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  1. Can anyone identify the date and or location of the few photos of Bonzo playing behind two bass drums? I have only seen maybe three pics , which all seem to be from the same gig /venue.
  2. I'm sure the gap is because of difference in set up preference. Who knows if they shared the drum set but I doubt it. Carmine's TomTom looks like it's maxing out the snare stand and I read he had a 15 , whereas Bonzos appears to be a 14. Also, Carmine's has a Ludwig mount on it , Bonzo's has the Rogers mount. Could be the shared the same kit though for these few shows in early August 69. It's very possible that the only recording of this setup is San Bernardino but wouldn't you know, it's possibly the worst recording of Bonzo's drums. It's impossible to hear the drums for most of the tape because the guitar obliterates everything else. It's the worst fucking shite recording. Portland is another wretched awful tape.
  3. I would love to see more pics of Vanilla Fudge's show from this night, with clearer pics of the drums. My gut feeling is they were not the same set, although nearly identical. I really want to see the bass drums more clearly. Carmine says he had 26x14 bass drums and that Bonzo got the same from Ludwig per his hook up, but Bonzo's often look deeper, like 16s. Even in these pics too, although it could be an optical illusion , based on the different set -up and angle of the drums.
  4. Led Zeppelin or Related on YouTube

    Dazed - movie version, first half. I don't own Vistalites but I prefer the sound of these old vintage Ludwig Thermogloss 3 ply drums ala 1970
  5. Led Zeppelin or Related on YouTube

    Thanks ! I will try to do The Rover soon...it's such a great tune.
  6. Led Zeppelin or Related on YouTube

    Thank you, I appreciate that! I'm in the process of doing a complete 1973 tour style covers. I just uploaded Dazed and Confused . 😓
  7. Where Jimmy does his shopping in Tokyo

    What about Blind Faith? Still open and active?
  8. Am thinking Jimmy must be the sb source

    Correct, there is no mistaking the sound of the Vistalites. Pages guitar tone is signature 73 too.
  9. Am thinking Jimmy must be the sb source

    Your avatar photo is perfect for this reply! Mifune contemplating the ruse! 🤔
  10. 9/28/71 sound board ??

    Has there been any more info regarding a possible release of this SBD tape? The Black Dog teaser is so tantalizing. Empress Valley, I implore you ...please put this one out next, in an affordable version if you will!
  11. Terry from Bonzoleum and I have teamed up to create a YouTube channel dedicated to discussing and breaking down John Bonham's drumming. BONZOLOGY. Give it a look !! In our debut videos we discuss Bonzo's drumming on The Song Remains The Same in the style of the legendary June 21 1977 ( LISTEN TO THIS EDDIE BOOT) . We will be posting new videos on a regular basis and are taking requests, suggestions for topics. The video below is me playing the end of TSRTS , leading into the Rover intro, and a complete Sick Again, ala 1977 style. This is not meant to be a literal transcription, it is in the style of his 77 performances. Hope you all enjoy it.
  12. Next Soundboard Release

    God , what a bunch of fucking shite!!! 50th anniversary and the bootleggers are trickling out one song at a time with fancy artwork for maximum opportunism. At this rate it'll cost a $1K per show! Lame.
  13. Led Zeppelin or Related on YouTube

    Thanks , appreciate that! I'm posting a lot more. I'll be doing a 73 tour style run of songs.
  14. I agree with this....which makes me wonder if Page and Plant in particular are not that proud of their live performances , especially post 1972. I think they have very high standards and just because hundreds of thousands, maybe millions of fans want to hear more live shows (cleaned up, EQd sound boards and the like) , that isn't enough to make them accept the flaws inherent in many live performances . I dunno....just a thought.
  15. Agreed, and not hi-fidelity either. If that made the cut for an official release, there are plenty of sound boards that can be clean up and EQd to sound fine ...by that standard.
  16. Based on the fidelity of that YouTube post I can't see any good reason to buy this release. The novelty of owning it on vinyl isn't enough , it would have to be sonically superior to the digital versions and I doubt they did a dedicated mastering for vinyl. It's most likely a CD sound on vinyl. Is the artwork anything special? This release seems like such a waste.
  17. Yes! You nailed it, thank you! I always assumed it was earlier in the year , maybe during the winter 69 tour. I have to go back and listen all the shows I have from summer 69 and try to identify the sound of two bass drums. Maybe the Rockpile shows....there could be a few moments when I thought it sounded like two.
  18. Hampton 1971

  19. One of the more obscure Zep items out there..