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Soundtrack to your first hit?


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Inspired by reswati's comments elsewhere re Space Ritual, I wondered what other ZepStoners were listening to when they started out on the road to fiend-dom.

When one of my mates summoned me for my indoctrination, he made the perfect choice - Echoes. That was pretty far out - the gradual build, the weird-out in the middle, and the glorious recapitulation and final, gentle release. In fact, I can't think of anything that would've worked better. Naturally, I was hooked.

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The Doors was the soundtrack to my first stoned experience. I had my first smoke at a UFO show in 77 but nothing really happened. Then it was full throttle 60's stuff.

Shanti, Hendrix, 13th Floor Elevators, Quintessance, Airplane. Grace Slick and the High Society - loved White Rabbit. The Dead. Furry Freak brothers books. High Times mags

Moving on it went to dub and blues and jazz - all sorts of stuff

First LSD experience was to Dark Side Of the Moon until we were all so spaced that no music was played after. Great days

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Mine was The Moody Blues album "On The Threshold Of A Dream" It was my second time toking, a quid deal of seedy bush. Music was rarley a soundtrack to acid, the great outdoors of the local countryside and the shorline of the River Dee looking towards Wales the prefered choice for taking a trip.

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It's very difficult to remember what I was listening to my first time getting buzzed.

I have a very distinct recollection of hearing Pink Floyd Animals for the first time after smoking some incredibly powerful red bud, but it was hardly my first time.

I am, however, a little surprised to hear people say they prefer not to listen to music while tripping.

Personally, music pushes tripping into a whole 'nother realm.

It adds so much enhancement to the experience I couldn't imagine intentionally NOT listening to music on acid.

Granted, there are times when music made it almost too intense, but such are the risks of dabbling in the infinite. lulz

I remember a particularly intense trip at a party at a friend's house, and the Stones' Love Ya Live was on the turntable.

It was literally a religious experience as I had the whole Satan vs. God drama played out in front of me.

At my age, I doubt I would ever drop acid again, yet it's so much fun recalling all the experiences I've had when I did it.

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It depends on what I consider my first time. My dad gave me my first experience with marijuana when I was around 7 or 8, in the form of marijuana brownies. I don't remember feeling any different...maybe hungry. I don't remember what music, if any, was playing.

My first time smoking grass was again because of my dad, shortly after the brownies. He was cooking dinner and I was watching/helping. He was smoking a joint and I noticed it smelled different from the Pall Mall reds he usually smoked. I said it smelled better than his nasty cigarettes. He handed it to me and said take a little puff. I did and immediately started coughing. My dad usually played jazz or classical music when he cooked, so it might have been Dave Brubeck or Verdi's "Rigoletto" on the turntable...I can't remember.

But again, I don't recall feeling stoned...just coughing.

I didn't have my first experience getting "stoned" smoking pot until the 4th grade. There was no music, as me and a friend were way out in the hills of Tustin. It was a weekend and I had sneaked a joint out of my dad's stash and we figured it was best to get as far away from other people as possible. So that meant running to the hills...and no music.

Now, not counting my unfortunate experience at Kezar Stadium, my first consensual time with hallucinogens was at the Pink Floyd "Animals" concert at Anaheim Stadium in 1977. Someone was passing around mushrooms and being young and relatively fearless, I took a few. Yuck...nasty

stuff...and the post-trip crash was horrible.

After that, I was leary of going further until a friend convinced me to try some LSD. She said she had some good blotter acid and that it would be much better than the mushrooms. We were in her room, so I knew I would be safe as she would look out for me. She placed the little square of paper on my tongue and told me to just let it sit there for a moment before handing me a glass of orange juice to wash it down with.

She put on the Velvet Underground with Nico album and it was around the time that "All Tomorrow's Parties" was on that I started tripping. Side two with John Cale's screeching viola on "Heroin" and "Black Angel's Death Song" really got it going. After that, she put on Jimi Hendrix's "Electric Ladyland" and I was gone. But unlike the mushrooms, this was a good 'gone'. I asked for Frank Zappa's "Hot Rats" after that...it was hours before I could even think of making love to her, but fortunately she understood and had the patience of a saint. No, she did not take acid with me...she remained sober so she could manage things in case anything went wrong.

When I was finally ready to handle physical contact(for the first couple hours of the trip, I literally felt like I was crawling out of my skin), it was to the Allman Brothers "Live at Fillmore East" that we got into bed.

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Yeah, I'm not really that surprised either. I think most people's first experiences getting high or tripping are furtive affairs, fraught with worries about getting caught by parents or authorities. So you wanted to do it in a way that didn't call attention to yourself. No loud music or loud people or else your folks might bust in your door.

Foghat Slow Ride on 8 track. Jensen 6X9's. Far corner of school parking lot.

Haha...now that's classic old-school! :thumbsup:
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