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Signed LP, authenticating and pressing advice


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Basically I just want all your opinions on this signed zeppelin III LP I own.

I have no authenticity and want some knowledge as to wheather it has authentic signatures and how early the pressing is, I don't expect an exact authentification based off the pictures, but I know you all have a lot of knowledge.

the cover itself is in amazing condition apart from small paper tear in the top right corner from original owner removing sticker/price


Side one- the vinyl has -Do what thou wilt- , SP mastercraft PR signature and other numbers etched

side two- has a number code, and what seems to be a pressers signature with a large 'S' shape afterwords, the 'S' also has 'PR' in the top bend of the 'S' and 'C' in the  bottom bend, have attached pictures with the best photos I could get!

the signatures seen to be authentic but I do not have a certificate, I'm not looking for an authentification, more so just some educated guesses from you. Please let me know if you need more photos, not looking to sell or profit!

thankyou so much









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That's a later 70's pressing , most likely after 1977. SD 7201 is the original catalog number. SD 19128 issues are from around 76-77 onward. I am not sure about those signatures. Maybe you can compare them to other authentic ones online. Very hard to know without some kind of reputable provenance. 

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On 04/09/2017 at 4:27 AM, Pb! said:

The Warner logo in the fine print means it has to be from 1974 or later; I didn't realize they still had the 'Do what thou wilt...' in the runoff.

I used to have an original with the "do what thou wilt" etching until some "friend " borrowed it! I'm sure the etching didn't look like that. I don't remember it being as loopy as that. However I may be wrong.

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