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So how the heck was Jonesy!?!?

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been lurking on these forums, but I had to join to post this because I hadn't seen much at all on these threads about JPJ's performance. So come on guys lets hear it!

Highlights, favorite songs?


How was his no quarter solo?

Who was he interacting with most on stage? Did he seem to be enjoying himself?

Did he wear that god awful jacket from Song Remains the Same with the stuffed toys hanging from it? (ok, just kidding here)

Inquiring zepheads wanna know

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i would too like to know. great post idea!

from the vids that ive seen online he seemed very togeather and his no quarter solo did seem great! i thnk that he probably most connected w/ bonham but that would have to be answred by someone that was there.

check out the link to see kashmir and the one below this to see a bunch of other videos!


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I didn't ask him myself how he was <_< not knowing him and stuff, but yeh he was enjoying himself, interacting well with Jason, smiling and doing what he does best, set a groove going for the rest to follow !!

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...well I didn't go to the show, but I've heard it...

a lot of people don't realize how important and key John Paul Jones is to the music of Led Zeppelin.

He always provides a masterful canvas for Page and Plant to do their thing (along with someone named Bonham of course).

He has his songs where his parts are thrust to the forefront, and those are cool too. I thought he was heard loud and clear on a few boots that have been circulating.


It reminds me of something in the Computer Programming industry called a "Tools Programmer".

This person basically has to build the tools needed for an artist or other programmers to use in order to make a product. They have to know about a lot of technical things like computer programming and a lot of artsy things, which depend on what kind of program they are making.

It's clear Jones has footholds in both technical and artistic ability, and he can really carry the group when needed.

At certain parts of the O2 night, he certainly did just that. He's very professional.

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I really like what someone said in one of the reviews of the o2 show... they said -john paul jones has taken the place of -john bonham as the rock in -led zeppelin, or something like that... they also said that -jason was watching -jones alot of the time, following him. This was in the reviews, early on, page 1 i think.

After seeing -jones on the -zooma tour and seeing the stuff on -youtube from last summer's -bonarroo he is in such a good place ya know. Plus he and -bonham were always the rock and the road for led zeppelin...so what that above person mentioned, made so much sense to me and i wasnt at the show. I think this show has highlighted -jones in a way at this time in -lz history, its his element to the band...and when they came together for this show for -ahmet ertegun and planned for it and really meant it, it all came together...especially having -john paul jones playing.

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