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New Orleans

Charles J. White

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Hi Charles,

-WWII Museum

-Aquarium of the Americas

-Ride the Steamboat Natchez

-Audubon Zoo

-Mardi Gras World


-GW Fins
-Redfish Grill

-ACME Oyster House


-Pascal's Manale


This is just off the top of my head...have a good time.  Enjoy my fair city





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Try the various absinthes at Jean Lafitte's Old Absinthe House on the corner of Bienville & Bourbon St. Led Zeppelin drank here.


Get a Muffuletta and a French '75 or a Pims Cup or beer at the Napoleon House on Chartres.



Ride a steamboat/paddleboat down the Mississippi.


Say hello to the statue of Louis Armstrong near Canal St.


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Visit the Royal Orleans Hotel...yes, the Royal Orleans of Led Zeppelin's song.


Enjoy walking around and checking out the architecture.


Stay away from Bourbon St. Unless seeing drunken frat-boys and tramp-stamps vomit is your thing. Stroll down Royal and Chartres and St. Louis and Bienville and every other avenue in the French Quarter instead. But avoid the tourist-trap hell of Bourbon St...especially at night.

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Eat: Cafe du Monde, Gallatoire's, August, Brennan's, Cochon

Drink: Carousel Bar and wherever people mentioned above

Tour: WWII Museum, Southern Food & Beverage Museum (with a good restaurant inside - Toups South), any cemetery tour (I used Save Our Cemeteries) 

Wander aimlessly... it's a great place.

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Brunch at Brennan's (Royal St.) is a must! Also have lunch or dinner in the gorgeous patio of Cafe Amelie on Royal St. I second ebk's Carousel bar (Hotel Monteleon on Royal St.) recommendation but beware...the wait to actually get a seat at the revolving bar can be very long depending on when you go. I loved the oysters at Felix's Oyster Bar.

See the WWII Museum, The Mansions and Oaks in the Garden District of St. Charles Avenue, the Audobon Butterfly Aquarium on Canal St., the Moon Walk along the Mississippi River (either by bike or by foot), the above-ground cemeteries (especially St. Louis #1 and #2), Louis Armstrong Park along Rampart, Preservation Hall Jazz Band concert, and a Second-Line March are some other fun activities.

If you are lucky, a good concert or musical will be scheduled at the restored Saenger Theatre on Canal St. while you are visiting. Go if you can...it is one of the most beautiful theatres you will see.

New Orleans, and particularly the French Quarter, is a great walking city. But I know you like to ride bicycles, Chas, so renting a bike could be an option. There are also the charming streetcars and the horse-drawn carriages for an old-fashioned romantic way of getting around town.

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