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  1. Random Thoughts v.3

    Not much rock here either. Classic 70's compilation rock (mostly mainstream Aussie bands like Skyhooks, Dragon, Sherbert, Men at Work), Country and Western, and stuff like Roberta Flack, Wings, Boz Scaggs, the very occasional Queen LP, is as close as you get.
  2. 9/29/71 Immigrant Song sb release

    It all starts in Sept. I think, so probably a loooooooong wait...

    I reckon 2 live showpieces first, then a compilation, then they start scraping the bottom of the barrel. And the bottom of the barrel, seeing as it is the Led Zeppelin barrel, will still be outstanding.
  4. What Made You Happy today?

    John Oliver is back baby!!!! And soon The Walking Dead.

    Could it be the first - or near first - get together????
  6. Random Thoughts v.3

    aaaah bugger.... didn't see that. ok, I'm out.
  7. Random Thoughts v.3

    "They don't want gun control, they want confiscation and people control." - jeeeez that's paranoid. For what end do the Government want "people control"? Nevermind, I don't want to know as I completely reject the premise. There is simply no way EVER the US Government will be able to "take away your guns" wholesale. Unless and until an overwhelming majority within the United States actually demand it, and protest and start movements to force that change (and that is NOT going to happen anytime in my lifetime) it simply is not a reality that can be realised even just in a political context. Try it, and it would almost certainly devolve into something like a civil war. So to take the line that even the tiniest reform is dangerous for the zero sum game argument makes no sense. The very deep red states would probably band together and secede FFS... It's pure paranoia. Not a possible reality unless - like I state - the vast majority wanted it - and even then - we are talking about the US political system. Might take 50 years of rage before shit is done even then! Surely not letting the dangerously mentally ill have access to unlimited firearms and ammo is not a good idea??? Surely not letting people the FBI or other authorities are really worried about have access to unlimited firearms is not a good idea??? I believe at gun shows you can buy weapons and ammo no questions asked - no background checks as they are exempt, right? So SURELY the above two tweaks to the law are REASONABLE???? And yeah, I get the position inalienable right as some kind of immovable and dogmatic point that can never be visited, I just don't see how some simple reforms based on data/facts/reason/logic/public safety should never be considered because of that idea.
  8. Random Thoughts v.3

    Yeah, like I said, it's a gun nation, and fair enough. The regulation part of my blurb I believe falls under that amendment. "Well regulated militia" - doesn't sound like the "free for all" it currently is.
  9. Random Thoughts v.3

    there is something to this. I have no explanation, and maybe wrong, but having to share no land border with another certainly can offer some unique opportunities for a society to truly work shit out for itself. Obviously many other factors, and many more important ones, shape national identity, but being an Island nation seems adds something quite significant and different imho. I know this has nothing to do with the gun debate raging here, but it stood out to me, so thought I'd comment. And since I have commented, and it is an interesting debate, a sometimes interesting read here, sometimes amusing and sometimes just sad, I'll offer my 2 cents worth. I recently again saw the John Oliver piece on gun control when he worked at the Daily Show. It is still just as relevant. As usual a funny and enlightening piece. (when is Last Week Tonight returning?!?!?!) We had a gun problem (Australia). We no longer do as our former VERY conservative Prime Minister John Howard decided after the Port Arthur massacre that we needed a change. There was little backlash. Not none. The farmers and some others were pissed as it made their legitimate need more of a pain in the ass, but they got over it. And Howard was The Coalition Prime Minister. Thats the conservative Liberal Party and the National (conservative rural party). It simply cannot be argued Australia is not better for it. But that is us, not the US. And we are fairly different societies even though we share the fundamental core western value systems. There is an overblown argument that all hell would break loose in the US if ANY gun reform was attempted. That people would openly defy authority and there would be a legal and political nightmare/earthquake that makes the effort not worth it. The threat of "from my cold dead hands" pffft, please. No one is going to overnight ban any/all guns. So calm down. I think this is the result of a really well funded and effective campaign the NRA and other vested interests are able to sew into the narrative. I don't believe it for a second. Reasonable gun law reform in the majority of the United States - if done in a reasonable, firm, and well explained way, would cause minimal backlash save for some extreme communities. And frankly, they'll learn to live with it. They're tough, they'll get over it. You cannot own a nuke, or Howitzer, or fully loaded and operational Apache Gunship or M1 Abrams tank can you? (or can you???) So you can own a gun, sure. But maybe not own military grade weapons designed specifically for the military with the design purpose of the taking of opposing armies soldiers lives in the most efficient way possible. Not hunting, not defense, but winning war. No, you don't get to play with those toys outside of clubs and ranges that are specific to having a bit of fun in that environment. NOT have one in your cupboard/safe/whatever at home unless you have a specific license to based on a process that shows why you would "need" to. Oh, but you are on a terrorist no fly watch list? sorry, no guns for you. (that was recently proposed and voted down - WTF???) You have domestic violence convictions? You used to rob banks? You have been on anti-schizophrenic meds for 10 years? You follow Islamic State online and contribute your sympathetic views? You have recently threatened to "take out" your neighbour because his dog pissed on your post? Well sorry, you won't be able to purchase or own firearms - or have to give them up until you calm the fuck down and resolve your shit. No going to gun shows and buying up whatever you want. Sorry, you just don't get guns - OBVIOUSLY for everyone's safety. Obviously, right? None of that is extreme - but is is viewed as extreme by those on the extreme right of the debate. And there lies the real issue. The more liberal leaning are far less effective at defining what the middle actually is. Where the "centre" is. That being where the reasonable majority sit. You know, majority, like democracy. So good luck you guys. I don't see any reform movement gaining enough traction to be honest. Your unique situation in regards to mass shootings/gun violence that has no other comparable modern western society equivalency (not even close) will continue to be ignored or dismissed as you continue to fail to get to a place where even the most basic common sense reforms can even be debated reasonably and logically by your so called "leaders". Sad and tragic that you are unable to do so. And I do mean just the informed and reasonable/logical debate. Not any reform itself. That would be the next step. The US is a gun culture. That won't change, and maybe that's ok if it was not the free for all shitshow it currently is. But there obviously (at least to the rest of the world) needs to be some reform. I can't do shit without being registered/licensed/tested/accredited/approved/certified. Can't drive, can't fly (even a hobby drone in some cases), can't serve alcohol, ride a jetski, run a store, sell lemonade out the front for $1 a cup, race a car or bike.. Why not to own guns? Why not?
  10. An immense challenge indeed. I don't see how there cannot be fluctuations - and significant ones. Still, you never know.
  11. Best Kashmir live version

    23 June 77 - with the major flub in the middle, has to be top 3. Before and after the sketchy sequence, it is as powerful as I have heard. Bonham is no longer human. He seems to ascend to something more. Every fill is pure magic. Page is right there with him adding to the relentless march of the intense, heavy rhythm and Jones as always adds depth. Plant perfectly accompanying what is impossible for a singer - and PERFECT. '77 Kashmir. There surely is no greater rock moment. And especially for the fans. I can't begin to imagine being at something even remotely carrying that intensity as a kid with some nice herb. Lucky buggers....
  12. 9/29/71 Immigrant Song sb release

    I still don't understand this. If the fees mean they (Led Zep estate) makes a smaller - even MUCH smaller profit, but still a profit, I will never understand it from an artistic stand point. BIG DEAL if profit is minimal. The product released is SO MUCH better and COMPLETE. Sounds a bit like a penny counting record label might be in the mix here??? (I don't know, pure speculation) If it means there is a real risk of actual financial loss - fair enough! I'd really love some actual context and facts and figures around what the "fees" actually translates to, and how they work. ie, are they - a song covered during a medley gets a % of the gross? Or do they get a certain payment up front even if only 2 units are sold? How does this work - and why the reluctance to include them????? I just don't get those decisions. And my thinking is just that I don't understand, but there is a legit reason for it. Can someone enlighten me?
  13. Planet Rock interview: 50th celeb Page

    There is middle ground. This argument is deteriorating beyond what it needs to. Yeah, he keeps saying he is going to get out there. And he does not. On the one hand, that's fine because we are not him and don't know him really well personally (close friend or knowledgeable about his every day life) so we obviously do not understand what is behind that. It could be anything - "oh, I see" if it was explained, or "well that's a bit weak" even - we don't know. And unless he provides a lot of detail and context (interview or whatever) we won't know. I don't subscribe to him owing an explanation necessarily either. It may be something that is difficult for him and something he does not wish to share/discuss. Since I don't know, and he is the single most important musician (to me) I'll ever follow (the key in the greatest rock band there will ever be imho), I'll give him the benefit of the doubt. (How could I not? look what he has given me through his craft?) On the other hand, to say it for so long and not offer any explanation whatsoever on the delay or outright misdirection is hard to fathom and could have had even a tiny clarification that points to something in general. Does not have to be detailed if it is a difficultly Jimmy is struggling with. It's cool to be in different camps on this but not worth getting too salty. Since he very recently again said he was going to play "so I better be getting on with it" it makes me think there is genuine intention there - surely he is not that dim witted that he does not see what saying that forever with no intention of playing means. It would OBVIOUSLY tarnish his legacy a bit. I cannot see how that is possible (that he is that remiss), so while I do not write him off as never going to play again, I do think a lot of things have to come together - which have not yet, but he is working through - to get himself back out there so he is comfortable with what that is and what he is putting out. He may well have dozens of ideas and pieces on the shelf, and maybe turning them into something he is happy to take to the stage is a greater challenge than he expected. Eg. Look at some of the Studio Daze and other studio type boots where some noodling completely changes into the final released song. An incredible metamorphosis on some ideas/riffs/passages that result in brilliant tracks that are so estranged from the original seed/idea. Maybe he is struggling getting from that "A to B" in that regard. And remember, that would have been Bonham and Jonesy heavily contributing even before the lyrics are applied. Bonham and Jones for the love of God!!! Maybe he cannot get all the pieces to fall into place. Maybe the other muso's he is trialing are not satisfying where he wants to be to proceed? Or maybe its nothing to do with that, might be illness or nervousness is a bigger battle than he first thought it was going to be? As I said WE DON'T KNOW so it might be a bit of bullshit on his part or might be very legit. So when he next says he is about to get out there, take it with a grain of salt but keep that tiny ember at the back of your Zeppelin brain alight with that possibility. And focus on what is actually happening in 2018 and beyond. More Zep product!!!! Official releases!!!!! Oh HELL YES!
  14. Favorite Plantations

    After No Quarter inLandover 30/05/77. "At this point, John leaves the keyboards for another woman.... Cmon Jonesy... What an old wanker!" I can imagine Jonesy with a sheepish grin raising his glass for a Cheers as he strolls on by.
  15. What's the weather like where you are?

    I'm with you Chilli. Can't make it too obvious though. Hopefully in a few weeks....
  16. Planet Rock interview: 50th celeb Page

    Christ I hope not!!!! I have not the patience.
  17. What's the weather like where you are?

    May to August is cold at night and mild to cold of a day, although last year the winter seemed to have not really reared it's head at all. Got cold at night but every day was nice and warm (HOT in the sun, even through June/July), mostly dry. (freakin YAY - makes for nice weekend rides on my Yammy) And yes, the nice sticky hot summer is bringing extra fruition to my garden. My missus has lettuces, parsley, rosemary (TONS), sage, chives, spring onions, a passionfruit vine creeping up over the chook pen, and nice snow peas. I have some herbs that are just starting to bloom. Happy days bruh....
  18. What's the weather like where you are?

    Another 35c day here. It's been between 35 (95) and 40 (104) all week - and humid as f_ck. 3 days in a row severe afternoon storms rolled through but it did remain way too hot through the night. No relief for the weekend, but at least I get to go to White Water World with the family. Almost makes me long for the few cold winter months we endure. ....almost.
  19. How about an acoustic reunion?

    I'm upvoting it purely on comedic value.
  20. yeah, EC, Bath, South Hampton??, something '77, something '80, possibly Copenhagen warm ups, and either an anthology type box covering "the rest" or maybe a comilation or two "From '69 to '80' type double live album. Might be 2 or 3 of those (which would be FANTASTIC IMHO)
  21. What live song do you skip or endure?

    Moby Dick is very often skipped unless I am bang up for a mad listening session with a few hours of solitude up my sleeve (hardly ever). I used to skip the violin bow solo in D&C, but I now enjoy the whole song much more. I almost never skip unless in a hurry to get as much listening into a short window (drive to work, sacrifice the solo to fit one more song in). *This is not often as main mode of commute is my motorbike. Rock and Roll sometimes skipped to get to Sick Again and OTHAFA and onward. I am just too impatient, not because I don't like it. I really, really love the 2 tracks that follow is all. Not to mention IMTOD, NQ, Dazed, etc...
  22. Next Soundboard Release

    I believe they are just packaging up Winston remasters, which is not appreciated. (somewhere in here there was a thread discussing it)
  23. best version of earls court 25.5.75

    Cheers mate. I was sure the official DVD was a slightly different one - so a different night perhaps. I'll have to get it out and give it a run. I think I have been too immersed in Youtube...
  24. best version of earls court 25.5.75

    Can someone please tell me... A ) what night is this? B ) is there a better version film (not counting official of course) as this one seems way above other youtube and available stuff C ) is this whole night available in really great audio and video in a boot? D ) is the whole concert this good? I think this is an outstanding IMTOD. Every one of them is putting in supreme efforts. Thanks.