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The Led Zeppelin Persona


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I was reading a post inwhich someone was saying that if Dancing Days was a favorite song of Zeps. It was not in thier set list as much. So in your oppinion. What Persona did you think that Led Zeppelin wanted to portray to thier fans. Happy hippies in the sun. Like Misty Mountain Hop. Or Mystical Gods like Imigrant Song.

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Persona???? I don't believe they were trying to portray any "persona". They were just being who they were.

Knebby,I agree!

Artists today worry about persona and how they are perceived!

Jimmy, Robert, John Paul or Bonzo I doubt ever gave it a second thought to portraying a certain persona!

They were the original independent artist group!

They were pure and simply 4 extremely talented men who brought their own flavor to the table.

They explored whatever musical influences that suited their fancy, popular or not.

Press and critics could go take a flying leap.

Once someone said they were this, they surprised everyone, including their staunchest fans and went a totally different but relevant direction.

That is why they were the best.

That is why we are still discussing them today.

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Plant was the only hippy, IMO.

Bonzo would probably deck you if you called him a hippy...and Jimmy was more of a dandy, verging on a Mod - at least until he grew that fucking beard. And JPJ was...um...'Sleeve Testicle Man' :wacko:

Yeah I guess your right, i hated Jimmy's beard...

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if anything, it isn't just one persona they were portraying. just like their music, zeppelin has variety, diversity, dynamics. they transcended classification, genres, labels, and even to this day it's hard to really put them in any category. i think, rather than consciously deciding on a persona, zeppelin became its own entity. like Page says, the four members of the group took on a fifth element. they were hippies, punks, mods, folk, legends, demons, angels, gods, and so many other things. they were, and still are, zeppelin! :D

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