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  1. Maybe one of the best shows I have seen from him, but he always puts on a good show though!
  2. Robert Plant Live: Phoenix


    Starting to really sink in the concert is only a week away!
  3. Roger Waters

    Anyone recently catch Roger Waters?
  4. Zebra 35th Anniversary gig

    Interesting now 8 years later they are doing a 35th anniversary tour in the west coast, but it's the 35th anniversary of the debut album. Brick By Brick - San Diego, CA. 2/8/18
  5. Star Trek

  6. Robert Plant Live: Phoenix


    Looking forward to it!
  7. The Southern/Lynyrd Skynyrd Thread

    We are getting a triple bill this May with Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Outlaws and Bad Company. The main draw for me going is Bad Company, though I like Skynyrd and The Outlaws, it's actually a good lineup. I can dig a concert like this. It's weird, as I was looking at ticket prices on the seating map, in the past I have always seen it indicated when a ticket is from a reseller, but with this show, it doesn't indicate, though I can tell which ones are reseller tickets by looking at the prices. I think it's kind of uncool that they don't indicate reseller tickets anymore. But yeah I should be going to this.
  8. A recent interview with New York City classic rock radio station Q104.3.
  9. Meeting forum members in the flesh

    My friend is a floyd fanatic, he just sent me some pictures of a division bell mailbox that he made, with help, pretty cool!
  10. Meeting forum members in the flesh

    His home stereo is quadraphonic, but his home theater system is 5.1.
  11. The Southern/Lynyrd Skynyrd Thread

  12. Paul Rodgers and Bad Company

    I wish this was coming to my town, but I will be getting Bad Company in May, so I am happy about that! But I am ready to see Jeff Beck again if possible! http://www.blabbermouth.net/news/jeff-beck-paul-rodgers-and-ann-wilson-announce-stars-align-tour/
  13. Huge thanks for sharing these photos as so little photos from the Carnegie Hall concert have previously existed! Love it!
  14. Typo on the white vinyl! WTH?

    He is still in business on ebay.
  15. Random Thoughts v.3

    Just read about a lost and recently recovered charity guitar: https://www.rainbows.co.uk/news/lost-‘£20000’-charity-guitar-signed-stars-found?platform=hootsuite
  16. What Made You Happy today?

    Hi ebk and Strider! Great picture! Nice to see the faces behind the names!
  17. Sky Watch

    ^^It was beautiful to look at on the western horizon on the way to work the morning of January 2nd. It will be about fully red when I get up for work at 6:25, will pop out right away for a look. Took this picture today, best I could do with my camera.
  18. Famous Shows On New Vinyl

    I have the Wendy remaster and I used to have the TMOQ version, but it was stolen years ago. Even though I have lots of shows now, since my vinyl and cd collection was stolen years ago it's been hard to judge the shows so much as I used to be able to, partly because I will never get over that theft, and it's been too long, and my health I'm sure is a factor. I've been collecting them back slowly but surely. But I received the albums yesterday and listened to Blueberry Hill, and even though I don't like any of the audience clapping being taken out (or anything else) and any songs out of order, it sounded pretty good IMO, though it was hard to handle to cuts in Bonham's drum solo I have to admit.
  19. Meeting forum members in the flesh

    ^^I guess I was incorrect, the huge black vault is made out of wood, and bolted to the bed of the truck.
  20. What Are You Listening To At This Moment?

    Listening to "It's a long way to the top", great version from 1/30/77.
  21. Meeting forum members in the flesh

    lpMan came over briefly yesterday, saw some of my LZ posters on the wall and it brought back memories. We visited my long time friend Sean. You could say Sean is into sound. His home theater system is incredible, he has at least 6- 8 or maybe more flat surround speakers installed in the ceiling, the round flat ceiling speakers that you might see in a hospital or something. They are all positioned perfectly in an arc (and elsewhere too I think) above the couch in front of the tv. He put on the blu-ray of David Gilmour's live at Pompeii as well as other stuff and it sounded phenomenal. He showed us some of his new acquisitions, vinyls, blu-rays, etc. and other things from his collection. He was working on his car stereo and the sound system in his 2-door white F150 is a marvel, 2 sub woofers between the seats, took the black cargo box out and converted it into a huge lockable casing that he mounted in the bed of the truck. Looks like a huge black vault with a gigantic lock all filled with nothing but amps and speakers, with it's own battery. Looks like a tank with a sound system as it's main weapon sort of, really cool. Sean's pretty cool.got me into collecting way back when.
  22. Led Zeppelin Clothing and Whatnot.

    I ordered a couple of t-shirts off this official website a couple of years ago and was totally happy with the size being what it is supposed to be and doesn't shrink. I unsealed the t-shirt that came with the deluxe edition of TSRTS and it was an extra large.
  23. Random Thoughts v.3