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  1. ohjimmy

    Seattle 1977

    I agree. Would add some life into the visual if we had a matrix audio.
  2. I have a knockoff that sits in our living room. It only gets moved durning Christmas.I sometimes put my hands on it and pray. I pray another March 73 show falls from the heavens lol. I picked it up in the late 80's from Rick in TX. I use to load up every time I received his newspaper. eBay changed all that. I have a smallish (unorganized) collection. There's nothing in it that would surprise any serious collector on this forum. But I do treasure that "Object".
  3. Thanks for posting this great little interview. Plant is too cool. He couldn't give a hoot about Zeppelin....he's just out having fun, living life and singing. Good on him!
  4. "more crankable"......lol that just about nails it! I concur. Brighter and more natural.
  5. ohjimmy


    Record store day release surprise I'm guessing.
  6. ohjimmy


    So funny! I was thinking the same thing. I'd pay big money to see JPJ's wig from TSRTS lol. cheers
  7. ohjimmy


    Interesting to read that Robert has cancelled his August Scandinavian tour. He'll probably be too busy doing 50 th Anniversary promotional stuff with Jimmy and John Paul. I think some cool stuff is on the way!
  8. Keep your eyes open for Record Store Day.....I'm sure Page has something up his sleeve.
  9. I'm sure we'll also be getting an update Mothership ...it's been ten years since that release.
  10. ohjimmy

    Earls Court - an eye-witness account

    Epic post. Thanks for sharing! cheers
  11. Great interview. Tomorrow night Massey Hall Toronto .....bring it on!!
  12. And this is why I love this site.....seeing treasures like these! Love these pics.....thxs for sharing them Sam ! cheers
  13. Used to hit the Roxy almost every weekend in the early/mid 80's....before that it played at The Music Hall and the Hendrix movie played before it. That theatre was a rockin' every weekend!! Show us your eyes Jimmy!! cheers
  14. Got super lucky today and grabbed two second row floors for Robert at Massey Hall in TO. I can't afford it but what the heck I can't miss him. Have been lucky enough to see Robert every visit to Toronto since '83........can't wait for this show!! Good luck to all out there trying to get tickets !! cheers
  15. ohjimmy

    Tokyo 10-3-72 8mm Rare Footage

    Thank you Sam!! I live for this kinda Zep stuff. Cheers