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  1. New Soundboard Source for Osaka '71??

    I can help.... PM inbound.
  2. Montreal 2/6/75 Underrated?

    Can someone PM me a link to the Feb 6 show? Pretty please?
  3. Why In Through The Out Door is a GREAT album

    Agree. But I must admit, the original vs. "The Epic" - the original mix was a bit shit. Too blurred. Can't hear a word Robert says. And he deserves to be equal or even a bit more up front that the drums and wall of keys. The Epic is so much better to listen to for this reason. Live it could have well been a MONSTER.
  4. Random Thoughts v.3

    Yeah, that's legit. It's a tough one. You could say it is not the Governments role to curb tobacco use as well. When the social and economic cost impacts the Governments ability to steer the country on the path they choose (were elected to carry out) or when the results of no regulation is the emergence of a major health crisis (not a crisis yet, but it is a bit shit and getting worse) then you can easily argue they are within rights to act - and probably should act. But again, I don't really like a nanny state culture. It's a tough one. Need to do something.
  5. Random Thoughts v.3

    It is not only the US. It is a trend in the West. Why? Because sugar and sodium (salt) are cheap and easy to add to every damn product on the supermarket shelf. Unless you are buying fruit and veg, basically every other item is choc full of those 2 ingredients. Profit and the almighty dollar - as usual - overrides any and all other considerations. You know, like is this actually good for society? board room erupts with laughter, moves on. It's the biggest problem with not regulating some areas of the free market. Here there has been debate about introducing a sugar tax similar to tobacco taxes (ciggy's here are now worth their weight in gold as a deterrent) While I hate the thought of a "nanny state" - while the obesity and related heath problems issue is growing at this alarming rate, I am happy for Govt's to do whatever to reign in that trend.
  6. Random Thoughts v.3

    Booked mine this morning 9 on the dot. Incredibly excited.
  7. Best Led Zeppelin concert recording

    Winston did 929. Arigatou Osaka. From the notes contained within it.... Remaster Notes: Hardest show I ever worked on. Used the best possible audio for each song. Each of the Stage/SBD sources ran at different Sound/Pitch/Speed. It was like putting a jigsaw puzzle together, a BIG THANK YOU to Blackmikito, He really helped me get it right! Sound: This is more of a Restoration than a Remaster, So I decided to try and give each source tonal balance and clarity. It seemed the less I did the better it sounded. If your looking for a beefed up in your face version this isn't it, I would recommend Wendy's Fatally Wanderer instead. Also would like to thank Pernod for his help early on. So.. Is it Perfect? NOPE. But its the best I could do.
  8. Jason Bonham's Led Zeppelin Experience (Tour)

    MAAAAAAD. Will be hitting the Brisbane one and possibly the Sydney one. Small venues, 1500 standing in Bris (Tivoli) and 2000 in Sydney. Can't wait!!!!!
  9. ....and is now down due to copyright infringement. says INA - Institut National de l'Audiovisuel took it down. Maybe they have the footage. LOL! I have this boot but have not listened yet. Just took a peek. Holy shit, it's proper brilliant quality! I'll have to find the time now.
  10. Why In Through The Out Door is a GREAT album

    The closest to "sad" is SIBLY from TSRTS. Hard to imagine a more emotive song when your in the right frame of mind and pump it into your ears. The intro has such angry, defiant angst that drops so beautifully into that almost sad, melancholic opening. By the time Robert chimes in, I feel like I am at least 4 major turns and drops into a fantastic rollercoaster. It's just unreal. The angst reminds me of the start of the second solo break in Comfortably Numb. It always hits hard with how clear the emotion is. Just such good writing and playing.
  11. that sounds like an absolute DISASTER.
  12. Does Jimmy really hold the multi-tracks for this but no release as he "is not happy with the quality"? If so I find that astounding. In fact, I just can't believe it. This Celebration Day would have to be best ever. If the concert is wholly like this, it would be a crime not to release it unless quality is beyond repair (hard to believe in this day and age) as it sounds like one of their strongest shows. I must be missing something....
  13. I have only recently heard more than the 2 Sabbath hits I'd previously heard (Paranoid, Iron Man) thanks to RebelFM rock station here and Weeknights with Alice Cooper. So I can't comment on changes. Only to say the more I hear, the more I like. I'm a bit of a music and hard rock mushroom. Apart from Zeppelin, I have until very recently been mainstream.
  14. Why In Through The Out Door is a GREAT album

    For sure. A lot of their songs are happy and irreverent. Black Country Woman - one of my favourites for it simply being just a cheeky little grin of a song. A great joy. And even reflective more beautiful songs like Ten Years Gone or The Rain Song have such a beautiful emotive sound. Not what I would say is akin to happiness, but so beautiful and deep. They are some of the best listening. None sad. Tea for One is a little wistful, not one I go back to a lot I must admit.
  15. ACDC are two different bands. I absolutely LOVE the Bon Scott albums. Back in Black, mostly written for Bon, was pretty good, but Brian's voice never sat well with me. Bon had a cheeky Aussie way about him that shone through. Brian just grates my nerves to be honest. Angus was good enough to keep writing enough great songs to keep the success, but they were nowhere near what they were and nothing like what they would have been with Bon. The lost potential there is staggering. Just like with Zep. And yeah, no way EVER could Freddie be replaced. Probably the best rock singer/showman EVER.
  16. I don't know, assuming they continued, and were rising again (Jimmy/Peter reigning it in somewhat, a scare pulled them back from the brink, and another album was another winner) Continuing to give almost no TV could have worked for them. Their album sales were fine, and their reputation was the live gigs. I don't know the "new generation" that was tv obsessed would have hurt much. But then again, they might have begun exploring TV on their own terms. Peter Grant spoke in that interview on the Thames posted here recently how TV was not an option because it just sounded shiite. There might have been a revisit to that thought with advances and possible opportunities. Like I say - on their terms.
  17. Unreal. Should have been a bit longer per song, but unreal.
  18. Sorry to remain off topic, but I'll contribute to the immediate above posts.... And those kinds of points are what makes it difficult with people dumping on Page for not getting out there. I too would love to see him out there, and yeah, I know, he keeps saying he will be playing live soon - for years, and still is not. Valid to call him out on it. But... Like above, imagine peaking at the heights they did, as young as they did, creating what they were able to collectively put out there - which was pure 4 part collaboration. Taking a single members idea, and with the input of the other three absolute geniuses, working through and evolving that idea to breathtaking heights for pretty much EVERY DAMN TRACK. Even stuff like Achilles, yeah, Page with the guitar army and beautiful structure and power, but I dare say without the other 3, would not be anything like the powerhouse anthem it is. So imagine how hard the end of Zep hit Page. It is unimaginable. Loses his best mate, and probably the main underpinning inspiration. Bonham on the drums - how much did that feed Jimmy's power to create? He has spoken of how necessary Bonham was to his output. So what to do? Zep is over, that much is a given and immediately accepted. You don't want to pack it in at a relatively young age, but creativity as you knew it for so long, that was just so damn good - gone and not recoverable. And the battle to get clean. Then forms new bands and projects. Inevitably everyone compares to Zep or it's "just not the same" - which is true, and must be a challenge for Jimmy. Some stuff is great, but it's not Zep - and that's not even fair to say, but for Jimmy, creatively, how is that reality managed? The remasters project, a labor of love and back to what was his creative best. And wanting to share the relevant material surrounding the studio releases with bonus stuff. Not to everyone's liking, but a lot of great stuff in there IMHO. Now, he may still be struggling with the want of getting out there (he genuinely wants to) vs. his insecurities about how he will be received, how new material may be received, his shyness and uncertainty, no more youthfullness and reckless abandon, no more drugs - even lighter stuff, used as a crutch to just get out on stage and go for it. And who to play with? And who to create with? I still hold out hope Jimmy and JPJ will collaborate on something. JPJ has said JP was the best guitarist to play with in an interview for what he brought to performances, and able to go through so many changes and turns. And JPJ was incredibly versatile and contributed so much to Zep's work, he and Jimmy back together might be able to find a new direction. At the end of the day, I still hold out hope Jimmy will indeed be seen playing, I know many of you here scoff at that, and fair enough given the facts, but I hope. But if not, then he doesn't. I won't be pissed. How could I be? Do I understand anything about him? What drives his decisions? Even all this is just my own thoughts from my limited pissant little perspective. He owes me nothing. I owe him a great deal of gratitude for what he has given me. The most important music in my life by far, and somewhere I could get lost in when days were very dark. ....and as I have said, JPJ wrote the solo for Kashmir, got it practically first take and the others were very happy with it.
  19. I'd really like the reaction vid of those kids with some RAH tracks with video.
  20. LOL'd hard at Boleskinner. A tad harsh but funny as fuck.
  21. Where is the upvote button? Exactly this mate. Got it in a nutshell.
  22. What's the worst live performance of a song?

    Captain obvious here, hi. WSBMS, any show (or any I have heard, surprised if it is not all) from 1980.
  23. What's your favorite live Trampled Underfoot?

    Sounds a lot like the "The Complete Switzer Show - Black Swan" boot I have. Zurich 06.29 show. Along with the 30th, these two are blistering. My personal fav's, but I do enjoy many others the other guys here recommend.

    ....or yes please. Along with other pieces that pay tribute, a live box set is most welcome.

    I realise I am betting on the long odds, but I remain optimistic. I'm sure you will gladly eat your words should he get out there.