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  1. Got super lucky today and grabbed two second row floors for Robert at Massey Hall in TO. I can't afford it but what the heck I can't miss him. Have been lucky enough to see Robert every visit to Toronto since '83........can't wait for this show!! Good luck to all out there trying to get tickets !! cheers
  2. Tokyo 10-3-72 8mm Rare Footage

    Thank you Sam!! I live for this kinda Zep stuff. Cheers
  3. New EV DVD collection

  4. My matrix of New Orleans '73

    Great job on this! The Heartbreaker sounds great too. I've always been a big fan of this show......thxs for sharing!! cheers
  5. New Bath '70 Video?

    Thanks for sharing this info.
  6. New EV DVD collection

    "The only other complaint is not really about what is here but rather what is missing. For it to be a truly all-inclusive set, it should have had all of the Seattle '77 show, and the two Earl's Court videos that are out there. Plus there are some other clips that appear to be missing, such as the audience footage of 6/21/77. While it may be the most complete collection to date, it isn't complete." I have to disagree. To expect this to have both earls court shows and the Seattle show is an unrealistic expectation for the price of this collection. Plus this is not what this DVD is about.......it's about all the odds and ends....not about full shows. Those are available on their own,along with both knebworth shows. Also,I've never heard or seen of there being any footage of LA 21st night. Where have to seen that? This collection has everything that is available.....nothing is missing. The disc with all the yardbird footage is amazing!! Cheers
  7. New EV DVD collection

    I can't imagine any fan being disappointed in this collection. For $100 you get 17 hrs of upgraded footage all in one place......and you get everything currently available. These are NOT burns from YouTube and there are no watermarks like on the "The Film Archives" or "Assamblage". I've been collecting Zep vid footage for over 30 yrs and this is the only place to get it all in one place. I've watched this a few times and it's an impressive collection if you're into all the odds and ends of Zep collecting. Cheers
  8. New EV DVD collection

    That clip on Floyd is not part of this footage (aside from the first 30 seconds). Only the first 8 min of the doc (which includes all of the Grant footage) are part of this collection. If you are a hard core Zep vid collector then this is the one. It's a bit pricey but well worth it IMHO.It has everything in one place and many upgrades and properly synced footage (for the most part). I'd of organized the packaging a bit better if I were EV but it's not too bad. Sorry can't answer the Parkinson question. He doesn't say his name during the segment and you hardly see his face. cheers
  9. New EV DVD collection

    The footage is 7 min 50 sec on this DVD. It's the entire segment with Grant included. This collection has EVERYTHING....many upgrades.
  10. 1977 North American Tour - 40th Anniversary

    You are correct! There's even footage of it.
  11. Greensboro 1977 film footage

    This is on the new EV DVD "History Lesson"....it's a well done collection of everything in one spot. thxs for sharing this awesome footage!!

    I'll add EC 05/18/75 to a solid list. Great NQ and Over the Hills from this show.
  13. New EV DVD collection

    Thanks for posting this.
  14. New EV DVD collection

    Fisheads has this new DVD title from EV......"History Lessons". I've picked up "Assamblage I + ll" and "The Film Archive" in the past and they are both great. Most of the footage can be found on YouTube but it'd be nice to have everything in one place. Over 17 hrs of footage? Would be nice to get a list of what's on this but can't find any info. - History Lesson (Various) 6 Dual Layer DVDs + 1 Single Layer DVD - Ltd Ed Deluxe Box Set with Obi and large insert listing all sources. This set features 17+ Hours of Content!! Each DVD set is housed in special paper cases and is enclosed in an exquisite Ltd Ed box. Empress Valley Label $115 + Ship -
  15. 'Blow Up' - New Blu-Ray Release 3/28/17 - Yardbirds

    Thanks for letting us know about this. I make a habit of watching this movie a few times a year. Have to grab the Blue ray this week. Epic swinging sixties flick!