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  1. Jazz
  2. Got a roast in the crockpot with onions, bell peppers, green chilies and salsa in it, going to make some mexican rice in a few hous. Hope the roast comes out flaky and juicy. Looking forward to it!
  3. The full list of releases for this upcoming Record Store Day 2017 (4/22/17) has come out and now it's official that it's going to include a release from Jimmy Page & The Black Crowes. A marbled black & white vinyl (10') called "Live at Jones Beach". Limited to 3000 copies. It has 3 songs; 1. Misty Mountain Hop 2. Bring It On Home 3. In The Light. Two of the tracks were previously available on the Japanese release of "Live At The Greek."
  4. Demon Attack was one of my favorites.
  5. That's an excellent box set!
  6. Listen to a Previously Unreleased Version of Bad Company's 'Sweet Lil' Sister'; Exclusive Premier
  7. From a 10' marble vinyl of Jimmy Page & The Black Crowes to a 7' vinyl of Jimmy Page & John Paul Jones backing up Beverly Martyn some nice collectables for the Jimmy Page enthusiast this RSD and John Paul Jones too. As well as other limited edition vinyl picture discs, colored vinyls, etched vinyls, rare releases, etc. from other different artists. I could spend a lot of money on all these great releases, but my budget is limited to around $100, so I will try to get the ones I want the most. Definitely going early. Good luck to everyone who is participating this year!
  8. Didn't realize the back of the album covers were numbered, I got 2,466/4000.
  9. Not sure if there are any plans for a CD release. If you want Tea41 PM me your address info and I will make and send you a CD from my vinyl no charge.
  10. Nice, heavy vinyl. Sounds very good! Probably the nicest thing I got! Rush does this kind of stuff right for RSD!
  11. Love is a battlefield - Pat Benetar
  12. people
  13. Usually a song that's been stuck in my head.
  14. Running the air conditioner.
  15. Lucky
  16. Is this love - Whitesnake
  17. Definitely, she was only 56 years old.
  18. Losses
  19. Really does sound very floydian! Smell The Roses (Lyrics) There's a mad dog pulling at his chain A hint of danger in his eye Alarm bells raging round his brain And the chimney's broken in the sky Wake up Wake up and smell the roses Close your eyes and pray this wind don't change There's nothing but screams in the field of dreams Nothing but hope at the end of the road Nothing but gold in the chimney smoke Come on honey it's real money This is the room where they make the explosives Where they put your name on the bomb Here's where they bury the buts and the ifs And scratch out words like right and wrong Wake up Wake up and smell the phosphorus This is the room we keep a human heir Don't ask don't tell it couldn't be lost for us Little less cash in the stash in the cupboard At the bottom of the stair Money honey Wake up Wake up and smell the bacon Run your greasy fingers through her hair This is the life that you have taken [Verse 3] Just a line in the captain's log Just a whine from a resident dog Another kid didn't make the grade Come on honey it's a fair trade [Chorus 4] Wake up Wake up and smell the roses Throw a photo on the funeral pyre Now we can forget the threat she poses Girl you know you couldn't get much higher
  20. That's the only one I haven't listened to yet. I will listen to it today. I listened to the Interstellar Overdrive yesterday, it's a one sided vinyl, but it's mono. With a mono recording, you want a stereo that will play in mono to experience the sound the best I believe. I have to check my stereo settings and see if I have a setting for that so I can compare it better. I don't think many stereos have these settings anymore. It did come with a nice poster and postcard.
  21. Rest in Peace Erin Moran.
  22. ^^Most definitely!!