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  1. Happy Birthday ebk!
  2. I guess it's cooled down here a few degrees, although it still will burn skin.
  3. It's been years since he has performed here in Phoenix, and if his tour takes him here, which I am doubtful, I will be there no doubt! But if it's anything like the last tour with extremely limited dates, many are going to be disappointed I'm sure including me.
  4. Well, whether it's a show like that or not, if it is their last time touring I won't miss it. No room to pick and choose, unless I have money to go see them in another country where they are performing with no co-headlining bands.
  5. For a long goodbye tour, a co-headlining tour with a truncated Deep Purple set list is really not what I wanted, oh well. I dig their new album Infinite and wanted them to play more songs from it, like these:
  6. What a great show Alice Cooper and his band put on last night! All his theatrics are great and his band was hot. Nita Straus, his lead guitarist was excellent! During Billion Dollar Babies he had a real samurai sword he was wielding that had Alice Cooper money on it, he swooshed the sword and the money fell into the audience, and I got one! Also saved some streamers as a keepsake.
  7. Well, 48 hours have passed and I still have my email account. I almost replied to it at first, but backed down, and I'm glad I backed down. That was one of the most pointed, nerve racking phishing scams I have ever encountered.
  8. Got a suspicious email today that was supposedly from my email provider, saying they have noticed different computers from different locations logging into my account. It said I have 48 hours to reply directly to the email and asked for my name, user name, password, birthday and country to keep my account, or I will get locked out within 48 hours. I looked at the heading to see the email address that sent it, and it did not have my email provider's name in it. I think it's a phishing scam, usually your email provider will never ask you to send your password information in an email, it is done much more secure than that, so I haven't replied to it. They didn't know or have my name either in the email. Like I said, it may just be a phishing scam, but I will know for sure within 48 hours. Keeping my fingers crossed that it is not legit. If it is, it will screw me up.
  9. Alice Cooper's opening song in Vegas last night, the first date of his tour with Deep Purple and Edgar Winter.
  10. Seen on the news the other day that there are two huge Powerballs to be won.
  11. I binged watched Kung Fu the other weekend.
  12. I agree with what Mecurious said too, except there is so much material on this thread now...
  13. I third it! Happy Birthday Debbie!
  15. This is a pretty cool song, I haven't heard this song in a while.
  16. Jason Bonham brought out Kaleb Johnson from America's Got Talent for vocals on Led Zeppelin's Communication Breakdown at Ascend Amphitheater in Nashville Jully 28, 2017.
  17. David Gilmour announced today that tickets will go on sale at 10.00am GMT on Friday 6th March for his first live dates in nine years. The UK and European shows, planned for September 2015, will coincide with the release of his, as yet untitled, fourth studio solo album, which follows the platinum and UK Number 1 album On An Island. The shows kick off at the historic Roman amphitheatre in Pula, Croatia, on 12th September, and continue through some of the world's most beautiful cities and venues. Other places visited include Verona and Florence in Italy, Orange in France, and Oberhausen in Germany, before David undertakes three consecutive nights at London's sumptuous Royal Albert Hall on 23, 24 and 25 September. September 12, 2015 - Croatia - Pula -Arena Pula September 14, 2015 - Italy - Verona -Verona Arena September 15, 2015 - Italy - Florence -Teatro Le Mulina September 17, 2015 - France - Orange -Theatre Antique September 19, 2015 - Germany - Oberhausen -Konig-Pilsener-Arena September 23, 24, 25, 2015 - UK - London -The Royal Albert Hall Tickets on sale from 10.00am GMT, Friday 6th March 2015. Please not that ticket restrictions apply. Terms & Conditions are listed on individual promoters' websites. Booking fees will be added to listed ticket prices. More information can be found on David Gilmour's official website:
  18. The 'Paranormal' photo app:
  19. bonham band

    Welcome Barbie G.! Here's a thread that I pulled up searching Dan MacMaster, and another one that might be of interest:
  20. Yardbirds Launch Pledge Campaign for New Album By Jeff Giles August 2, 2017 9:43 AM The Yardbirds are getting ready to record their next album -- and asking fans to "help preserve one of the founding most influential bands in rock history" along the way. For its first studio effort since 2003's Birdland, the band is partnering with PledgeMusic to fund the release, which is being described as "a totally new recording of original songs with a couple of carefully selected covers done in the tradition of how the Yardbirds deconstructed, reconstructed old blues songs to bring them to a new wider audience." While a release date for the project hasn't been attached to the campaign yet, the group has already booked Jack Douglas for the sessions, promising that the renowned producer will be behind the boards for an analog recording tracked in a "state of the art' recording facility." The current Yardbirds lineup, led by founding drummer Jim McCarty, is the result of an overhaul McCarty spearheaded in 2014. As he told Ultimate Classic Rock the following year, the new blood in the band added up to "quite an experiment" -- albeit one he was confident would deliver songs and performances that could stand up to the rest of the group's long legacy. "I think the thing is that it's such a great repertoire and I don't think we're going to have any trouble with that level of musicianship -- It's going to be good," said McCarty. "It's quite energetic and it's such a good body of songs that really stand the test of time." In addition to physical or digital copies of the new LP, fans can pre-order a number of deluxe packages, including signed vinyl or CDs and bundles that include a Yardbirds T-shirt or pin. Check out the band's PledgeMusic page for further details.