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Dutch band Focus


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In my teens in the mid 70s I discovered Focus.Yes that was the band with that song with all that yodelling and blitzkrieg guitar.But there was so much more to them than Hocus Pocus.I collected everything on them.My mates couldn't understand why I liked such drivell.Play zep,play purple etc they would say,anything but focus.Only one person liked focus and that was my late father and he was a jazz muso.So any takers?

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Agreed,good live album,but I wish they would release the whole concert.Other songs were House of King,a lute solo and I believe Anonymous.There's video footage on you tube and a bootleg dvd exists.

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On 07/06/2014 at 3:07 PM, chillumpuffer said:

Focus live at The Rainbow is an excellent album.

I Love Focus LATR it was recorded on 5/5/73 my sixteenth birthday. I bought the album the week it was released, anyway move on a few years and I no longer have the album, I wasn't sure if I'd sold it or had it pilfered. (a few albums had gone missing at a party I had when my parents were away) Then, a few years later I was at a party at a mates house, looking through his albums I came across LATR, I knew straight away it was/had been my copy, In the early days I used to stamp my initials on the sleeve and on the label. So I said to the guy whose party it was "Hey Chris I had this once, I sold it (being diplomatic) to Skeleton Records, this one used to be mine", then he got a bit defensive "Nah I bought that new" So I knew he was lying, I didn't argue the point and let it go. Somehow sometime later , I don't know how I got it back, so now it sits in my loft, no matter I have the CD.....So called mates eh..

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Focus were absolutely amazing, I have Moving Waves & Focus 3, which are both brilliant albums, I don't have the live one but I'll need to get a hold of it at some point.

I saw them live in Edinburgh about three years ago, I think Van Leer (Keyboards/Vocals) & Van der Linden (Drums) were the only 'original' members but they played great & I would definitely go & see them again.

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