 18, 2008

Having honed their skills on the riffs of Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page, most of Thailand's best rock guitarists were stunned last week to find themselves summoned into the great man's presence.

Fresh from a triumphant one-off Zeppelin "reunion" concert for charity in London in December - and just past his 64th birthday - Page was enjoying a private stay in Bangkok and made two appearances at clubs on Royal City Avenue.

Warner Records managing director Nadda Buranasiri set up the initial connections.

"Actually," reports local axeman Ae Wizard, "Jimmy said he didn't want to go to any pubs because he was worried about being hounded, especially by the media, but since it was a Sunday, he told Phi Tiva to set up a private party for him."

Tiva Sarachudha, editor of Season magazine and owner of the well-known rockers' pub O-Leng, and Nol "Or Inca" Singholka quickly put the word out and within 30 minutes had plenty of musicians for an impromptu jam.

The makeshift band played on February 3 at O-Leng.

"He told me I play really well!" Ae says, beaming. "And I told him he was my inspiration."

Among those along with Ae serving as sidemen to the British legend were Pop the Sun, Moo Kaleidoscope, Olarn Phromjai and Or Inca.

The first question anyone would ask is what Led Zep songs did they perform?

"We didn't play any Zeppelin songs because we didn't have time to rehearse any!" Ae says, distraught at the missed opportunity.

"Led Zeppelin's songs are so beautiful with their complicated structure, so different from Deep Purple or the Scorpions. So you don't find many Thai bands that can play them."

Instead - and fully compensating for the missing Zep catalogue - they played the blues standards "House of the Rising Sun" and "Crossroads", followed by Jimi Hendrix's "Purple Haze" and "Little Wing".

The local talent then treated Page to a sampling of Carabao songs, including "Refugee", on which Kanakam "Bee" Apiradee handled the vocals.

Later the rock god shook hands with the various assembled guitarists and posed with them for pictures. On hand were Ae, Moo, Olarn, Asanee Chotikul, Surasee Itthikul, Somchai Kamlertkul and Manote Puttan, plus Grammy Records' Kris Thomas and DJs Pong and Wasana Weerachatplee.

"I didn't want to ask for his autograph or get a photo with him or anything," says Manote of his long-time idol. "I just wanted to stare at him!"

On February 8 Page and a pair of unidentified Western pals made their own way to Overtone, the music club founded by Prart Aroonrungsi and his wife Lar. There, Page sipped Coke and listened to Chatree "Ohm" Kongsuwan playing tunes from his new album, "Into the Light".

Kitchana Lersakvanitchakul

The Nation








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This May 2008 report on a public sighting in Bangkok from Rhizomeman:

Jimmy Page - Stairway to Bangkok

Not sure where to post this - just a crazy story.

I'm living in Bangkok for 5 months. One night as I entered the skytrain platform I saw a man who looked just like Jimmy Page. I had recently watched him perform at the Beijing olympics and this guy even had the same hair - longish and grey tied back in a short ponytail. He was tall and dressed in a black shirt and black jeans. I pointed him out to my wife and she agreed he looked just like him. Then I realized - HOLY S**T - that guy doesn't look like Jimmy Page that guy IS Jimmy Page.

We boarded the train and sat down and Jimmy Page (who was with a friend) remained standing by the doors. I asked my wife who was sitting closer to him to see if they had british accents - they did. At this point I turned into a 13 year old girl who just ran into Justin Timberlake and could do nothing but just stare at him - I don't love his music - I worship his music. For me he is the Beethoven of rock and roll.

My wife looked up at him and he looked down and smiled and she leaned over and said "Are you Jimmy Page by any chance?" He smiled and said to her "As a matter of fact I am" She said "Really! you are!?" Then he leaned over right next to her so I could not hear him and said (as a joke on me because I have just been staring at him this whole time) "I am to you but not to the farang on your right". (My wife is Thai and "Farang" is what Thai people call foreigners - he obviously knew the culture somewhat). He got off a few stops later and I just kept staring at him.

Oh well, I guess you never know how you will react to situations until they happen.

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Perhaps they went in for the free Wi-Fi. ;) Does anyone know what that is on Jimmy's tshirt?

Haha!! That's it! Good ol' Lead Wallet didn't want to use up his data plan on his iPhone. :D

I have no idea what is on his shirt since it is so dark.

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Hiya :wave: Just came across this and wondered if anyone knew anymore about it! It doesn't give any dates; his top looks to be the same as the 2008 ones but he re-wears stuff so I've still no idea when it's from. All it says is he's at Karma Sound Studios. Sorry if it's been posted before; I couldn't find it anywhere and thanks in advance! :)



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^^^^ Hey April. Great photo!

I have seen it before and it was from last year. If I were to guess I would say it is from last September.

Cool! Thank you so much for letting me know! :) Sooo he was in a studio last year then :D

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