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  1. These reunite posts are even more repetive than my own obnoxious posts about remasters 07 is a perfect exclamation point to a legendary career. Best to leave on a high note as many have said before me.
  2. I can not hear what u r talking about that's my whole issue... I can't tell the difference so 'compressed' is a concept I can't grasp although I now realize it's me could be because I never owned a home stereo...my ? Is is there a website that explains all this I have looked at Steve Hoffman forum and seems like people there r just as passionate that the Diament 80's cd's r the best ever I am not an audiophile and know nothing about audiophile things
  3. Ivan not hear what u r talking about that's my whole issue... I can't tell the difference so 'compressed' is a concept I can't grasp although I now realize it's me could be because I never owned a home stereo...
  4. The cd's burned with Apple lossless wil not play in car. I ended up just loading 2300 songs on phone and plugging into aux port in car so really I phone in car and on small ue speaker r the only ways I listen to music. Also concerts I have been to and age have given me hi frequency 40 db loss in one ear which may affect why I don't hear differences other can
  5. Respectfully I ask r there just some people whose brains are wired to not hear a difference I concede for most the remasters must b better but do all people notice the difference? Also I have burned Apple lossless cd and they do not play in my car...flac does not seem to be option on wife's iMac
  6. Well it's still up in the air but if we hear nothing by May I'd expect this won't wrap in June Timeline unknown....
  7. Are u talking about Plant? I am sure he'd want his best friend and son alive and sadly can't have that. U seem angry for some reason..,
  8. Ps ct theater was sold out for Celebration Day or close to it ... Packed
  9. Robert still visits Nashville now and then it could happen...contrary to what some people think he and Alison Krauss remain good friends to this day so... One more reason to visit Nashville now
  10. definitely the right decision jason is awesome but it isn't fair to him to put him in the position of the greatest of all time...They went out with dignity.
  11. I saw celebration day in Ct.... sounded and looked great...am skipping this only cuz I have seen dvd so many times...but if volume is right should be great for those going. Average age was 40-60 when i went No weed in the air but the audience clapped like it was a real concert... pretty cool... except for the person behind me that kept calling alison Krausss "Yoko"....look at the 2 of them in comparison as well as listen... I rest my case But the concert was a blast on the big screen
  12. Yeah I prefer the smaller venues Brooklyn academy of music was awesome thanks I wish a Blu ray/ DVD would come out
  13. Has he done A Stolen Kiss at all Tht was definitely a highlight in Brooklyn... One of the rare moments when Robert looked visibly moved and it was obvious there was a lot of feeling in that song
  14. I was going to leave the boards but I'll just apologize here and ... Guess I did not realize the redundancy.. Man , I totally remastered my posts too much ... A joke. Sorry and hope everyone enjoys the work Page is doing I am glad he is here and clean and sober to do them and that's most important. Keep enjoying... Presence ought to be great one of my top 3 favorite albums by Zep.
  15. Ok I was trying to help out the guy above who had the I tunes remasters the 80's cd's and for whom cost might have been an issue but with my blessing mods can delete all my posts and threads started so this doesn't become tiresome. So mods please delete these obviously offensive posts thank u
  16. Until Warner decides to squeeze more $ from the fans and issues the re remasters ultimate box. I get they are probably the best for people with great home systems but as cd is a dying format and more people will be using iTunes and Amazon music are they worth 100 bucks for those people? I guess it is an individual decision based on disposable income and is any catalog worth 1000-1500 for SD boxes ... Again up to what people can afford comfortably. I probably inherited my parents' conservative spending ways out of necessity. On Steve Hoffman's forum I see people prefer the 80's releases to 94.. I had access to a good home system then and to my perfect ears at the time the diament remasters sounded either too flat and thin or overloaded with bottom depending on the song. I can't tell u what is defective in my listening brain but I guess I am just not as attentive to nuances. Strider is undoubtedly right because he always is but it really depends on how they are being played and where for the differences to come through dramatically.
  17. ksgemini

    whole lotta money

    Unlike this story Bat Boy is real darn it!
  18. Nice post I too loved th AK and Band of Joy shows but the SSS may have been my favorite loved all 3 u r in for a treat in Toronto! Best 3 shows I ever saw!
  19. Well maybe u missed ...not everyone can afford them.. The SD boxes that is
  20. U know u are basically saying because of your way of listening u are superior or a better "fan" . Music is for fun not picking apart and analyzing every time u listen. That's ok. The only people that matter are music students with expensive systems ... I get it The past few years must have been miserable for your ears til these came out.
  21. yes i do think a lot depends on your system i listen in the car on the computer and upload ti itunes and plug phone into car aux thats all the stereo I have and honestly am happy with Definitive 08 box....I try to hear nuances in the new cd's but I can barely tell andam going to get rid of first 6 remasters as they will give an audiophile somewhere much more pleasure. I am not denying the mastering just saying it is for the elite as I dont even have a home stereo other than a UE speaker for i phone
  22. Seriously before I stick to the topic Is this Icke fool like s cult leader I mean seriously his theme is "everyone is evil" basically. It's pretty creepy
  23. I put mine in jewel cases but probably will unload them anyway
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