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Stevie Ray Vaughan


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Though we don’t have the opportunity of seeing Bowie and Vaughan perform together, several taped rehearsal performances exist, including this excellent version of “Let’s Dance,” on which Vaughan contributes his characteristic stinging Strat work. Nile Rodgers, who played guitar and co-produced the album with Bowie, is featured as well

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We have seen both Jeff and Stevie live. Jeff in a small club on his first ever UK tour maybe around 1988/1989. It was absolutely fantastic. The place was bouncing. Stevie was June 22nd 1988. The BBC recorded it. However, the sound kept breaking down which ruined the gig somewhat, but what he did play was beyond great. Our tickets were 3rd row front stalls, dead centre. Very happy memories

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I miss the mid 70s -80s in Austin. SRV was a regular fixture in this town. Ive probably seen him play at least a 100 times. He played most at the Austin Opera House (Willie Nelson owned that place) His birthday parties at the Coliseum were something else , he did those BDs for 4 years. Goodtimes ....

Texas Flood spacer.png https://dailyrockbox.com/stevie-ray-vaughans-brother-has-harsh-words-for-punks-who-vandalized-his-memorial-statue/


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