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On Facebook anybody?


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I don't know how many of you guys are on Facebook...but there's now a nifty little mothership feature on there. where you fly a zeppelin around caves and get bonuses and stuff. There are weekly giveaways for high scores and such. Check it out if you have some time to kill!

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I just got this email from MoveOn.org. I'm not a member of facebook, but I thought I'd pass it along f.y.i.

Dear MoveOn member,

When you buy a book, movie, or gift online, do you want that information automatically shared with everyone you know?

Last week, the social networking site Facebook began doing just that. Private purchases made by Facebook users on other sites were posted on Facebook for people's co-workers, friends, and random acquaintances to see.1 Why? To benefit corporate advertisers.

Other sites are looking at Facebook's example to see if they can get away with similar privacy breaches. We need to draw a line in the sand—making clear that the wish lists of corporate advertisers must not come before the basic privacy rights of Internet users.

Can you urge Facebook to stop violating privacy rights? If you're on Facebook, join our Facebook group and invite your Facebook friends. If you're not on Facebook, you can sign our petition to Facebook.

You can join the Facebook group "Facebook, stop invading my privacy!" here:


Click here to sign the petition (see box at right for petition text):


This fight is about more than just Facebook users. Sites like Facebook are revolutionizing how we communicate and could transform how we organize around issues together in a 21st century democracy. The question is, will corporate advertisers get to write the rules? Or will these new social networks protect our basic rights—including privacy?

Like our work together for Net Neutrality2, this is fundamentally about the future of the Internet as a public space.

Here's what some people wrote on the public Wall of our Facebook group:

"I made a purchase yesterday for my wife for Christmas...When my wife logged onto Facebook, there was an entry in her news feed that I had bought a ring from Overstock. It had a link to the ring and everything. Christmas ruined."—Sean L. from Massachusetts

"I saw my girlfriend bought an item i had been saying i wanted...so now part of my christmas gift has been ruined. Facebook is ruining christmas!"—Matthew H. from New York

"Facebook, are you kidding me? This is way out of bounds for a program I never opted into."—Matthew F. from Georgia3

By fighting back now—and getting lots of people to join the Facebook group and sign the petition—we can send a strong signal to Facebook and other sites that Internet privacy must be protected.

Thanks for all you do,

–Adam G., Daniel, Marika, Eli, Wes, Karin, and the MoveOn.org Civic Action Team

Tuesday, November 27th, 2007

P.S. Facebook says its users can "opt out" of having their private purchases made public. But the link is easy to miss.4 And even if you do "opt out" for purchases on one site, it doesn't apply to purchases on other sites—you have to keep opting out site by site, week by week, month by month. The obvious solution is to switch to an "opt in" policy, like most other features on Facebook.


1. Demonstration of new Facebook feature:


"MoveOn Takes On Facebook," New York Times political blog, November 20, 2007


2. "Top Ten Examples Of Grassroots Activism In The Net Neutrality Fight"


"Obama Promises To Reinstate Net Neutrality During First Year In Office—MoveOn Challenges Other Presidential Candidates To Pledge The Same," MoveOn.org Civic Action press release, October 29, 2007


3. Facebook group "Facebook, stop invading my privacy!"


4. Demonstration of new Facebook feature:


Facebook description of Beacon feature:


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^ That's pretty creepy :blink:. Wouldn't that be an option though? Seems like it would. "Feeding" any kind of outside information like that to facebook takes some kind of effort, doesn't it? I have a facebook but I don't add anyone 'cause I couldn't stand all the stupid alerts I used to get in my email :computertrash:--stuff like "(So and so) wants to know how much of a vampire you are" or whatever the heck they are :rolleyes:<_<. I use it to look at some Groups in case someone posts something I might not find out about elsewhere.

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