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  1. https://www.rosswoodhall.com/john-bonhams-led-zeppelin-drum-kit/2017/07/24/ Anyone here know about this supposed auction of one of Bonzo's kits to raise $ for a statue of him to be placed in Redditch? The notes on this photo page say this kit was used to record When The Levee Breaks. (???) That seems like a specious claim. Common knowledge is that a new drum kit, or newly delivered kit was opened up at Headley Grange and they were set up in the entry way to the house. Page specifically mentions this in It Might Get Loud. However, Andy Johns claims that he and Bonzo moved the drumkit from one room to the hallway while the rest of the guys took a break during recording at HG. He says nothing about a new kit so the stories differ a bit there and Bonzo already had green sparkle kits by summer of '70. So, whether or not it was a newly delivered kit, it would've most likely been a larger green sparkle kit... not this smaller kit that was most likely used only for the first few weeks of the first US tour. There is a slight chance that Bonzo may have used this black pearl kit for some studio work but that seems impossible to know, unless there is a confirmed statement from the band or Andy Johns etal. Not that all of this would make much of a difference, they are still apparently Bonzo's drums and Plant seems to be part of this event. I wonder who owned the kit. Plant?? Jason?
  2. Thank you. I'm trying to reach Jason...he's gotta see BONZOLEUM ! Maybe he already has?? Haha.
  3. OK, so my friend Terry , aka Bonzoleum came over last week and we geeked out on a couple Bonzo topics... one of which was the stuff he played on live versions of D & C. This is just the end , but for those who like this kind of drum geek mania - the whole video, and a couple others we did can be found on YouTube. Here are both. We plan to unite and make a new YouTube channel focusing on Bonham's drumming. Stay tuned! P.S. Apologies for the vertical perspective...it is all terry's fault ! Future videos will be in horizon aspect. Sheesh!!
  4. Such a terrible way to go, sorry for her family and friends.
  5. Famous Shows On New Vinyl

    As a drummer that ruins the whole thing for me. They fucked with Bonzos great solo!? Fuck em, they ain't getting my $$. I'll stick to hearing the show as it was played on another release which I can't imagine this sounds that much better, if at all.
  6. Yes, and that may be a giveaway that it's a front of house board mix , not multitrack.
  7. I just assumed it was Empress Valley that leaked the Black Dog sound board tape, because wasn't it an extra track on one of their other releases? Also, it doesn't sound so much like a multitrack recording to me but I would defer to someone more experienced in audio matters.
  8. Famous Shows On New Vinyl

    I cannot imagine it'd be any better than a well done digital transfer, since I am pretty certain the pressing plates are sourced from digital download or CD. The covers have nice pics though. You just have to see a good unbiased objective review, or take the chance and buy it and hear for yourself.
  9. Third album with Crowley quote

    Is it a UK or US pressing? If it's an early UK plum orange label pressing it may be worth a few hundred bucks in EX condition. Consult discogs for pressing info and comparable pricing.
  10. Third album with Crowley quote

  11. Famous Shows On New Vinyl

    I have the Paris Olympia show on a recent yellow vinyl issue and I think it sounds as good or better than any other version I've heard, probably because I have a good turntable and amp set up, but my guess is these pressings are just sourced from digital , either downloads or prior CD releases so there isn't much point to having them other than the aesthetic value of the vinyl and large cover art. Most of the time they're not complete shows anyway. If this Blueberry Hill is simply the old vinyl copied to digital and then repressed there's no point really in getting it. The old vinyl runs off speed. I'm curious to hear too what this is. Is the track listing the same as the TMQ double LP?
  12. What next? AGAIN

    Yeah, and the moaning vocals I could do without. I much prefer the instrumental version which is slamming.
  13. Question Re: Concert Footage TSRTS

    I have to politely disagree here. The performances on TSRTS are superior to EC, especially by Page.
  14. Hard To Find Photos

    Wish I could see whatever this is, but I'm not on Facebook. 😐
  15. ITTOD

    Fool in the Rain used to get played fairly often, not sure about recently. The Loop FM 98 in Chicago plays In The Evening . I prefer the rough mix of ITE because the bass is very clear. Also the rough mix of Carouselambra is less muddy sounding , more natural, to me, but the most annoying aspect is still the delay effect on the vocals. Bonzo and Jones bass playing are tremendous on that track !
  16. Thanks , I went ahead a copped one on ebay for $49 which I think was a good buy. It's in excellent shape , slipcase and book are clean and it has the extra outtakes booklet which the later big Z cover book didn't have. I really like Ratner's photos. I have several prints which I shared here of the Chicago 73 shows and with Sam's help , the Ratner pics helped me identify my photos dates.
  17. Is there a difference in content between the edition with the color plastic decoration on the cover and the hardcover with a black dustcover with a big Z?
  18. I was thinking about getting this book as I like Ratner's photos but after seeing this YouTube clip I'm going to pass. It's like 50% Plant, 40% Page and 10% Jones/Bonzo. Wish it were more balanced with shots of all the lads. 😒
  19. Yes, a lot. Most are different in varying degrees of splices/edits. I suggest you Google Eddie Edwards The Garden Tapes. There you will find a forensic breakdown of all the tracks from both releases of TSRTS . Off the top of my head... Celebration Day is different (original better), Dazed , Whole Lotta Love. Remember ....the 2007 remaster is the actual audio from the movie, which is very different than the original 1976 soundtrack album. Rain Song is about the only song that wasn't edited.
  20. different lyrics for (when the levee breaks)

    True, although web lyrics are often very wrong. I can't make out distinctly a "t" or a "k" in there on the album version but it sounds to me like "monk'man". However, Plant is clearly singing " MONKEY MAN" in the alternate version posted in the youtube link above (at 55:06), so it doesn't make much sense that he would sing a different lyric on the album version. The song has its roots in the Great Mississippi Flood of 1927, and I could be wrong but I don't think it affected any mountains or mountain men. The Chicago 75 version Plant sings "monkey man" as well...not mountain man. Lastly, there is precedent for a lyric "got what it takes to make a monkey man leave his home". Here's Barbecue Bob (Robert Hicks) singing the lyric. I think that Plant would have known and ...ahem, "borrowed" this lyric , given his wide knowledge of old blues artists.
  21. Yeah man, the cosmic energy was in those theaters ...the collective vibe and the big screen are the best. I must've seen it 15 times in Chicago from 79 to about 1985. Fond memories.
  22. Dunno, but given the fact that the original soundtrack CD can be found very inexpensively it's a must-have and it's an easy acquisition. That particular track is one of my personal all-time favorites and the 2007 remaster which basically comes from the movie is chopped up garbage. I never listen to that version.
  23. different lyrics for (when the levee breaks)

    No problem. I learned something new, after all these 40 years hearing WTLB , I always thought he was saying "mountain man"....maybe he is on the album take but now I think it must be monkey man. He also references Going to Chicago , which has the lyric "there ain't nothing in Chicago for a monkey woman to do". That makes sense about it meaning a person addicted to drugs though....monkey man or woman meaning an addicted person. Never heard the reference to a person who's being cheated on.