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Yahoo's World's Weirdest Musicians


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Musicians, artists and writers have a world-wide reputation for eccentricity. As Oscar Levant so famously said, "there's a fine line between genius and insanity."

Here's the list (click on the link for details):

1. G.G. Allin

2. Tiny Tim

3. Wesley Willis

4. Syd Barrett

5. Michael Jackson

6. Buckethead

7. The Shaggs

8. Jandek

9. Throbbing Gristle

10. Shooby Taylor!

11. Captain Beefheart

12. Bjork

13. Eilert Pilarm

14. Larry "Wild Man" Fischer

15. Alexander "Skip" Spence

16. Frank Zappa

17. Malinda Jackson Parker

18. Arthur Brown

19. Brian Wilson

20. Britney Spears

21. Florence Foster Jenkins

22. Daniel Johnston

23. Roky Erickson

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True story - I lived in New Hampshire between 1987 and 1989. There was some sort of punk related fanzine I would pick up in record stores and it mentioned GG Allin along with his PO Box mailing address. GG lived in New Hampshire. I sent him a letter, just to see if he would respond. He did with a pornographic hand written drawing and various musings written on it. I threw it out in the early 90's and wished I had kept it.

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On the G.G. Allin tip:

The Night G.G. Allin Came to Town

We were bored, there was nothing going on.

Might as well stay at home and drink until we pass out again.

Then drink some more when the morning comes.

Memphis was sinkin' into the Mississippi.

We were doing our best just to ride it down.

Till the night G.G. Allin came to town.

"Honey, I dont believe this,"

the old man at Ferguson's Cafe kept saying to his wife.

As he read aloud The Memphis Star and their account of what went down that night

"It says he took a shit on the stage and started throwin' it into the crowd.

But he was gone before the cops could come and shut him down."

Gone before the shit came down

The night G.G. Allin came to town

The night G.G. Allin came to town

Antenna Club, Memphis, 1991

Punk rockers paid $12 to be shit on!

The night G.G. Allin came to town

"It says he took the microphone and shoved it up his ass!"

The old man and his wife were aghast

The night G.G. Allin came to town

The night G.G. Allin came to town

Lyrics by Patterson Hood © 1998 Soul Dump Music

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