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  1. Thanks, appreciate that! Yeah, drum cam will eventually be posted as well as the others. We are trying to expand a little bit with some of these versions rather than just play studio replicas, because no one will ever do that as well. I hear a little bit of Tony iommi as well as some Clapton in Ivan's solo. Initially we were going to do it exactly like the album version but decided to put a solo on the end, kind of like we did with our cover of Good Times Bad Times. We will be doing Custard Pie the same way. It'll start out like the album version but it will have an extended ending as well. Just want to have some fun making these videos for now, but if it leads to doing live shows then we will be really happy. Thanks for the request. La La may eventually get done, but right now we're working on an epic 1972 - 73 style version of Dazed and Confused.
  2. Empress Valley didn't waste any time putting this one out. Meanwhile, they're dicking around with Japan 71, LA 75 etal . Maybe they'll make some $$ off this source that they downloaded for free and they'll fell better about trickling out some more of 9/28/71.
  3. Actually I wondered if that was Peter Grant's jag, or one of the band members? Was that taken outside Aeolian Hall, or BBC studios?
  4. Looks great Josh! You know who this is! 😏
  5. porgie66

    Thank You

    Yes, indeed! Thanks. If you're interested , I'm part of a YouTube Zep cover band called People's Front Of Zeppelin. Have a look, I think you'll dig it.
  6. porgie66

    Thank You

    I love that version so much I did a video of Bonham's drum part on that recording. The interaction between him and Page is incredible!
  7. porgie66

    Thank You

    That's a killer!! Also Tampa and Raleigh in April of 1970.
  8. porgie66

    Thank You

    You mean 1971. 😁
  9. Plants vocal is annoying as hell but, The Crunge rhythmically speaking is a motherfucker. That beat and bass line are totally unique though derivative of James Brown. It's in 9/8 for Chrissakes...where the hell did they pull that one out from? I don't know if Jones came up with the riff and Bonzo created the beat to it, or vice versa but it sure sounds like Jonesy's type thing and it's brilliant . Hot Dog is a joke compared to The Crunge , IMO.
  10. That's the night the stage fell apart during the encore Thank You , and had to be jury rigged so they could complete the show. I wish we could see the complete 7/29/73 WLL ending, with Mike "The Limbo King" Quashie fire eating and dancing while Bonzo goes into a jungle drum trance for like 10 minutes!! Where is that footage???
  11. Just heard some samples. Well, it's another 75 show , Plants voice fucked, Jimmy's fingers quite sticky, Jones and Bonzo kicking ass. Stairway features some very aggressive drumming. I'm glad it's surfaced but I'm looking forward to more from the early days. The quality of the recently discovered 1972 Detroit audience is pretty bad but the performance is 🔥 Back to my bootleg ears.
  12. I know! Especially the complete board. No , it July 12. Rock and Roll is complete.
  13. I remember seeing one here a while back. That would be good, I'm keen to hear from people who were there. Jason's statement is very discouraging , if it's truly his. The comment link goes to his page.
  14. This is the gut feeling I've had ever since I saw that video. It's seem very specious. I've never seen a pic of Ocheltree on stage , at least that I can make out. You often see Mick Hinton.
  15. Sadly no, it starts around Bron Y Aur Stomp so it's missing the first third or so. Dazed is a monster though.
  16. Is there anyone on the forum who can say with certainty that he is legit? I don't doubt he worked for Bonham , maybe as an assistant tech but I have had my doubts about him ever since his video came out talking about Bonhams green sparkle kit. There are things that he says in that video that are questionable. Jason commented in the thread of comments that it was "so sad, this guy never worked for my dad" . Wish Mick Hinton were still around to clarify.
  17. Yes, it's not bad, not great. But it's a great find. I helped the taper get the tapes transferred by KRW_CO. He also has an alternate source for Detroit 73 that sounds very good.
  18. Probably not Seward Park ... that was in the heart of Cabrini Green housing project at the time , and a very dangerous place to dally around. More likely Lincoln Park or the lakefront.
  19. Thank you, glad you dig it! Check out our other videos and Playlists, we are posting individual instrument camera videos as well. PFoZ will have more on the way soon!
  20. I have a feeling we will see some trickling out of the early 75 tour shows in SBD. Either Chicago or Minn. I would love to hear that early set list with Wanton and Levee in SBD quality.
  21. Nice revolution. Hold back the full release indefinitely and trickle out a few songs. Jive 🦃 🦃
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