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Robert Plant is reportedly working on a new version of a Led Zeppelin classic for a "top-secret project"

Zep Hed

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By Fraser Lewry, Classic Rock

Led Zeppelin frontman and original golden god Robert Plant is reportedly working on a new version of a Zeppelin classic. The news emerged in a series of social media posts from those involved in the project.

“While the project is currently top secret, it involves a Led Zeppelin song,” writer and singer/songwriter Antonella Gambotto-Burke told LedZepNews. “Spending time with Robert has been such a privilege,” she added. “The thing that surprised me most was the intense magic he brings with him. It literally fills the room. Spiritually speaking, he’s a giant, and the music is, of course, untouchable. I’m still flying!” 

Gambotto-Burke, author of Apple: Sex, Drugs, Motherhood and the Recovery of the Feminine, also records with producer Gavin Monaghan as the duo Mama ft. Antonella. She posted further details on Facebook, saying, "In keeping with the rollercoaster that is 2024: hanging out for the day with Robert Plant in the studio. Robert specifically asked to work with Magic Garden Recording Studio, making the brilliant Gavin one of a handful of living producers who has had the honour of working on a Led Zeppelin track."

Studio owner Monaghan, who previously worked with Plant when he added vocals to 12 Harps, a song by Wolverhampton singer Scott Matthews from his 2009 album Elsewhere, also posted on social media about the new session, raising hopes that Plant may have revisited more than one Led Zeppelin classic for the mystery project. 

"Absolute pleasure to be working with Robert Plant and Wolves Records at Magic Garden Studios again," he wrote. "And the thrill of a lifetime to be reimagining some classic cuts from Led Zeppelin. Keep your eyes peeled and more in the pipeline!"

Wolves Records was launched in 2021 by Wolverhampton Wanderers, the football club that Plant supports and is vice-president of. Artists signed to the label include grime and rap artist Reepa, pop-punk singer-songwriter Ben Kidson, pop-rocker Split The Dealer and soul/r&b singer Sophia Saffarian.  


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"An absolute honour to work on reimagined versions of classic Led Zeppelin songs"

So what. He performs Zeppelin songs on stage on every tour he does in a roundabout way. Maybe he's feeling a trifle nostalgic? 

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