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  1. Yeah it's not really worth talking about anyway. It sure has not seemed to help Page's life a whole lot...,anyway back to the music...
  2. Oh lord I just did a search and found David Icke. Holy crud this guy is scary crazy and apparently thinks that rock stars are huge reptiles from space. No I did not get info here- ran into Mr Laine -but he said nothing about being in a band with a big lizard haha that site was a riot
  3. Nono!!!. David Icke and Alan jones... Never heard of them
  4. I don't even know who the people u mention are but...well to say the pics of mccartney using the 666 hand sign or the placement of the numbers on various albums and dvd's is a coincidence...I dont have a comeback and like I said i never liked the guy's music much so do not have an axe to grind. i trust my sources one of whom was in his Broadstreet movie trainwreck. i have a family member that acts but i am not out to prove anything... except the 666 on McCartney years is an unlikely coincidence- but anythings's possible....I am not suggesting he is satanic or does blood sacrifices -just has a fascination with crowley as did many in the 60's/70's PS Yes denny laine could be lying but did not seem to be offering it in a backstabbing or negative way just matter of factly..Really I have no proof beyone what i see and word of mouth. And i agree these studies lead nowhere so it really is insignificant.
  5. Although LR not my thing this seems to have been really well done and I have to agree as someone who really isn't into the companion discs although 3 was pretty good
  6. Again the inconsistent quality control would drive me nuts if I spent that kind of money... If I had it. I look at my definitive rhino box and shake my head that's how it should have been done in all formats. Inner sleeves for cd's etc
  7. Has both translated and original... Well I have picked some up. I figured before I read the Once and Future King I have to read the original... The story is all there couched within dozens of battles and how many Knights were in each one..dozens....
  8. I didn't mean that in a nasty way I work with SLP's and audiologist a and just know 9/10 people over 50 have some change in their hearing so I guess many of us on here have "bad ears". These remasters just sound shrill to me(cd) compared to the 94's and th cardboard packaging is a freakin nightmare for cd scratches. I did not even finish listening to PG after 5 and a half listenings looking for something that I can't find...FWIW I did end up with 7 mint discs as I refused to accept scratched maybe someone will get some use out of them.
  9. That seems condescending ...surprisingly. Very few people still have home stereos or the money to rebuy the same thing 4 or 5 times Slightly better maybe but these are hardly a revelation and PG just sounds off to me
  10. Le Morte D'Arthur all 1000 middle English pages
  11. with respect to the fact u have much more disposable income than me ....Jimmy should play live in your living room for 800 Cdn dollars...not being negative at all...actually I am always curious and neutral in opinion about collectible things that to me are wayyyyyyyyy out of my price range. Glad it arrived safely..I'd be afraid to play it for that much.
  12. U r right and I'll try to let it begin with me. Thanks maybe I needed to hear that. After all love for these 4 guys music is why we r here. I'll keep that in mind. Just watched my own screening at home of mothership DVD and man they were indeed Giants
  13. If that"s a reply to me I stated I respect Jimmy and what he does even though I hear very little difference in remasters ... There"s nothing wrong with him preserving and being proud of his legacy. I think the other 2 have the right to play with whomever they like though Life goes on for all
  14. I respect them both and always will including their career and performance decisions.
  15. There is an anagram on one of paul's albums that reads Son of the Magickian I have no stake in this as i sold my Beatles stuff years ago and it is not meant as a statement of any kind but Paul is indeed a follower of many of Crowley's writings. Denny laine actually says he still considers Paul a friend..it was mostly his ex wife that slagged the McCartneys. I am not criticizing anyone but McCartney has several hints at his interest in Crowley and i don't mean backwards crap. Strangely young pix of Crowley resemble Paul by complete coincidence. U are right lennon had zero interest the last 7 years of his life and was more of a fad for him.... As for an axe to grind looking at royalties he didn't get and taking into account Jimmy mcCullough was outside the McCartneys trailer one time with a loaded gun I think McCartney alienated a lot of people. It was Laine that stopped McCullough's attack if I remember ...within a year he was found dead of "unknown causes". i suppose u could see Ram as just a statement on farm life but there are a few things like Paul saying the beatles cast a spell of "magick with a k" that indicated Crowley at least influenced him. Have u ever met Denny...he comes across pretty genuine in person. I'd add that the triple 6's are quite clear on some of Paul's stuff and it doesn't take a mirror or much imagination to see them The MMT booklet has a few going back to 67
  16. if it really "grates" I'd work on letting it go. I do not understand the lack of respect comment and ....really Page's new musical ideas are always "coming soon..." Do u know anything about jack white as a guitarist? Very talented. Should Plant be upset because he wasn't in It Might Get Loud with the Edge, page and White???? Jimmy is too busy with superfluous remasters and soundtracks to 40 year old movies to even put himself on a stage or be open to robert's proposed collaboration. At this point after the remasters i am not expecting a thing from Jimmy Page unless its a Puff daddy remix of lucifer Rising
  17. A friend of mine got a hold of two of the non signed ones and sold one. Sometimes it's unfortunate but there's nothing illegal about flipping product for profit. I hated not being able to get tix to the 07 show in the lottery when every freakin celebrity managed to get in but it is the way things are. Funny how this bothers people but boots from stolen tapes seems acceptable to some of the same people. ..not directed at anyone in this thread tho....
  18. Maybe he just plain doesn 't feel like playing with Jimmy...really where was Jimmy during all these festivals ...no one has him tied up and held captive. Jack White invited Robert to do that. What is hard to understand ? I love what Jimmy has done but their collaborative time is over.
  19. Paul was and is heavily into him according to Denny Laine. For example the McCartney years DVDs has 666 on the front. Paul repeatedly flashes a large pic of Crowley during Helter Skelter and Lennon and McCartney are heard discussing the book of the law in let it be outtake. George and Ringo did not share the interest.
  20. Well they certainly share degenerate Crowley as an interest big time
  21. I don't think Robert lives in Nashville or Texas at all nymore but it's a great clip and would love to see more only if the SSS go on as well though
  22. I did not buy this but the packaging is really well done Thinking of liquidating 6 remaster cd and sticking to the 94's I have not gotten much out of remaster project but I know most hear them differently than me and have diff opinion but yeah boxes like the soundtraxs should have been done not my kind of music but nice packages indeed
  23. My friend did not keep whatever it was and dr seemed to not really explain it but blew it off as some anomaly. Really I am not sure what to think..dreams, fallen angels, et's????? No clue and not sure i still want to know...
  24. I think when Noel has a legacy like Jimmy then he can make these kind of statements I love Robert and JPJ's endeavors to the point it drives people crazy on here sometimes.... but to tear down someone who may have been the greatest guitarist of the rock era is petty from a man like Noel Gallagher when he knows NOTHING about Jimmy's health or where he is at right now. As I said i am the biggest SSS fan out there maybe but Jimmy deserves respect. He has had the strength to pull through "things" that have taken the life of many and do charity work and for that alone he is a champion.
  25. Oh wow it was like being back at BAM in Brooklyn great stuff thanks. Now if he'd cover HW's Smokestack Lightning next love the Wolf!
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