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Judas Priest Finally Takes On 'Nostradamus'


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From Billboard.com


Judas Priest

Greg Prato, N.Y.

Over two years in the making, Judas Priest will finally unveil its 16th studio album, "Nostradamus," June 17 via Epic in North America and a day earlier internationally.

A double-disc set that tells the story of the 16th century prophet, Michel de Nostredame (whose name is often 'Latinized' as Nostradamus), the release is Priest's first-ever concept album, and was recorded throughout 2006 and 2007 at Old Smithy Studio in the U.K.

"Making 'Nostradamus' was a new experience for us in Judas Priest, insomuch as this was going to be a conceptual writing and recording event," Priest singer Rob Halford tells Billboard.com. "His life is well-documented, so for us it was all about taking the significant episodes he went through, and then with the right emotion, create music and lyrics that would convey them."

On the album, Halford, guitarists K.K. Downing and Glenn Tipton, bassist Ian Hill, and drummer Scott Travis spread their stylistic wings, experimenting with symphonic orchestration and choirs.

Three configurations of "Nostradamus," which was produced by Downing and Tipton, will be issued. The most common will be a regular jewel-cased double CD, but there will also be a "CD deluxe hardbound version," which features a 48-page booklet, while a "super deluxe version" will include three vinyl records (in addition to the CD deluxe packaging, plus a poster).

While there have been some European dates announced in support of "Nostradamus" (the chief one being a performance as part of this year's Download Festival in England, which also features Kiss and Motorhead, among others), there will soon be an announcement about Priest's plans for a U.S. tour.

In the meantime, Halford dropped a hint as to what's in store for the group's later headline dates. "As we recorded and listened to the music, and much like a lot of Priest songs, you cannot help but see images in your mind. We constantly thought about special effects and visual elements that will connect musically that we want to use onstage when we will perform all of 'Nostradamus' live," he says. "Again, like every song we compose, the transition from studio to concert is one we think about and make sure we can deliver the goods."

Here is the track list for "Nostradamus":

Dawn of Creation




The Four Horsemen


Sands of Time










Shadows In the Flame




Calm Before the Storm



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Judas Priest Leads Summer 'Metal Masters' Tour


Judas Priest

Greg Prato, N.Y.

Judas Priest will lead the bill for the first "Metal Masters" tour this summer, which will also feature Heaven & Hell, Motorhead and Testament. The Live Nation-sponsored trek begins Aug. 6 in Camden, N.J.

"We insisted on a classic metal package which is what we've got -- I will enjoy seeing all the bands," Judas Priest frontman Rob Halford tells Billboard.com. Ticket on-sale information can be found at LiveNation.com/judaspriest.

Click here to read the rest of the story.

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Judas Priest will lead the bill for the first "Metal Masters" tour this summer, which will also feature Heaven & Hell, Motorhead and Testament. The Live Nation-sponsored trek begins Aug. 6 in Camden, N.J.

"We insisted on a classic metal package which is what we've got -- I will enjoy seeing all the bands," Judas Priest frontman Rob Halford tells Billboard.com. Ticket on-sale information can be found at LiveNation.com/judaspriest.

Yeah, I saw where the Priest was on a large billing.

I wonder just how long they will get to play in this multiple bill format.

An Hour Fifteen, plus encores ? ? ?

Anyways, they're scheduled for an outdoor arena in Dallas in the Millde of the Summer, in late August. I call that rena the Sweatplex. I'm too old for that shit ! (Not the Music -- the sweltering heat enviroment ---)

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A must, even if you're not a fan of Judas Priest.

What's that? A book?

I like some early stuff with Judas Preist, Rocka Rolla for instance. British Steel might be the last of the great albums by them, I think.

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Thanks. I will have to check it out. Seem like a very entertaining movie LOL

Search for "Heavy Metal Parking Lot" on YouTube. I think you'll find it much more than "entertaining", you'll be laughing your ass off.

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'Nostradamus' Previewed

Metal Edge (web site) contributor Bryan Reesman (web site) was the first American journalist to fully hear the new JUDAS PRIEST rock opera "Nostradamus".

Of the album, Reesman says, "Some fans have expressed concern to me about this album being potentially 'Spinal Tap', but they have nothing to fear. The current free download (the title track) delivers a ferocious song that will certainly remind PRIEST fans of 'Painkiller', but the whole album goes far deeper.

Over the course of 104 minutes, they deliver everything from emotional ballads to heavy anthems to orchestral interludes that are quite impressive in their musical and emotional scope. 'Angel of Retribution' was a good but safe comeback album. 'Nostradamus' takes PRIEST to another level. They're exploring many areas we've never heard from them. The main songs, which are all between four and eight minutes apiece, have classical or operatic overtones but are still heavy. They use live strings, piano, acoustic and Spanish guitar, and keyboards in different places. Rob even sings in Italian during 'Plague and Pestilence'.

Instead of focusing on Nostradamus' prophecies, which have been debated ad nauseum, he tackles the dramas and tragedies within his life. Even though the individual songs are strong, PRIEST aren't going for hit singles here. It's powerful conceptual metal all the way. Rob's voice sounds great and his vocals the most diverse since 'Stained Class', and Glenn and Ken's guitar playing is stellar. Beyond the tours this year, they're hoping to stage the album on a grander scale next year at prestigious venues like Carnegie Hall or the Royal Albert Hall."

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Nostradamus Reviewed:

Classic Rock Magazine

The new Judas Priest album, Nostradamus, has just arrived in the office – and as expected it’s an absolute monster.

There are two CDs – dubbed ‘Act 1’ and ‘Act 2’ – and if nothing else you’ve got to admire Rob Halford and co for coming up with such a massive, challenging offering in these days of disposable ephemera.

If we had to take a reference point from Priest’s past it would be Beyond The Realms Of Death – the brooding and threatening track from the band’s 1978 album, Stained Class.

Much of Nostradamus has that sort of flavour.

There’s plenty of twin riffing from the guitars of KK Downing and Glenn Tipton, natch, but there’s loads of light and shade as well – perhaps more than you might expect.

A lot of the epic tracks are preceded by gentle, reflective acoustic workouts (kind of like what Black Sabbath used to do with things like Orchid and Embryo), with Halford adopting a deep-toned singing style. Elsewhere Rob proves his trademark silver-throated scream is remarkably intact.

Towards the end of ‘Act 1’ there’s a song called Lost Love which edges dangerously into twee, Greg Lake-style territory. But then, after some mysterious church chorals and demonic whispering, the next track – Persecution – explodes into your ears like the mutant offspring of Breaking The Law.

Nostradamus might be pompous and overblown, grandiose and ridiculous – it might even be spectacularly humourless and self-important – and it’s sure to divide the rock and metal community.

But y’know what? While it’s early days – there’s so much to take in – we’re tempted to give it a cautious thumbs-up.

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JUDAS PRIEST's 'Nostradamus' Is Band's Highest-Charting U.S. Album To Date

JUDAS PRIEST's new double-disc concept album, "Nostradamus", has sold 42,000 copies in the United States in its first week of release to debut at position No. 11 on The Billboard 200 chart. This marks the band's highest-ever chart position in the U.S.

JUDAS PRIEST's last CD, "Angel of Retribution", opened with 58,000 copies back in March 2005 to debut at No. 13.

The following are the peak U.S. chart positions for the PRIEST catalog:

#11 - "Nostradamus" (2008)

#13 - "Angel of Retribution" (2005)

#165 - "Demolition" (2001)

#82 - "Jugulator" (1997)

#155 - "Metalworks" (1993)

#26 - "Painkiller" (1990)

#31 - "Ram It Down" (1988)

#38 - "Priest Live" (1987)

#17 - "Turbo" (1986)

#18 - "Defenders of the Faith" (1984)

#17 - "Screaming for Vengeance" (1982)

#39 - "Point of Entry" (1981)

#34 - "British Steel" (1980)

#70 - "Unleashed in the East" (1979)

#128 - "Hell Bent for Leather" (1978)

#178 - "Stained Class" (1978)

JUDAS PRIEST's most successful album to date is 1982's "Screaming For Vengeance", which spent 53 weeks on the Billboard charts, receiving gold RIAA sales certification on October 29, 1982, platinum on April 18, 1983 and double platinum October 16, 2001. The album included the band's only U.S. top 100 hit single, "You've Got Another Thing Comin'".

Other million-seller RIAA certifications for JUDAS PRIEST are "Priest Live" (October 29, 2001), "Turbo" (July 24, 1989), "Defenders of the Faith" (September 26, 1988), "British Steel" (August 9, 1989) and "Unleashed in the East" (November 10, 1989).

JUDAS PRIEST also has gold albums certifications (500,000 sales) for "Stained Class" (November 10, 1989), "Hell Bent For Leather" (November 10, 1989), "Point of Entry" (November 10, 1989), "Ram It Down" (July 18, 1988) and "Painkiller" (January 2, 1991).

In the band's home country of the U.K., 1980's "British Steel" remains their most successful outing, peaking at No. 4 in the charts and launching three hit singles: "Living After Midnight", which peaked at No. 12; "Breaking The Law" No. 12 and "United" No. 26.

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