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  1. I wouldn't put Rogue One in that category.
  2. To me it just looks like his belly is upset, mannerisms and all.
  3. These guys scared the crap out of me too. Now I love them. [ yt ] [ /yt ]
  4. Great topic. This album cover. I laugh now because, you know,'s The Doobie Brothers but it was no laughing matter back then. I don't think I could even read back then but thanks to the Catholic Church it was all demons and hellfire. Fucking dicks.
  5. I think you are correct. My cholesterol levels adjust according my weight. If I'm 20lbs overweight my bad cholesterol sky rockets. 20lbs isn't much but it doesn't matter how I put on 20 extra pounds. In fact when I go to lose weight all I have to do is cut down on beer. I don't eat many sweets but the sugar from beer and wine and other carbs is what increases my weight and thus my bad cholesterol. I still eat red meat, eggs, whatever, I never have to give those up.
  6. That's fuckin' awesome. Perfect.
  7. IMO you can have a humbucker and a loud amp and still lack sustain. It's either a distortion/fuzz pedal or a tube amp cranked to overdrive that'll get you sustain, at least the kind I think you're talking about, which I agree with, especially with the 75' tour. Hendrix and Blackmore were single coil strat guys with infinite sustain but they really cranked their amps and we all know how much Jimi loved his fuzz box. Actually I think Blackmore used a clean boost or treble boost to overdrive his amps, Brian May does too.
  8. And it takes a well tuned kit to start with. Bonham really knew what he was doing with his hardware and tone, much like a lot of jazz drummers. It's odd but I'm not surprised how many drummers don't know shit about tuning their own kit. Page knew very well the old adage that it has to sound good before it hits tape. If you already sound good then micing is crucial because your job is to simply to not fuck it up, but it's not easy to do either. In a way Page's job was kinda easy in that the band already sounded good and could play, unlike other situations where the producer has to somehow make a band sound good, or hire outside musicians to complete a take. So many bands sound fine live but can't record, or can't adjust. It makes sense though seeing how Jones and Page stood in for so many other musicians for recording prior to Zep.
  9. Today I learned that strap-on spelled backwards is no-parts. I felt it necessary to share my discovery. Onward and upward.
  10. Yeah even the salads are off the charts. At fast food joints I get a kids hamburger and a diet coke. 300-350 cals. That's my lunch. Dine-in places I eat half and take the rest home like you.
  11. This is a better diet than most but calories still have to be counted. Counting calories is by far the most effective long term diet solution for fat loss as well as maintaining a weight. Exercise is good for you but has little effect on weight loss. Counting calories also educates you about food and what's in it, especially restaurant food. Some restaurant meals, the sit down type of restaurant, have an entire days worth of calories in 1 meal, yet most people count it as 1 of 3 meals per day. Check out reddit/r/loseit for complete instructions.
  12. When they start wering wigs and are overweight.., Anyways just kinda bugs me when they take up all the gigs, then again if they sell well then what does that say?
  13. I could never get into Aerosmith, not sure why, they seem to have a lot of good elements. Sometimes I can't tell if they're trying to be the Stones or Zeppelin. Then they went all glammy/big hair. Should be a good Phoenix show.
  14. True but picking up a guitar around the house and playing with a band are 2 different beasts. You can practice 8 hours a day by yourself and still feel sluggish with the band. Still no excuse though, I guess they somehow could've still rehearsed with just the 3 of them to stay in shape. Edit: Someone might've mentioned this before but for Robert and perhaps all of them, no one knew how long it would last so maybe it was balls out all the time. I guess by 72 maybe they should've known they would be around for awhile. Robert did mention lots of times about tea, lemon and honey, maybe that was the extent of knowledge of vocal care back then. Like put a hat on or you'll catch a cold, viruses don't care about hats.