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What is your super-group?


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Has to have 4 members (bass player, lead guitarist, drummer and lead vocalist)

Can't have more than one person from the same band

They can be living or dead


I would have:

Paul Rodgers-Free (Free era) as vocalist

Jimmy Page-Led Zeppelin (1969-1971 zeppelin era) as lead guitarist

Noel Redding-Jimi Hendrix expereience (Jimi era) as bass player

Phil Collins-genesis (Peter Gabriel genesis era)

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jimmy page

john paul jones

robert plant

john bonham


sorry, had to

If your being technical, you could say:

Robert Plant-robert plant lead vocalist

john paul jones-john paul jones bass player

jimmy page-the yardbirds lead guitarist

john bonham-led zeppelin drummer


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Paul Rodgers-Free (Free era) as vocalist

My first choice for vocal too, but also from Bad Company and The Firm eras.

Bass---Geezer Butler

Guitar---Zakk Wylde

Drums---Ginger Baker

Damn, you guys are loud!!


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My friend asked me this in stats class. He said you can't have 2 people from the same band and no dead people. So this is who I picked.

Jimmy Page - Guitar

Keith Emerson - Keyboards

Alex Van Halen - Drums and Percussion

Roger Daltery - Vocals

Roger Waters - Bass *Jimmy Page will keep him in-line. B):D

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Here's a real supergroup

Jimmy Page - guitar

Stevie Wonder - keyboards

Flea - bass

Mike Portnoy - drums


With a group like that, who needs em'

But I think Stevie would do alright in a pinch.

Eb-o-ny, Jim-my, and Flea, together in perfect har-mo-neeeyyyyy...

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