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  1. Guess I'll have to wait to see you the following year then. We shall feast at a nice restaurant and you'll see awesome things!

  2. I'm assuming some of the older members of the site might've wondered where I whiskered away to for the past year and a half. Well, I got myself into a relationship with a girl which put me into a harsh mental state which led me into a eventual mental breakdown which led me to be diagnosed with bipolar. I spent the first half of 2010 trying to control it and I failed. Having lots of crying breakdowns and lots of anger flying all over the place. Eventually I got myself onto Medicaid and got my medication in me and I've been doing much better now. I also go to therapy when I can and I try to keep my head up about bipolar.
  3. Well, then silly goose, take the plane to here! :P

  4. I'm loving Ghost Osama on Twitter.
  5. I wish I could! But sadly I don't have the money to travel. Come to St. Louis! Please! It's a wonderful place.

  6. Noveller is a great one woman ambient project. She's got it done I got to say.
  7. Oh you are? That's wonderful! Anywhere close to me? :P

  8. Ah, Inga. I miss ya. I wish you were still around. You were in the US? Shame. :(

  9. hasn't been here in a while.

  10. Long time no speak. How are you?

  11. I don't know if I've said it, but Lotus is one of the greatest live albums ever. Carlos' guitar howls so much, it's haunting.
  12. Supposedly a "Dear John" to me even though I have done nothing to be a bad boyfriend in anyway. And it's the truth about that. Meh, yeah, but I have to have to work 2 jobs, have a car, and all that jazz in order for them to even been interested. Oh, have to be in college too. Live and let live I suppose. It's nice to know someone feels for me. I appreciate it.
  13. Well, since I lost my girlfriend, here's to another lonely V Day!
  14. Having fun watching the Kyle XY marathon and catching up on what I missed.
  15. What'd he just say? I don't understand.
  16. Nah, I don't care for them.
  17. It's poopy out mainly due to the fact that it rained/stormed earlier today. Right now it's warm with some wind. Thunderstorm/tornado watch too!
  18. Actually, it wasn't too bad earlier today. Was a bit chilly, but overall, not bad. A bit poopy.
  19. Inga, you're such a sweetheart. What would I do without you? :)

  20. You just turned 21 the other day? Sweet man. I just turned 22 today. Nobody here apparently gives a damn. >_>
  21. Had a good day with my mom and I found out that the book store owned by a lady has some books (brand new!) on Bob Marley, Pete Townshend, and another I forgot. If I get some money tomorrow for my birthday, I might get one.
  22. Matt oh matt, where have you gone? For Dwight is upset because you didnt invite him to your dinner party.

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