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  1. You must be very proud I'm sure zepscoda! In the Halloween spirit, nice reswati! There he is, good picture Chillumpuffer! You guys put a smile on my face, great picture Xolo1974! Nice!
  2. The Necromancer - Rush
  3. How Many More Times, Walking Into Clarksdale and No Quarter. From the Shining in The Light ep (Japanese).
  4. dweller
  5. Bloody Well Right - Supertramp
  6. Just got it today and just got done listening to it, Albums are in pristine shape. Sounds incredible! Steve, do you have any pictures from the Dayton or Cleveland concerts you could post? Thanks for the pictures from The Ritz in NYC in the previous post!
  7. From a 10' marble vinyl of Jimmy Page & The Black Crowes to a 7' vinyl of Jimmy Page & John Paul Jones backing up Beverly Martyn some nice collectables for the Jimmy Page enthusiast this RSD and John Paul Jones too. As well as other limited edition vinyl picture discs, colored vinyls, etched vinyls, rare releases, etc. from other different artists. I could spend a lot of money on all these great releases, but my budget is limited to around $100, so I will try to get the ones I want the most. Definitely going early. Good luck to everyone who is participating this year!
  8. ha ha ha ha ha
  9. ^^Had a brain fart.
  10. No you weren't, I was wrong it was earlier.
  11. Aw, that's a good one.
  12. Which one are you checking out first?
  13. Rush live at the Cleveland Agora July 18, 1978
  14. How cool is that???
  15. Thanks Kiwi! I'll definitely let you know how it went. I will take some pics as well if all goes good.
  16. Going to try to get in line around midnight-2 am on Record Store Day to get the Jimmy Page & The Black Crowes marbled vinyl and hopefully one of these: Rush Cygnus X-1 12 inch 180 gram Audiophile Vinyl EP for Record Store Day, limited to 5000 copies.
  17. You go into a restaurant and instead of having conversation, everybody is staring into their cellphones tapping away. People don't pay attention where they are walking because they are too distracted by their cell phone. Or they hold up the line at the grocery store because they are too distracted on their cell phone. It seems like with each new generation it is getting just worse.
  18. Enjoying a couple of days of cooler weather in Phoenix, the heat returns tomorrow.
  19. table
  20. Beneath, between and behind - Rush
  21. that he was seeing tracers
  22. Very special pictures indeed, thanks.
  23. The full list of releases for this upcoming Record Store Day 2017 (4/22/17) has come out and now it's official that it's going to include a release from Jimmy Page & The Black Crowes. A marbled black & white vinyl (10') called "Live at Jones Beach". Limited to 3000 copies. It has 3 songs; 1. Misty Mountain Hop 2. Bring It On Home 3. In The Light. Two of the tracks were previously available on the Japanese release of "Live At The Greek."
  24. Ball and chain - Social Distortion
  25. psychedelic mushrooms that he was...