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  1. Your guitar is good, strings don't matter so much as long as they are quality, and Earnie Balls are quality. Your amp is weak and generates all tone through software. The all valve Marshall is a good recommendation, you need tubes and high wattage to get a big sound, but dont discount the versatility of a good quality hybrid amp. Line6 bogner or a Vox hybrid are ones to look at too. The selection of an amp probably warrants a whole book! Once you get your chops you'll be able to let your ears judge which is best for you. Chops are wayyyy more important than the amp. Jimy could make that Sp
  2. awesome! This totally made my day. Los Lobos one of my faves too!
  3. What exactly do you mean by going downtown? and whats wrong with going there?
  4. My goodness! Courtney never seemed to look that good on Friends. I've never seen those pictures before. She is gorgeous. She sure knows how to model too. That's more important in a way.
  5. I've never really read about it, but she must have been huge influence on him. Or perhaps they arrived at the same place because they are much the same in that they are both WASPs from middle class backgrounds who fell in love with the blues. Another similiar case is Patti Smith's influence on U2's Bono. Although Bono does cite her as one of his chief influences. Bono has said that he very much tried to perform like Patti Smith. If I had been a singer my choiciest influence would have been Chrissie Hynde, no doubt about that.
  6. I don't see Led Zeppelin as the godfathers of metal. I think the concept was aready there and they certainly influenced it. The concept of light and shade led them to fuse old european classical and folk traditions with american blues. This in itself is not metal but Jimmy's appreciation of the occult and pre raphaelite art lent a baroque aura to the band. This arua influenced classical explorations by other bands from the mid seventies onward. I am thinking of Judas Priest, The Scorpions, Randy Rhoads etc. Metal is defined by the darkness and heaviness of a few forceful bar chords played t
  7. I think the contraction in English has to do with the increase in the number of messages sent and received by people today compared to the past. In the days before radio, television and the internet, the printed word was pretty much all everyone had. The cost of printing, or handwriting, and distribution of the written word was considerably high so the content had to be worth the investment. Nowadays the cost of sending or receiving a particular message is practically nothing. In the past, people had just a few books and a newspaper. People are now bombarded with shows, music, movies, websi
  8. Not to mention that at the end of the LA Greek show on June 25 Robert told everyone "Come back and see us again" or words to that effect. Anyone else catch that? I had though of Raising Sand as a one time project. Union Station is Allisons mothership as Led Zeppelin is Robert's. Allison, Robert and T Bone have uncovered a lot more treasure than Raising Sand with their collaboration. It wouldn't surprise me if their next album explores the roots of Rockabilly. Think roots based honeydrippers. It was the basis of their encore. This has always been one of Roberts loves.
  9. Second that.. Great Thread... Eh, and I dont mean to be a snob about it but these last few months the only whisky for me has been Gentleman Jack. I've had whisky off and on, but never much paid much attention to the stuff. I got curious when I saw a trvel show about Scotland and they talked about the history of Scotch whisky. Next day I found myself at the local liquor store taking a crash course from the owner. It's always been a kind of mystery to me but once I started looking at the shelves it made sense Other than the quality of the distillery there are two things that drive p
  10. Maybe I'll root for the Celtics. I haven't followed basketball since Kobe had Shaq tossed out of the Lakers years ago. LOL
  11. Let's leave religion out of it. Who says the bats have to be metal. Isn't there any kind of polymer that can be developed that sounds as good as wood. Bet the person who comes up with it will get rich fast. And by the way are you implying that the fans ought to participate in this so called contact sport?
  12. I think its stupid to use equipment that carries so much inherent risk when there are better alternatives.Whats wrong with using a bat that does not crack the same way? Hell I am sure people can develop bats that hit farther, break safer and sound better than wood. And if you must use the old bats the the stadiums ought to put up proper barriers to prevent broken bats from hitting fans. Look at what NASCAR has done to improve the safety stock car racing. They completely reconfigured the stock car this year. The seats are better positioned, the handling is better, the harnessing has been imp
  13. "...unspoken limit which people haven't understood or recognized?" I consider this the lamest of all rhetorical techniques, the appeal to hidden knowledge. I know exactly why I opposed this war. 1. I did not believe Iraq posed a direct threat to this nation 2. We have enemies more powerful and dangerous who we could not fight because of the Iraqi war. 3. Congress never properly declared war. 4. We did not follow the Powell Doctorine 5. There were little controls on government contracts to help with the effort. I hate seeing my tax dollars support corruption. 6. Thats just my to
  14. Nobody called Bill Clinton these things because nobody believed he was any of those.
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