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  1. 😒 I'll be thrilled with a new live Zep release on vinyl.
  2. porgie66


    Haha, I didn't mention that because I believe Bonzo was miming to the original soundtrack which has Ringo on drums.
  3. porgie66


    Yes, I had mentioned him . Those are really great drum tracks, but the songs are meh.
  4. Im waiting for mine to arrive from Nippon. 😊
  5. porgie66


    Yes, he played on a few tracks throughout the 70's with people like Jimmy Stevens (1971) , Roy Wood (1979), Paul McCartney ( Beware My Love outtake) and Sir Paul's Back To The Egg session, which is where that pic was taken. He might be on Lulu's Everbody's Got the Clap , but I'm not convinced. He played on Lord Sutch and Heavy Friends but that was recorded in '69. I wish he had guested with more people. I love hearing him support other bands, but most of these were not so good IMO. I wish he had the opportunity to play with someone like Stevie Wonder, or some soul and funk artists that he loved. That would have been epic. Or Supertramp!
  6. porgie66


    Just saw that one shared yesterday on Paul's Instagram , never saw it before. 👍🏼
  7. Darlene is a motherfucker, bad ass riffs, a showcase for Bonzo , similar to The Ocean. Bonzo really shines on the swing shuffle section going out. Plants voice and the oohoohoohooh yeah gets old quick though. I'd rather hear it instrumentally.
  8. Pardon my ignorance, but what were the day to day operations of Swan Song at the time of this letter (1990), since they ceased to be an active label in 1983? Are they referring to its management of royalties, publishing, and reissues, etc? When they refer to his "removal" as director of Swan Song, when was that?
  9. Thank you, Sean !! Enough about Meathead! That's Larry Vaughn, and he yes he looks like Meathead. 🙄
  10. Wow, people are grousing over this? At least they are talking about Millard and his methods...and it's seems, doing so with respect. It looks interesting, even if they don't replicate Millard's technique. Thanks for sharing this, Gary.
  11. Anyone know who this is? I assume he's someone associated with the promotor, Concerts East because he is seen walking with Larry Vaughn as they leave the stage at the end of the film and escort the band to their limos. He's also seen in the black and white shirt when Grant cusses out Vaughn about the pirated posters.
  12. Yes, exactly. That very well may be, and who knows what the dark lord really has up his sleeves.
  13. Is this podcast over? Or just on a long hiatus? Hasn't been one for a while now.
  14. https://ultimateclassicrock.com/led-zeppelin-streaming-concerts/ So basically it was speculation based on the wording of the patent/trademark filling application for the name Led Zeppelin Experience, because it mentions "live songs" specifically....also, based on what Page said about lots of material coming out in the next 10 years. It doesn't appear he or any other member of the band was ever quoted directly saying there would be a streaming service. But the article got people buzzing about it because of the nature of the application and the LedZepNews story, I think. Maybe someone like Sam or SAJ could confirm or refute this. So far, LZE has meant a book, skateboard and shoes, maybe an umbrella....🤔 I haven't heard the cork pop yet Robert. 😒
  15. That's a good bet. It makes sense that it could be Bonzo's Akai that was used , per his instruction. The camera does focus on him a good amount of the time and there is a lot of footage of the drum solo. While it would be nice to see some more clips, the prospect of more surfacing isn't madly exciting. First of all it would need to be synced up with whatever audio is available (unless these machines recorded audio as well?) , and after all these years I'm sure the condition has degraded. My post on YouTube actually got complaints from some morons. Someone asked me to take it down, that's it's worthless ...LOL. Some people, I tell ya! 🙄
  16. For those interested in Bonzo's drumming, check out my YouTube channel. My goal is to finish every studio version of each song in the next month. I'm nearly there, just a handful of tunes left . I have playlists organized by album and also I did a complete 1973 tour style set of play along videos as well as many breakdown and demo videos. Here's the latest one .....
  17. Would these cameras they bought in Japan 71 have been used to shoot footage in Sydney in Feb of 72? Maybe the road crew used them , or had their own. It's possible there is much more footage, although they would only be little snippets ( 2 or 3 mins) due to the nature of 8mm reels back then. Like the clips from Japan 71.
  18. Was this a recent post? A new master SBD of Bonzo's Bday?? Surely not from the second night at the Forum??
  19. Same here. It's still my go to version. I'm not sure about it's completeness and edits but it has a really nice ambient vibe to it.
  20. The other Japanese singles of Trampled Under Foot, Black Dog, Misty Mountain are priceless as well. "Rise and shine, burning bread, dreams of you all through my head."😂
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