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  1. Colorado and Washington legalize Marijuana

    https://www.9news.com.au/world/2017/12/10/19/12/inside-california-s-cannabis-festival Local news. New Zealand is going to have a referendum on legalisation (if newly elected Gov't holds to their word). I hope they do. The NZ'ers beat us to Marriage equality, now it looks like they will beat us to drug law reform.
  2. https://www.relix.com/news/detail/the_music_of_led_zeppelin_tribute_at_carnegie_hall_sets_initial_lineup
  3. Wow, and the longest Dazed. I'll have to find a spare 45 minutes for that one song! lol...
  4. Parents Comments About Zeppelin

    Cheers Strider. I'll be starting with only a track or two. See how it goes.....
  5. New 10/9/72 upgrade

    Thanks guys, getting the whole Japan run now - found a "complete live in Japan 27CD Box" download as well as the 'Led Zeppelin is my brother' specific one, so I'll have some listening to do as usual (and bloody struggle to get to them)... Muchos gracias.
  6. Parents Comments About Zeppelin

    No Dad for me unfortunately, but my mum AFAIK has zero Zep experience. I might take this as a challenge and ask mum to listen to a few choice tracks. It is out of her comfort zone, but as her taste is what I grew up with, and fully appreciate and still listen to on occasion (stuff like Neil Diamond - Hot August Night, some Johnny Cash, Boz Scaggs - Silk Degrees, Wings - Band on the Run) I think mumsy will at least "be polite" LOL. I'm thinking.... Ten Years Gone SIBLY from BBC sessions (I always thought that was one of the top 3 ever versions) I'm Gonna Crawl I'm going to see how that goes. She knows I am a Zeppelin nut. Will be interesting...
  7. New 10/9/72 upgrade

    Jeebus wept. I guess 1972 is when they were the perfect blend of exploration and precision/clarity??? This is incredible, and leads me to two questions.... 1. What 1972 boots are of outstanding quality? 2. Is there really a possibility of a "How the East Was Won" release? - or put another way, is there multi-tracks of one (or more) of the Japanese concerts that has similar BEAST MODE playing/singing to OTHAFA?? Is it even possible to confirm such a question???
  8. Jason Bonham's Led Zeppelin Experience (Tour)

    Very nice, thanks luvlz2. Can't wait to see them, only a handful of weeks to go....
  9. Uncut Zeppelin

    My advice, go for it. There is plenty to read through for the avid Zep fan - especially fairly new ones.
  10. Uncut Zeppelin

    I actually have this! Saw it in the newsagency about a year or so ago and just bought it on the spot. Couldn't believe it! I am just thumbing through it now, I can't remember how much of it I have read, but I think I took it to bed a few times and digested a bit of it. It is great. TONS of reading. All the old Melody Maker interviews, plenty of pics, some short reviews from journo's on albums... If your friend is a Led Zeppelin fan anything like us mutts in here, well worth it. If he is a casual fan, it is still really great IMHO. I'll have to re-acquaint myself with it... Pics of index attached (sorry, quick shitty phone camera shots while sitting in my nook)

    Why does that bit with Peter Grant in TSRTS talking about "As long as there's an extra nickel to be made..." come to mind? Surely the best pics from ALL photographers of that era are already available in some way or another (at least 99.9% of them) as that was their bread and butter at that time. 2hungie bucks Australian. sheeeesh.....
  12. Zeppelin's official live recordings

    Yeah, so if done right, we could have LTTE kinda gigs in a clarity that is almost beyond belief. And while it may have some anomalies, or be somewhat of a "representation" rather than a pure recording, with time, this could be (at least to me) the greatest thing ever. Maybe sounding so authentic you can't really tell unless you are pretty freakishly good with sound.
  13. Zeppelin's official live recordings

    It will emerge. Either Jimmy will bite the bullet and go for a release or two, or, many years from now once they are all gone and the estate becomes managed by others, there will be live releases. If not, the boots will just keep on rolling out. Hopefully gradually getting better and better. Hopefully occasionally completely surprising the Zep community.
  14. Jason Bonham's Led Zeppelin Experience (Tour)

    Mate, I swear, you are going to regret it.... LOL.....
  15. Jason Bonham's Led Zeppelin Experience (Tour)

    Jason Bonham. The man who filled in at the 02 and the Kennedy Honours gig. The man who is the son of the greatest there ever was and taught from a young age by the greatest. And THIS guy on guitar??? I swear Neil, If I was over there, I would drag you kicking and screaming...... I doubt they will be back here. And that's that rub. This is probably THE time to see Jason and Mr Jimmy perform. At the end of the day, i will be VERY surprised that if on my way home, I am disappointed rather than completely satisfied.
  16. Jason Bonham's Led Zeppelin Experience (Tour)

    I wonder if they will mix up the set list before the Bris gig. Maybe add Achilles or For Your Life??
  17. Jason Bonham's Led Zeppelin Experience (Tour)

    yeah, but if you don't, will you regret it? cmon mate, make like Nike and just do it!
  18. Jason Bonham's Led Zeppelin Experience (Tour)

    Jesus Christ this is great news. I have my tickets already for their upcoming Brisbane show in early Feb. Now I am twice as excited. I hope Mr Jimmy stays with the tour - at least for the Bris-Vegas gig.... And that set list!!!!!
  19. Royal Orleans the song and the hotel

    Why are you bothering to pick that apart? It's just a thumbs up or a high five to a post and a nice way to say the comment posted was nice. It's almost as if you took that post to somehow to be a slight against you somehow. And why am I bothering either?... Of course, I am known to miss nuance, so I might be totally misreading your post. Just strikes me a bit weird.
  20. What next? AGAIN

    Absolutely Blaize. So the question now is.... What has Jimmy got on the shelf in terms of "live"? Please be a damn treasure trove.....
  21. Why In Through The Out Door is a GREAT album

    Fool in the Rain is indeed an amazing piece. I think people generally not into ITTOD album are generally not appreciative of the direction and/or song structures - not necessarily the musicianship or absolute quality of playing (AS USUAL). Understandable as it is quite different. Not everyones taste, fair enough. For mine, they just expanded more and more. different throughout from LZ1 to ITTOD. And CODA is still to me a better album than most other bands would be capable of. Imagine having that kind of quality on the shelf as "spares" Fucking hell! I couldn't say a least favourite Zep album to be honest. And I know what a sycophant shitty fanboy kind of comment that sounds like, but I swear it's true. I really don't have a "least favourite" - or at least, the order in which I'd rate them is subject to constant change, and all are greatly appreciated is maybe a better way to put it. You just have to love what these guys produced. Fucking timeless, the LOT. ok, maybe one more beer then bed....
  22. travelling riverside blues

    Yeah, it seems beyond belief they could summons up that kind of quality track pretty much on the spot (as I understand it) to have something "One off" just for that specific occasion. I'd also love to know if there is more back story untold....
  23. What next? AGAIN

    Bump. OK, it's almost 2018. There are plenty of theories that there will be something coming. My hope is: An announcement from Page that he has a program of releases coming that is similar to his remaster of studio albums program. He will endlessly tell interviewers how it only seemed fitting to tell the other side of the story as Zeppelin live was a completely different animal to the studio Zeppelin. He will start with an early show which will be promoted and released fairly quickly, with more live releases staggered throughout the year that represent some different periods for Led Zeppelin. The last will be a '79/80 release compiling a selection of tracks spanning these two years. In reality, I think the next thing will be Earl's Court. A live comprehensive release with a super deluxe that includes a lot of the raw material.