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  1. Sound vs Song content

    Led Zeppelin IV truly is the gold standard in production, everything is fantastic there, but while earlier albums might have been more about learning to produce than anything else, the latter ones were more about experimentation then not being able or trying hard enough to hold to that standard. So it's also about a lot of people simply liking the approach to production on IV for various, sometimes even hard to identify reasons and of course it's not just the quality of the sound and Page was not willing to follow that style always on latter albums or wanting to use some of the approaches on earlier ones, even while he knew how, but there are things that could indeed be improved and they were and things could always be improved on IV as well, even for people who like it a lot, but you would never please everybody and by the end you are down to so many parameters, you don't even know what is making it all work more, the song, the sound or the listener. So while many can agree that IV is the best in production, we can't agree exactly why and other albums have not just been improved but Zeppelin was also always about improvisation in sound and each song having a unique sound, so I think it's good Immigrant song does not have that big loud live sound on the man riff, because you still get that wall of sound over it with another guitar, which you never get live and drums are always those big Bonham drums, but it's good they vary and a lot of it is just down to taste and Zeppelin have hit the taste of their fans and others pretty well and they even improved it latter on, certainly with IV in mind while working on the remastering of other albums and trying to improve the acoustic guitar sound or keyboard sound on In through the out door and making the instruments even more clear through the layers and making the bass a bit louder sometimes and the drums closer to those on IV and Graffiti and Page even worked on the vocals on Houses a bit, but Led Zeppelin always tried to do that, even while learning the first years and while experimenting and I'm quite sure you heard the remasters and you are still not pleased and the truth is no one really is completely, as soon as you are into music a bit more, there is always that one song you would want to sound a bit different and chances are it's one of your favourites and no matter how good the producer is, it's always gonna be like that, but I'm not particulary good at the technical side of recording, so you might spot things that are perhaps quite basic, but those are not common, it's mostly just 'that's not as good as IV,' which is also debatable and a matter of taste or just different from what you would prefer. So that's how it is.
  2. Robert Plant to headline 2018 Byron Bay Bluesfest

    Thanks for keeping it all alright Sam! I guess there are so many concerts, the last two of the tour will be listed on the forum front page latter, when the dates are closer, so that it's not to full with graphics.
  3. Robert Plant to headline 2018 Byron Bay Bluesfest

    They are not on this forum.
  4. Robert Plant to headline 2018 Byron Bay Bluesfest

    Oh man, this board is really getting strange the last few days and I'm almost starting to feel personally responsible with the jokes we did in the other thread. Now you are doing this and one other guy is going about Jimmy flying in Graf Zeppelin and then there is the third leg of the tour comment. Oh well, you will know when it's wrong, when the mods get ****** off and kick you **** under, so lets all watch out! Jokes are alright, but even Jimmy flying in Graf Zeppelin could be offensive towards the band, it's like saying he's doing nothing new musically, because he's getting something really big and important ready and then realising it's a totally silly kind of thing. It's cool he's going to Australia again, it makes it more international, if he's perhaps not touring The States this year. What happened to the last date of his U.K. tour? I don't remember where it was suppose to be, but did it get moved to another date or what? But it's sort of cooler it will end in Albert hall, but at first I though it was quite a classy move not to end it there, but it's alright.
  5. Sound vs Song content

    Both is important and Zeppelin knew that all the time, but the remastering still improved it!
  6. What's the Next Concert You're Attending?

    Gal Gjurin in Ljubljana, Slovenia.
  7. Hey Everybody!

  8. Black Dog 2007

    I like the approach in Jimmy's solo, some of the licks quite simplified but still exciting and energetic.
  9. Is Jimmy Page done making music?

    For now he is.
  10. Random Newspaper Articles

    I was always surprised how supportive the press could be in quite many of these articles, quite surprising at times, it wasn't written as bad many times as some were saying.
  11. Tampa 1970 - Curtis Hixon Hall

    Great photos, they were really powerful at this point and so were their clothes and the music started to get more and more colourful and not just bluesy.
  12. Baton Rouge 2/28/75

    As soon as Robert started to get his voice back it was really good, even if the approach was a bit laid back on that tour, technically it was still very good and there was all sorts of stuff on Graffiti, so the approach was alright, it was more about the musical content and songwriting peak at that point.
  13. Unusual covers of Zep tunes

    I think Dread Zeppelin are really good because they are funny and turn songs into different genres.
  14. Bring It On Home from Coda Deluxe Release

    It doesn't really get repetitive, because it's short enough for that amount of riffs and sections and this version has that early almost scary element with lots of energy and detailed drum improvisation.
  15. Can't wait for the album, it's gonna be great!