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Songwriting Partnerships


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I posted this really as an opportunity to place Page/Plant in the rankings of great rock songwriting partnerships.  I'm thinking it may be a bit of an interesting discussion point.

My choices in descending order:

  1. Lennon/McCartney
  2. Page/Plant
  3. Jagger/Richards (placed third because after listening to nothing but Zeppelin boots for the last six months, seriously, I can state that no matter how many times you hear a song, it never gets old.)
  4. Elton John/Taupin
  5. Rossi/Frost (Older Brits especially will relate to these but I just think they penned a lot of classic rock songs. Status Quo are not well known in the USA but are practically a British institution)

Bear in mind all of these composers wrote alone too but are best known for their songwriting partnerships. Page/Plant are probably the most interesting as Jimmy's affinity with hard rock/blues complemented Roberts more.......mythic  tastes, so a blend of those two sources have given us a number of nearly perfect classic rock songs. I only put them at #2 because I feel I would have to commit seppuku if Lennon/Mac was not placed at #1. :ph34r:`

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