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  1. Hey zosodude, haven't seen you around either. Hope you're doing well

  2. Thank you for the suggestion

  3. No it wasn't shocking, I don't mind that you chose to lead the lifestyle you wanted. I was only curious what a guy who had sex with 300 women looked like. And I thought you were Plant, so I got my answer. I'm glad you're content with your life now.

  4. I saw your personal photo was Robert Plant, and so my curiosity ended right there.

  5. Greetings to you too. I love the Netherlands, I want to go to Amsterdam one day. I was only....embarrassed to admit....curious about what you looked like after reading the plastic surgery thread

  6. I don't post here so much, but when I get to read the boards sometimes, I love how your posts have the snarky humor yet have a strong backing of common sense behind it. I also appreciate the fact that you take the time to look beyond biased stereotypes when evaluating a person.

  7. No more "It's a Beautiful Day" avatar?

  8. Thank you very much =). I can't see your pic :P

  9. I enjoy this banter between you and Noora. And I knew Peggy Sue was a song :P

  10. I enjoy this banter between you and Ash. I knew it was a song :P

  11. I want to eat you...........r cookies :P

  12. I LOVE your new avatar.

  13. hello there. It amazes me how a tragic thread automatically turns into a humorous and ridiculous rampage. Only here!

  14. Hey Ash, don't be freaked out, but Noora and I have concluded a plan during the summer. I'll go on at 9 AM in NY time, so I can talk to both of you at the same time.

  15. Hey Noora, I hope our little messenger plan works out during the summer.

  16. To record your interests, you go to my controls on the top of the page, and then to profile information.

  17. She's amazing, and she looks like an exotic beauty

  18. Eid Mubarak to you too sweetie

  19. HEL-LO

    When I go to England. I am kick all those chavs in the nuts and immediately race to you

  20. She's so kind. And she 's Irish. So, yeah that's cool too.

  21. Such a great person, helped me so much with her advice. I can greatly thank her still for the time she helped me with my writing issues.

  22. he's awesome, he makes me laugh, and he's a wolfish devil.

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