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  1. Moonchild (?) Any info on who these people are? An off-shoot of another label perhaps? They are simply taking Winston's Remasters ( which he always has said he wishes not to be sold) and pressing silver discs with artwork. I guess it's sort of a gesture that they are acknowledging him but I think they're trying to capitalize on his name and reputation for creating excellent quality fan remasters.
  2. I vaguely recall reading that those amps were owned by Grant/Yardbirds, as well as the Slingerland drum kit that Bonzo used in fall 68, before the US tour commenced in late December 68.
  3. porgie66

    Empress Valley // Garden Tapes box - good quality?

    Wendy's version of 7/29 sounds better IMO. It's a pretty shitty sounding board to begin with though so the difference marginal , but I think Wendy's sounds a little warmer and more dynamic than EV. I no longer have EVs but ai this knot sounded better than previous releases like Missing Doll. There are certainly better sounding board tapes from 73. 7/29 is one of the worst.
  4. I just did a drum cover for my YouTube channel on All My Love. I listened to it a lot the last few days to nail down the drum part and it got me thinking about the depth of the song, lyrically. I know that it's supposed to be about Robert's feelings in the aftermath of his son Karac's death, but has Robert ever really talked about the song? I find it to be one of his most poignant and best written lyrics. The line "proud Aryan, one word my will to sustain" was always interesting to me, but mainly because I was ignorant to what an Aryan was. I thought it referred to him being a blond European but I later learned that the Aryans were a nomadic Indian people who settled in what is now Northern India, Pakistan and Iran. I read Robert's mother is actually of Roma ( Gypsy) descent, not sure if she is Eastern Roma or European. So I wondered if that's what he is referring to in that line. If anyone has more specific info on this song and some of the metaphors in the lyrics I'd love to hear your thoughts/interpretation. I also have read that Jimmy in particular didn't care for the song and there was some contention about recording and playing it. I think many fans have wrongly maligned it as "soft rock", but I really think it's a standout song , on several counts. Robert's vocal is excellent all around. The guitar parts are really beautifully nuanced , with great layering and Bonzo's playing was outstanding ( he always was anyway). He plays the drum part with a deep, heavy feeling that perfectly compliments the longing and sadness of the lyric. It's a prime example of how Bonzo was so much more than just a timekeeper, he really was a consummate musician, who could create such a soulful feeling with his drumming. Lastly, the extended version with the guitar solo and Bonzo's epic fills is so much better than the fade out of the actual album version. It's pure gold for those last couple minutes.
  5. porgie66

    Led Zeppelin's WORST show?

  6. porgie66

    Led Zeppelin's WORST show?

    Yeah, they were pretty rattled by the crazy fucking crowd at the Chicago Stadium . They do sound very unsettled and Plants voice was as bad as ever. They sound distracted and edgy, but I don't know of it's the worst. Maybe the 80 tour show when they all sound pretty uninterested and Plant forgets a verse in Stairway. Manheim??
  7. porgie66

    Next EV Release

    I got excited for about 30 seconds then saw it said 25th anniversary....so I was like, huh??? WTF? So was it 25 years since Mr Peach recorded the tape at the time it originally was released or was this released in 1993? Whatever the case, is a huge fucking yawn. LOL....8 covers!!????
  8. porgie66

    Next EV Release

    😴 Meanwhile, this breaking news....gee , how exciting !! 25th anniversary of an inferior incomplete audience source! LOL. 😂 8 different covers to choose from, so if you're into artwork this is a windfall. 😬
  9. Nice!! Was your tape used for any boot releases? There are two known tape sources for that show.
  10. porgie66

    I've Been Sleeping On Bradfford 1973

    There was a No Label release recently that's very good and not too expensive. I like Cold Sweat from Live Remains, or It's Warm, Not Hot from TDOLZ.
  11. TDOLZ's It's Warm , Not Hot is excellent as far as being complete but I think there is a channel issue. I really like Cold Sweat (Live Remains, but it's EQd a bit bright but it's clear and balanced.
  12. porgie66

    I've Been Sleeping On Bradfford 1973

    You mean Offenburg. 😉 Me too, that's a stand out, and Munich as well. I know what he means about Page especially though, he's visited by the angels on this one.
  13. porgie66

    I've Been Sleeping On Bradfford 1973

    Yeah, check out what he is doing at the very end when Page is on the wah wah. He's playing differently there than he usually does, he's playing lots of triplets!
  14. porgie66

    I've Been Sleeping On Bradfford 1973

    I haven't listened to this show for years so I just put it on. SIBLY is really outstanding , as good or better as any from the later Europe '73 dates, but this audience tape is a pretty tough listen. Page is the only fairly listenable part, the drums and bass are fairly distorted and indistinct. As a drummer, I need to hear Bonzo more clearly than this to be a show I go back to often. Plant sounds like his typical early 73 struggle, not as bad as some nights but not so good either. There are some very inspired moments but I wouldn't call this their best performance ever. The board is ok, but it's thin, and flat like most from this tour. The links Pluribus provided sound better than my first gen transfer . Must be an EQ'd version. Page is flying on Dazed after the bow solo....damn! That is some ridiculous interaction with him and Bonzo. That is really furious playing. I wish we had a board for the whole show.
  15. porgie66

    My personal source mix/compilation of Tokyo 9/23/71

    Don't know how I missed this but ...thank you!! This is a great source mix, and I've had several. I helped work on Kong Of Monsters which was done a while back by acapulcogold on dime. I think this is a better merge overall. That later release of source 7, which is from Cel Day - What Is sounded terrible IMO. It was processed to hell, made me wonder if it was truly the same source as Watchtower's Rock Carnival. Maybe it deteriorated over the years so they noise reduced it to death. Source 5 is a much better choice for those songs. Great work!
  16. Anyone out there have any news/info on whether or not a How The East Was Won type release is even realistic ? I can't help but wonder if this version wouldn't make the cut for an official release because of Bonzo's premature fill at the end.
  17. All I can say is here we are in damn near August 2018, which is the 50th anniversary month of the band forming, and still no clear statements about any live shows or vault content that will be released . The fan community is speculating all over the place, but its all blind groping at this point...still! All we have so far in the pipeline is an official book , and a remaster of TSRTS. ( YAWN!!!😒 ) Someone just asked me if I heard that there was going to be an early show, from late '68 released....did I miss something? Another rumor??
  18. porgie66

    Led Zeppelin or Related on YouTube

    Some of this is worthwhile but I find this to be full of errors. He says Bonham played a Ludwig green sparkle 4 piece kit on the debut album, but they show the Slingerland kit which was possibly green sparkle (that photo was tinted.) First of all no one really knows for sure what kit he played on Zep 1, except for someone who was there, like maybe Glyn Johns , or of course the band members. There are no photos from the recording session that have surfaced yet so...??? It could have been a Ludwig kit that he owned , or it could have likely been the kit seen in that photo from Gladsaxe Teen Club gig , which was a Slingerland kit ( not Ludwig ) that supposedly belonged to Peter Grant ( Yardbirds kit ?) and was used for the first Scandinavian dates and possibly for UK dates in fall of 1968. Also, he didn't use sound edge hi-hats on the early tours! He didn't get those til 1970. Also, he got the large green sparkle kit in 1970, just before the Iceland gig...not 1971! Also, the drums were not "super high tuned" , they weren't tuned as low as rock drummers stereotypically tuned but " super high " is an exaggeration. Also, he did not use a felt strip on the front bass drum head...incorrect ! 😕
  19. porgie66

    All My Love - story behind the song?

    Thanks for this, I really appreciate the insight. I didn't make the association with Ariadne though I am familiar with Theseus' story. I really thought the proud Aryan (Arianne) may have been a reference to Maureen Plant who was of Indian descent, and the will to sustain was a reference to them as a couple being able to weather the loss and heal, or just himself to be able to reweave the cloth (go on with life anew after the loss). This theme of the thread running through all things - the tapestry of life- is similar to the Norns in Norse mythology, who weave the destiny of the Gods and men as well. The metaphors amd symbolism in the lyric make for a beautiful ode to trying to cope with the grief of his loss. I really think this was his most substantive lyric , more so than Stairway or That's The Way which are often cited as his best.
  20. porgie66

    Things You've Heard From The Audience?

    Yes!! Maybe he's saying something else but it sounds like my boot! Also, after happy Birthday is sung, a guy says "fucking cookin' man....whooooaaaaaa!!!!" Then Bonzo goes into the drum intro to Heartbreaker. I love that moment!
  21. porgie66

    Led Zeppelin or Related on YouTube

    Me playing along to the rough mix All My Love alternate from That's the Way Through the Out Door. I love the extended version with Page's solo and Bonzo's beautiful fills.
  22. Absolutely. You also need the original for the better edit of WLL. This new release will pretty much be worthless unless it's a remaster of the original soundtrack album, with all of the extra songs that weren't on the original.
  23. Possibly. I think many in this generation already don't know, unless they sought out the original LP or CD issue, or read this forum. C'est la vie.
  24. Even though the old LP mix isn't the greatest, I prefer it to the overly processed sound of the 2007 remaster. That was such a missed opportunity, sonically and content wise. It's been said way too many times here , but the real fans want the original LP version, remastered, and with the addition of Black Dog, OTHAFA, Misty, SIBLY, Heartbreaker and The Ocean. Which is basically, the Heywood version. Too bad, another disappoinment. Hope come fall the good shit will start to appear.