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  1. I liked Round and Round because it's a good pop song (it's a solid go-to drunken/stoned song because of the vocal melody) but I'v never heard any evidence of either guitarist being any good. Sure they can play the thing but is there anything that blows people away? I'm open to references.
  2. ^ LOL, this is the correct answer.
  3. Just finished reading the Grant book and he was definitely done, he didn't care at all about lost fortune's. I think the other drummers called and offered their services but that was it.
  4. Yes. Jimmy mentioned IMTOD was tricky in the sense that it's a long song so once they had the structure down it's still a very long take, i mean if you get 3 minutes in and someone makes a mistake then you have to start over. Or as long as Bonhams' track is fine then you could keep that and overdub or punch in the corrections. But if there's lots of bleed then the mistake still might be heard. I would assume the same ALS and others. I don't find ALS complicated in terms of the number of guitars and parts, I think it's pretty straightforward and quite clean in terms of composition, as in you can hear each part clearly and it's well spaced in the stereo spectrum. There's a lot of open space as far as depth/height/left/right goes. In most verses it drops to only 1 rhythm guitar, then a 2nd for enhancements, but it's not up front and in your face.
  5. For starters this guy's at least 150lbs overweight. 2nd of all it look's nothing like him. The dragon looks ok though.
  6. I think that Jimmy was more sick from inherit health issues rather than sick from heroin abuse alone. I don't have anything solid to back that up as he's so private but we all know Jimmy has always been frail to begin with. I believe he opted out of touring pre-Zep because of stomach/health issues, with the Crusaders? Anyways I think he found heroin to be a medicine for him physically rather than mental or emotional, unlike Bonham who clearly had various mental/emotional issues, like so many of us. Either way if you're frail to begin with and have a crazy life/work schedule coupled with incessant travel and bugs everywhere, perhaps heroin isn't going to help but rather do more harm. They did have a doctor with them on that 77' tour, mainly for Jimmy and Robert. Perhaps other prescription drugs were involved as well. I can see Jimmy being quite methodical with his medicinal use, as in measuring proper doses. He was never the Death Wish type of person but if he did pass during those years it would've been from heroin or some prescription drug on an already frail and sick body. All kinds of prescription drugs are extremely addictive.
  7. That and Robert seemed to have a particular disdain(?) or irreverence to this song after all that went down with their eventual breakup. Even with the Oakland events I think he mentioned something about being onstage singing Stairway while all this was going on, "all this" as in Bindon and thuggery and violence that was around them. Once again who really knows. But yeah the song meant a lot to them. Come to think of it, I know they all spoke highly of it, pretty sure JPJ said it was his favorite or highest achievement but I don't remember Bonham saying much about it, I'm sure he did though.
  8. It was the 3 of them that decided to which Grant agreed they did the right thing. No way it could've went any other way but especially for Plant, that was a knock out punch you don't get up from. I think what they could've done had JB not passed would be spectacular, if they got their stuff together, along with Grant. Just referencing Page and Bonham's discussions on making a much harder album than ITTOD. Perhaps ITTOD was the wake up call for Jimmy to get his act together. Do some short tours, spend more time in the studio.
  9. Gotta go with 73' for sure, at least with his live playing. The creative aspect off the road I don't know. After 73' they just seemed to get bigger and bigger as a business and as an attraction it just got to be too much.
  10. I always wondered why they called it football. Don't forget the metric system! Edit: I see it.
  11. So what's going on here, was that a look Jimmy gave Jeff?
  12. I just looked that up, I didn't know about it but that was amazing. Anyone know the effect Jimmy uses for that slow part in Caouselambra? He seemed to get it live at Glastonbury.
  13. I thought it was 3 but I don't know if that's 3 takes of this version to get it right or 3 takes of 3 different solos. Like there's the writing part and then the recording of it.
  14. Been dazed and confused for so long it's not fair. Fucking brilliant!