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  1. Filth by Irvine Welsh, which I'm enjoying so far. Also, The Sociology of Health and Illness for college, which I'm not enjoying quite so much.
  2. I've been listening to a Scottish band called Mogwai a lot recently. Their latest album (released this year) is probably my least favourite of theirs, but it's still very good.
  3. Yes, true. Some of it is good and very enjoyable.
  4. I can't imagine not eating fruit. Do you not feel undernourished?
  5. That's sad, Charles, but can I just say that for some people there is no ''upside'' to life or living. I don't suppose that's a very easy thing to understand if you're someone who feels generally okay, or happy, even. If you are able to find a reason to keep going then you should feel lucky and grateful, but not everyone is the same.
  6. My diet is vegan and 95% raw, so I don't eat a lot of things. I haven't eaten meat or fish since I was 12. Meat is murder, after all.
  7. Fair enough. Personally, I find them a little hard to listen to.
  8. I think the music he made after leaving Pink Floyd proves what sort of state his mind was in, which wasn't a good one. There's some good stuff from him in that period between leaving Floyd and going back to Cambridge, but the majority is almost unlistenable. It's certainly not the most enjoyable music out there. There's no doubt, I don't think, that there were underlying problems before he started taking drugs, but it was this that brought them closer to the surface. Be honest, how often do you listen to his solo albums? He was still able to write (and write some really good songs) at that
  9. Ah, Syd. I can't help but feel sad every time I think of him, but he was great. One to introduce himself, be kind and talk to you in the era when it was more ''cool'' to keep yourself apart and be a little more aloof. I'm more into the music Floyd did in the 70s, but Piper at the Gates of Dawn is still a fantastic album. For those interested in reading a bio on him, I recommend Syd Barrett: Crazy Diamond by Pete Anderson more than An Irregular Head, though that is also good.
  10. I listened to the programme, and was very happy that Zep came first. Shouldn't be any other way. Jimmy sounded so sweet and delighted, too.
  11. We're not all stupid in Birmingham, even if some of our accents would lead you to think otherwise. Please judge me on the person I am, and not where I'm from.
  12. It's not surprising that TSRTS wins the poll - this is a Led Zeppelin forum! The music is, of course, very good on the TSRTS, and it's great to be able to watch them in concert, but Live At Pompeii wins it for me. It was filmed much better, the sound is better.... and Pink Floyd were just as great as Zep were, just in a different sort of way. Plus, LAP includes short interviews, which are interesting.
  13. English mostly, though my paternal grandmother was Welsh and I have a number of distant Scottish relatives. Going back a couple of hundred years, my family were Norwegian.
  14. Oh right, so you're from Manchester? I'm just north of Birmingham. That's the one I meant, on the 25th. According to his website they're going to do New Order's third and fourth albums in full, along with a few more of their songs and a ''Joy Division opening''. So it sounds like it'll be mostly NO stuff.
  15. Ah, there's quite a few of you. That's a little surprising. I wish I could go, chillumpuffer. I'm on the wrong side of the ocean. Mind you, he is playing Manchester next month. Maybe I could go to that gig. I'm just not sure how I feel about him doing JD songs, really (and I'm not a big New Order fan). Zepdawg, have you listened to the albums or any of the songs from them? As someone said above, they sounded very different live to how they did in the studio. They weren't extremely talented musically, of course, but Hannett did a very good job producing them and getting the most out
  16. Any fans here? Both of their two albums would make my ''top ten albums'' list, probably even my top five. Whenever something tragic happens to someone in a band, there's always a lot of press coverage and so they suddenly become more well-known and famous, but I think in JD's case, they were getting there anyway. Had they have gone to America that May in 1980, I think people would've sat up and took note a little more. God, what could their next album have been like? I feel so sad that Curtis couldn't find the peace he so desperately wanted and needed when alive, but at least we have his b
  17. I can't really think of lemons in the same way now. Apart from that, and on a more serious note, along with my other favourite bands they help me get through each day as it comes the very best I can. And for that I owe an enormous debt to those creative people who made the music. There's nothing I value more than what they've produced for us.
  18. I wasn't particularly a fan of Williams, but was still upset to hear we'd lost another. May he rest in peace now.
  19. I'm glad to hear the box sets are turning fans like you back onto Zeppelin. Brilliant. Welcome to the forum, messengers.
  20. My iPod's broken, and I can't find the receipt to prove I only bought it eight months ago and so should come under the guarantee. Great.
  21. Misfits re-runs, remembering how much I loved Simon (Iwan Rheon) the first time I watched it. Anyway, don't expect anyone here to know what I'm on about.
  22. It's perhaps not one of the best in the world, but on Saturday I went to the People's History Museum in Manchester, which I liked a lot. The staff are helpful and friendly, too. There was even a mini one-man play, with some surprisingly good acting. Very good for a museum that's free.
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