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What's Your Favorite Led Zeppelin Album?


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^^ My feelings on HOTH could probably summarize every Zep album, but I guess the thing that grabs me is the power of the tracks from 1st to last. Not one track on HOTH that I would say is trash or skippable & if I were to single out a "least effective" song, it would be D'Yer Maker and I still think that's a really groovy track.

And as far as openers go, TSRTS may be the best of all of them, starting off the record white hot & it never lets up from there. The typical "light and shade" is prevalent, although mostly it's a very happy album & it works....

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Houses of the Holy.

Growing up, it was either 4 or 2, but these days, I'm liking the originality of Houses of the Holy. The guitar work on TSRTS is phenomenal. I was a little underwhelmed by this album when I first picked it up. Before that, all I had were 1, 2 and 4, plus a copy of the BBC sessions when they were still boots (1988). I was looking for another Black Dog, or WLL, or Heartbreaker, or Stairway, so when I heard HOTH I felt a little disappointed because the material was much lighter fare. TSRTS was lacking riffs, the Rain Song was a little long and boring, OTHAFA was more my style. It was like a song on any of the earlier albums and same is true for The Ocean. I hated the Crunge with a passion, but Dyer Maker was okay by me. I thought the riff in Dancin' Days was hypnotic and effective and NQ was cool, good solo.

I see it totally different these days, some 33 years later. I realize now that Zeppelin, for once, didn't rely on some old blues riffs to revamp, or old blues tunes to cover their own way. They went in an entirely fresh direction and wrote all of the material themselves this time, and the sophistication of the music is up a level from earlier albums. Not sure if that really matters, but I notice it. I also love the bright, happy vibe of the album on the whole.

This albums strikes me as, perhaps, the most original one of them all. I think ITTOD is like a distant cousin to this album in terms of originality (and used to hate ITTOD with a passion, gross keys, boring songs, Plant has no range, questionable solos from Page, no riffs, no magic).  I can see Carouselambra as an extension of TSRTS. These days I have much more respect for ITTOD. I like it now.


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