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  1. Robert Plant rearranging zeppelin classics

    Thanks! May I ask how do you know?
  2. Robert Plant rearranging zeppelin classics

    It totally looks like Adriatic sea!
  3. Live better than Studio

    Yeah the acoustic guitars and solo, organ arrangement and sound and Robert's delivery really make it special and Bonzo is not smashing too much during the verses. Studio Whole lotta love has an amazing guitar sound indeed, hard to replicate and the studio vocal delivery is a very unique version too, Nobody's fault but mine is probably the best version too, apart form the solo, but the 21/6 1977 is not far behind and well BIGLY is a bit sloopy on the finger picking part on the studio track as well, but the rest really builds a special atmosphere, still the Page and Plant versions are amazing and I think Zeppelins early live versions were actually mostly less sloopy than the studio one.
  4. Live better than Studio

    The live versions 'save' it all and I think Jimmy really achieved something great and unique the way he made Houses of the holy sound and it's such a fun album, so making Robert sound like Kermit the frog on the only dark number is amusing!
  5. Live better than Studio

    Page wanted it to really be a soundtrack, which I guess means exactly like in the movie, although movies many times don't have full songs but soundtracks do, so I guess that was his decision, but there wasn't that much more work to do, I got a feeling that at least for No quarter he probably made a full version for himself, but fans would still like at least Celebration day solo from the 1976 release, but other things are not that problematic, full Black dog maybe. Some parts of Dazed are also a bit differently edited and so on!
  6. What next? AGAIN

    Hehe, I think the 2045 DNA that replicates the members for you at home is the best and a huge responsibility! How would you present musical influences to them, what would you give them to listen and what not if they would grow from infancy, of course you should allow them freedom but I would at least try to present to them all I know they listened to originally and I wouldn't make Robert move out of the house at certain point even if he wouldn't want to be a musician!
  7. Live better than Studio

    There are some that can mostly be discussed in terms of added live energy and smaller improvisations that are sometimes more amazing then other times and for some the studio atmosphere achived or the amount and sound of overdubbs is really important, but they are all still great live! The rest are all really important and essential live, so much was added, energised, grooved up, improvised and there were so many spontaneous interactions, developments and new approaches and sounds!
  8. I don't think I can really rank them, but ok: Led Zeppelin III-always loved the acoustic songs, first Zep album I had, it has some progressive rock with Celebration day and I still think SIBLY is the best version ever if you consider everything in detail and it's my favourite Zep song, plus really lots of great melodies and choruses on the album. Physical Graffiti-everything up to this point is here, the pinnacle of creativity, great interaction, great songs and some fantastic symphonic overdubbing, especially on Ten years gone, another one of my favourites. TSRTS-mostly my nostalgia, but Page is really great and the rest are not far behind at times, plus only live album with enough of keyboards IV-Black dog is nice and complex, Rock and roll is pure Zep, BOE has great atmosphere and vocals, Stairway has great intimate atmosphere, great solo and appropriate drum sound, not to heavy, the rest is really good to, but not Zep's best songwriting, lack of melody and (long) choruses. Led Zeppelin I-great solos, even if Page got better at constructing them, nice blues songs, unpredictable arrangements and even a few chorus tunes. Houses of the holy- I like the live versions more, but I think Page truly achieved something great and unique with the way he made the album sound, plus The Crunge is just so weird and funny, never made me laugh though. In through the out door-always something so special about the atmosphere of Carouselambra, especially the keyboard bridge and the slow part, All my love is just great and beautiful and the rest is just great Jones, Page does some amazing riffs, even in Fool in the rain, Bonzo is still full of detail and playfullness even if less active and Plant is really touching, plus there are some really fun songs too. HTWWW-the vocals are a bit squeaky, but still very powerful at times and wonderfull in the acoustic section which has great mandolin, the guitar is amazing in improvisation which is not that loose yet but really precise, the drums lack some typical Bonzo sound in the mix and he is not yet at his peak and Jones is not mixed loud enough and not enough keyboard songs, but it's really great and sometimes earlier Plant yells almost too much, while on the latter tours he sometimes has some trouble, so this is almost middle ground, but certainly Zep at it's best in many ways. I like Dazed from TSRTS more, but for many it must have been great to hear such a technically flawless version. Led Zeppelin II-great songwriting starts, Plant still borrows some lyrics, the rest is mostly original, great riffs, energy and more interaction then the first album. Presence-amazing guitar structures, still great, but lack of vocal melody, no keyboards and acoustic instruments and no variety in sound and almost no choruses, still should be higher on the list, because the band wanted to sound like that on all songs to portray how they felt. BBC sessions-some great playing and energy on the first disc, but disc two doesn't capture early Zep that well, the guitar sound is a bit to thin and I preffer Montreux and Bath 1970 or Toronto, Milan, LA and Florida 1971 if I want early Zep with most explosive vocals and other members that are not a bit confused by the studio environment. Coda-Ozone baby would be really great with better vocals, Darlene is a nice 1977 piano guitar jam and the ending has Plant singing some great phrasing, Bonzo's Montreux is a nice experiment and more groovy than studio Moby dick, but overall the album is certainly not Zep's best songwriting, playing or singing, but still good, no need for Stairway or Whole lotta love there, the album is a showcase for Bonzo mostly.
  9. Well he certainly wasn't as good of a lyric writer, as he is today, but I think they are good lyrics! It's also a long song that starts slowly and he had to sing it a lot! But I think it just might have something to do with being so rejected by some of the critics back then! But I think when he mixed a bit of social comment and philosophy in his lyrics, he was pretty good back then, but love and reflection songs(The Rain song, Ten years gone, Dancing days, Tea for one), the mystical material(Kashmir) and some of the sex metaphors were his best work back then.
  10. Plant's vocals on I'm Gonna Crawl

    What's TOE? I think it's a great sweet sad blues ballad, great solo and the vocals are very powerful and with a huge range for that era Plant, and even the hoarseness at the end actually sounds powerful and you get all the emotion and detail Plant has included into his singing trough the years!
  11. I think they are great for the outtakes, but maybe not even a Zeppelin power ballad should start like that, I think Jimmy really had a vision and knew it wouldn't be right, especially on the second song most people back then would ever hear, even if it's a hard rocking album, I think it might have been intentional to get people use to it with Good times bad time vocals and slowly building it up, I think the high vocals on Babe are even mixed a bit quieter at first, although instrumentally the first song is very heavy already, but Communication breakdown and I can't quit you baby are not as heavy as they could have been. Perhaps Plant should have been less excessive, but I think it's good for the album and perhaps his delivery should have been a bit warmer, but he moved away from the scary Black Sabbath wail pretty quickly and approached in all sorts of ways! Wouldn't mind if his vocals could at least at times sound as powerful on the latter albums though!
  12. Plant probably agrees it's one of the most important tracks, it's light and shade, acoustic and electric, drums come in latter, the guitar arrangements are great and many bands were influenced by the electric riff. Plant just wanted to say, he finds his vocal delivery to excessive these days and he said long ago, he would have done the phrasing and delivery on first album a bit different if he could change it, because he didn't feel completely like he belongs in the whole project yet and he felt a bit intimidated by the whole situation and nervous, so that's how the record sounds to him!
  13. Robert Plant rearranging zeppelin classics

    Wasn't a Zeppelin rearrangement on the cover of their first album!?
  14. Robert Plant rearranging zeppelin classics

    He knows you are not coming, his interest is not filling a big stadium.
  15. Robert Plant rearranging zeppelin classics

    It doesn't matter if they know or not, someone can tell them or they can hear it on youtube and Plant can write whatever he wants in the set list, it still is THAT song, the problem is that sometimes people don't write this topics like they are expressing what they would like to hear more, but like Robert Plant owes them those versions of songs, because he was once in Led Zeppelin. And he can't even give some of those studio like versions since late 1972 in the same sound and even range in a way! But he can still do them, everyone can in their own way! And Zeppelin songs always changed through the years anyway!