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  1. What exactly do you mean by going downtown? and whats wrong with going there?
  2. I've never really read about it, but she must have been huge influence on him. Or perhaps they arrived at the same place because they are much the same in that they are both WASPs from middle class backgrounds who fell in love with the blues. Another similiar case is Patti Smith's influence on U2's Bono. Although Bono does cite her as one of his chief influences. Bono has said that he very much tried to perform like Patti Smith. If I had been a singer my choiciest influence would have been Chrissie Hynde, no doubt about that.
  3. Second that.. Great Thread... Eh, and I dont mean to be a snob about it but these last few months the only whisky for me has been Gentleman Jack. I've had whisky off and on, but never much paid much attention to the stuff. I got curious when I saw a trvel show about Scotland and they talked about the history of Scotch whisky. Next day I found myself at the local liquor store taking a crash course from the owner. It's always been a kind of mystery to me but once I started looking at the shelves it made sense Other than the quality of the distillery there are two things that drive price. * * Scotch from a single barrel is more expensive than scotch from a blend of many barrels * * Scotch aged 12 years or more is more expsnsive than the fresh Scotch. That makes four levels of scotch to choose from. I figured a 12 year old aged blend would be a good starter. I thought a single barrel would be risky lol. I picked Dewar's out of brand recognition. Might be interesting to try one of those bottles from obscure Scottish distilleries, but that is for another day. I can't say I cared for the Dewars bottle though. A little bitter and very hot, like drinking medicinal firewater. I would have liked it better had it not been bitter. I imagine it's an aquired taste. I much prefer Sour Mash, there is definitely something to the charcoal filtering, Gentleman Jack is made the same as the regular stuff, only its filtered twice. So thats my knowledge so far. Next up in the Study Lab - BOURBON.
  4. Hi Evermore,thanks for your comment.I had some negative replies to my post,but i knew that most of the hippies were genuine and were'nt fakin it.I am glad to know that there are still some around,and i hope they will be for a long time.Thanks again,much appreciated.Seeya.

  5. Frankly, I would have liked to see Rod go the hard rock route. I have no doubt I would have enjoyed music by a band with Jeff Beck, Rod Stewart and Ron Wood in it. These guys all managed to do very well for themselves, but the story still reminds me of this quote.... "Eighty percent of success is showing up." - Woody Allen
  6. Her character was too vulnerable to be called tough but she sure looked it.
  7. well theres your answer right there! Now that you have the fundamental tools, trial and error will be your best guide. Start with everyting dialed to five (never eleven) and adjust from there. Volume and tone and pickup selection on the guitar have a lot to do with the sound. Take a look at the beginning of Since I've Been Loving You on The Song Remains the Same DVD and you will see Jimmy Page making quite a few adjustments even while he's playing.
  8. Thanks for posting this Dragster. There are many sources of info out there of course; but I've only skimmed through them in the past. This article is concise yet thorough, I'm still reading through it but I will come out much better informed.
  9. I'm not that great a guitar player but even I will never sell my favorite guitar. My Les Paul is valued in the thousands by now. I've had offers. The heartache from parting with it would be too great. Certainly my kids will inherit my instruments. They already are music lovers and probably will feel the same way about selling them. They better! You really do fall in love with guitars to the point that they are mistresses; tempting me away from the bedroom at night. And on nights when I know I won't be getting any, even though I want it... staying up and playing the guitar is a very close substitute.
  10. Nobody mentioned Justin Hawkins, ex singer of "The Darkness"? Out of sight out of mind I guess. The band kicked ass, but the man had a falsetto that was about an octave higher than the BeeGees. Think Tiny Tim in spandex. It was especially funny when he sang a song like "Get Your Hands Off of My Woman" in falsetto.
  11. My current favorites are... Kings of Leon; classic rock played in the modern days. US Southern rock style. Franz Ferdinand; not exactly Zep genere. They are moddish and discoesque, very Eruopean. but I like their approach. All analogue gritty guitars, drums, vocals and thats it.
  12. The complexity in living beings is a result of natural selection. Chance has a role in natural selection, but there is a difference. Natural selection explains how random mutations in the genes can create an organism that has a greater chance at reproducing. Natural selection is an explanation for the complexity of plants and creatures that is independent of God. I'm not discounting God. We are always working our way back towards God's original creation. But the complexity is explainable through science.
  13. Isn't that what CBGB's was all about though? Uptown meets downtown? Essentially bringing the punk movement to the civvies, so to speak. CBGB's was an important place for all those acts to encourage and germinate their talent and the subtext was that it was a launching ground to the rest of the world.
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