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  1. Cheech and Chong

    Picked up one of these at record store day.
  2. Anyone watching TWIN PEAKS???

    They had a couple of vinyl picture disc sets of Twin Peaks at this year's RSD. http://welcometotwinpeaks.com/music/record-store-day-2018-twin-peaks-soundtrack-picture-discs/
  3. John Paul Jones - Sun Station Vadsø 2017 (June 23/24)

    Did anyone get one of these? Happy to have been able to acquire The Dream Syndicate's 2018 rsd release "How We Found Ourselves...Everywhere!," which includes their performance with John Paul Jones on purple lap steel in 2017 in Vadso, Norway performing the track "How Did I Find Myself Here". Sounds excellent, the whole album sounds excellent.
  4. John Bonham's drumming on the Olympic Studio mix of Friends sounds excellent and Rock n Roll is absolutely awesome too.
  5. I got to my record store at 1:45 am, and the guy that I met and beat last time in line to being first in line was already there and he said "I told you I would beat you this time" and we both laughed saying we're the only hardcore rsd enthusiasts around. A couple of hours later a guy from Tokyo shows up talking about record shops in Tokyo, and all over the world. Then a female arrived and talked about music releases in depth, as well as a lot of artists she had seen. It was fun. I was able to get the Led Zeppelin 45 and also another Led Zeppelin related release; "The Dream Syndicate - How We Found Ourselves...Everywhere" which includes the 2017 performance of "How Did I Find Myself Here" in Vadso, Norway featuring John Paul Jones on purple lap steel! I was going to try to see about getting a Led Zeppelin display box, but my store did not have one.
  6. Jimmy, me & Brian May

    Great picture!
  7. I'll agree. His last four releases (all the way back to Raising Sand) have been too much of a departure for me. I will always like his voice even now, but just the style of his last four releases hasn't done anything for me I'll admit.
  8. Nick Mason resurrects early Pink Floyd

    Sounds groovy, I'd definitely go to see him.
  9. ^^I could be wrong, but from past RSDs if I remember correctly I think the prices never became available until the morning of RSD. Usually while waiting in line everybody is surfing the web with their phones getting prices as they (the prices) start becoming available online. The prices always seem to become available 2-4 hours or so beforehand of our store opening. I'm guessing that it won't be more than $15. As to how limited it's going to be, no clue yet.
  10. Me too, I saw a picture on Led Zep News of a store display holder for the 45s, I think I will ask my store if it has the display if they'll sell it.
  11. Good list, I like the description of the Various Artists - Performances from Monterey Pop Fest in double red & yellow marbled vinyl and numbered, nice.
  12. The Moody Blues

    Congratulations to The Moody Blues for their way overdue induction into the R & R HOF last night, it's about time!
  13. The Cars

  14. Well, only a week away until RSD. Curious, does anyone have their eyes on anything (besides the Led Zeppelin release) that they would like to share? I don't know, I am looking over the list trying to decide what interests me. Noticed that there is no indication of how many of the Led Zeppelin 45s will be issued which makes it hard to tell how rare it will be. I see that 'Pornosonic: Unreleased 70s Porn Music Featuring Ron Jeremy" will be finally released on vinyl! Limited to 500 copies I think. Wouldn't mind getting that.
  15. The pub

    I used to go to the Mason Jar in Phoenix a lot, was a great hangout, it closed in 2005 but has now reopened at the same location as The Rebel Lounge so I want to check it out again. On my bucket list of things to do.
  16. Jeff Beck Thread

    Just picked up a pair of tickets for imo absolutely the best venue in my area to see Jeff Beck at the Celebrity Theater in Phoenix, also known as the Theater in the Round Saturday, July 21st! Such an excellent concert venue some of the best concerts I've experienced were at that venue.
  17. Jeff Beck Thread

  18. ^^He played Mighty ReArranger, cool! Hope it pops up on Youtube.
  19. Rush

  20. The Beatles thread

  21. I love to get official Superstar Concert Series shows, I try to get them when I can. I have show 93-36, which is Robert Plant in Glastonbury in 1993 and it also includes some of Philadelphia 1988. I also have a vinyl set; "Stars of the Superstars '88" which includes some of Robert Plant in Philadelphia 1988.
  22. New book on Earls Court concerts 'Five Glorious Nights'

    50th-Anniversary Edition Of 'Five Glorious Nights' Photo Book: http://www.blabbermouth.net/news/led-zeppelin-50th-anniversary-edition-of-five-glorious-nights-photo-book/
  23. Rush

    New official lyric video for "A Farewell To Kings."