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Led Zep Prints


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These are a few prints that I have had made, the concert poster is huge 1m x 1.5m, looks cool, as do the individual member ones. I've never shown any Zep fans, was wondering what you guys thought of them? It's also my first time uploading photos imageshack, so i hoe it works!!!!


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Wow! The poster is really HOT!!! How did you do that?

Besides of that: Welcome to the forum and load up all the pictures you like, there's always someone who enjoys them! :hippy: :hippy:


Thanks!! I've got to say, it's a very friendly site, i suppose that's what happens when everyone has the same interst. Can you see the concert poster or just the 4 individual pics together? i just have one of them little red crosses in a white box where the pic should be.

The pictures i've uploaded are proof pictures that i was emailed from the place where i got them done and the concert one just with my camphone, when i rehang it i'll take a proper picture. I wanted some nice individual prints in my house and i scoured all my books and magazines for pictures that i liked and i came up with these, then went into this particular shop in manchester where they can do anything to a picture. So i told them what i wanted and this is what i got... I love them!!! Glad you like them!!

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