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  1. U know there r probably 100 posts from me agreeing that bonus discs r rubbish not now with no hype. Rebuying and relisteningb I do like them and love 3 and coda . I don't have bootlegs but feel these r interesting alternate looks at the albums I think the first time around I did not get the concept.
  2. Yeah I stupidly sold vinyl in 90's and turntable was destroyed in a move at that time. The diament/ Sidore cd's still sound good to me but I bought complete studio on I tunes for phone to car playing and they r pretty nice. I just have neither time nor money for costly system or to get turntable and repurchase. Yes I still have 800 cd's
  3. I have found bits I do really enjoy but see the original poster's point to a degree but Coda definitely should have been 2 full cd's... this was a decision I don't get. I had good luck getting scuff free discs til presence I went thru 4 til I got a disc 2 without glue on it. The Japanese know how to package.
  4. i have a feeling the lyrics were intentionally buried in Carouselambra-possibly by Plant himself- If u read as u listen it is definitely easier to understand ...but tragic ultimately. I am surprised Page and Jones even agreed to play on this as they are not cast in a very good light but the other songs are quite clear and easy to understand on ITTOD
  5. Am unloading all remasters including one of each deluxe set, deluxe BBC and mothership 2015. Opened and first 4 played once rest unplayed 3rd of coda and BBC will b in jewel case to remain unscuffed reasonable offers accepted
  6. Yes I see it seems that way ...I cant seem to delete my posts so mods feel free to eliminate this Did not wanna break forum protocol ...anyone with power to eliminate this thread Please do so
  7. Deluxe cd. I would not have anywhere close to funds for super deluxe
  8. Well it may b a dying format but I am hanging on to them. Hearing Everybody Makes it Through convinced me today there is a smattering of excellent bonus material... I still barely hear differences between several originals and "rough mixes" . There are a few great tracks though.
  9. I'll just keep trying to find someone who wants a great deal. In us here in MA/CT people do not have cd's or stereos anymore....
  10. It's cool really I'd welcome getting something even if people think I am being " ripped off". Thanks tho... I just was unable to get the kind of stereo I should have due to various reasons but wanna cut someone deal and to be clear these are the us rrleases not Russia, china whatever ...
  11. I don't think Plant gives this so called feud a lot of thought.
  12. $6,666.66 for the remastered personal stamp
  13. Ok am now thought I'd try to help out the die hard fans here first. I am not trying to shill here I have them listed for about a third of what paid. Wife and I just tryin to make room and as I know people here still have stereo systems and physical media and thought someone might want to have. Local stores here like Best Buy no longer sell stereos or cd's except for home tv theater...
  14. Besides computer I have nothing to play these on anymore. Just trying to deal fairly cheaply for someone else to have a collection to value That is all
  15. I make one statement after not saying anything even remotely negative about the remasters for 2-3 months and someone is waiting to jump on it...I am just buying the singles and wanted that one song that USED to be on Coda in the box sets...geez I wish HHWCID was on Coda- It's no big thingMeanwhile there's a ton of posts about Fire, Swan song and other songs that I guess aren't as seriously offending as my one sentence,,,,It's not like i condemned the whole remaster series for that one thing in this post. I keep silent on rough mixes and such because I know they thrill other people and that's great.I am happy jimmy got these out and they have an edition that suits everyone... but I just regret Coda not being the box version of 50+ minutes. maybe if i say I am a Yankees fan too I can at least get a point back in my favor.
  16. i'll believe it when I own it but hope u are right on this....
  17. Having never had a home stereo system it probably would change my perceptions...I still play the crop circle boxes more than anything
  18. Remastering the Firm and Coverdale /Page would be a guess for what is next
  19. Don't worry jimmy's re-remastering project starts in september
  20. Really is lousy that HHWCID is on disc 2 for those of us just buying the single discs...
  21. When I saw him it was called a medley of no place to go and how many more years Both are Wolf songs
  22. Wow not that well apparently.... In a way it is a blessing not worry about the littlest compression or nuance. The last thing i wanna do is analyze everything I listen to...they all sounded the same to me
  23. Ok I retract my post about a one disc version Coda for me -the Companion naysayer this far- is worth the companion discs
  24. thanks again...for these...I'd love to see another show ...the setlist definitely has changed from venue to venue and BTW I wish they'd record How Many More Years. That Wolf tunes absolutely grooves live.