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  1. ^^Funny you used the term jumping the shark. Bron shooting at the dragon reminded me so much of Chief Brody shooting the shark. Seemed to have everything but the "smile you son of a...".
  2. Would you be able to tell us where in Moby Dick? Like on a youtube link or something? I'm very curious to hear this.
  3. Noel Monk was VH's tour manager and he bitterly complained that the manager should've been out on the road more. Perhaps not to the extent of Grant but more than a few shows. I'll have to re-read as to why, it's in his latest book.
  4. Are you guys talking about the difference between the album and film?
  5. I remember reading that too.
  6. Also, the intro to the Montreal 1984 show was incredible too. The lights, the audience, introduction, pacing, feels like you're there. I'll shut up now
  7. DLR Van Halen for sure. This is a great example of them opening the show with On Fire but due to some technical difficulty had to wing it till it was rectified. Pretty exciting when re-launch into the proper song.
  8. I always felt that Robert's niche as an artist/vocalist was finding a sound first and somehow matching words to it. That's what this song sounds like to me, all of his work actually but this song in particular, which is one of my favourites, and one of the most amazing vocal performancses I've ever heard. So while it's fun and interesting to hear everyone's interpretation of the lyrics, I think that's all it is. Everyone's interpretation is just a reflection of their own thoughts and feelings on...I guess Zep? Or their drama? Obviously it's what ever you want it to be. These lyrics, imo, are so far out there that I think even Robert himself would have trouble connecting them from his own sub-conscious to some sort of concrete meaning, because at best that's all it is. Like any dream, it might mean this or that or nothing at all. It's the complete opposite of say, Ted Hawkins' Sorry You're Sick or Woodie Guthries' This Land Is My Land. Not much mistaking what those songs mean. Personally I would throw Caraselll-how the fuck do--you spell it--in the same bin as I Am the Walrus and Come Together. Pretty sure we all know what those songs mean by now. Anyways, great thread.
  9. What's a cruiser?
  10. I need to start viewing my commute to work as a beautiful adventure. It won't be easy.
  11. Hmmm, Nashville does have a lot of blues bars. The 6 signs of secretly loving the team you claim to hate are: 1. You Can’t Stop Talking About Them 2. You Don’t Avoid Seeing Them 3. You Think About Them More Than Your Team 4. You Like To Talk Shit About Them 5. You Get Unreasonably Annoyed With Them 6. Your Heart Races When You Think About Them
  12. I'm gonna go with FACT. At the very least it's better than doing nothing.
  13. They looked so beat up against Ottawa I didn't think they had anything left.