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Denis Leary Discussion Thread


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Let's get this out of the way now:

BTW,thanks and props to Ev.....

Playboy Magazine: Much has been written about you and comedian Bill Hicks, who died in 1994. People have accused you of appropriating his persona and material.

Leary: That's a great story that people like to latch onto. When I came to New York from Boston, Bill was part of the Sam Kinison group, and I was part of the Lenny Clarke group. Kinison and Lenny exchanged the notion that Bill and I should see each other because we were going to love each other's act. Very quickly we got New York club owners saying, "You guys are too alike," while Bill and I were saying, "What are they fucking talking about?" It's the same approach to the subject maybe, but it's not the same act. Caroline Hirsch of Carolines comedy club in New York started booking us to co-headline, so one guy would open one show and the other guy would close, then vice versa for the next show. We had audiences laughing at both acts, as a lot of witnesses at those big New Year's Eve gigs we did can tell you. But as I've said many times, a fable is sometimes better than the truth.

Now,what do you say?



Personally,I think we were separated at birth,but that's just me.

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I love Denis Leary! The crack of comedy! The Q is talkin to me! I love that fuckin Q! :beer:

And when it comes time to confess your sins in the Lapsed Catholic Church, guess who you confess your sins to. That's right, Father Leary. You walk in and say, 'Bless me, father, for I have sinned.' You know what I say? 'That's fucking great! What did you do?' 'I, um, thought impure thoughts many times this week--' 'Fucking excellent! What else?' 'Uh, I jerked off like five times--' 'That's FUCKING great! You know what your penance is? Run across the street to that store, steal two cases of beer and a pizza, and bring it back here,' OK? 'Cause we're gonna sit around the rectory, and smoke, and eat pizza, and drink beer, and watch TV, and if we see the pope on TV, we're gonna give him the finger and make fun of his hats, OK?

And you know what else?

Ted Kennedy? Forgiven.

Frank Gifford? Forgiven.

Marv Albert? Forgiven.

Al Sharpton? Forgiven.

Richard Nixon? Forgiven.

Bill FUCKING Buckner? Forgiven.

Everybody's forgiven.

Except you, O.J....fuck you. I hope your kids pull a Menendez on you, O.J., and then they'll be forgiven, ten times over.

So go in peace, my friends, get the beer and the pizza and bring it back here. Because Sin is in. Sin is in, and so we begin. :beer:

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I recently read an interview in Rolling Stone, where he advocated that people should not do drugs, KEITH RICHARDS said that we should not do drugs. Keith, we can't do anymore drugs, BECAUSE YOU ALREADY FUCKIN' DID THEM ALL! There's none left, we have to wait until you die so we can smoke you're ashes, alright!

Is it impossible to get a cup of coffee-flavored coffee? You can get every other flavor except coffee-flavored coffee! They got mochachino, cappuchino, frappachino, Al Pacino, what the fuck? www.what the fuck.com!

Behind the counter, another eighteen-year-old kid. Both ears-pierced. Both nostrils-pierced. Both eyebrows fucking pierced! And his tongue is hanging out, you know why his tongue is hanging... cuz he has a six-inch steel stud imbedded in the middle of it! That's just one more thing for your dad to grab a hold of when he's pissed off at you.

And you can't smoke in any of this coffee places. Can't smoke at Starbucks, can't smoke in dunkin' doughnuts... I'm pretty sure coffee was invented by people who were smoking anyways. And they just wanted to invent something so they can stay up late and SMOKE FUCKIN' MORE! That's my theory. Just ask me or Columbo, he'll back me up on this one.


Oh hell yes...... ;)


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I love Denis Leary! The crack of comedy! The Q is talkin to me! I love that fuckin Q! :beer:

Funny thing happened to me once, I had a large dose of NyQuil and this guy appeared before me and told of my entire future life yet when he left I forgot everything he told me. Fuckin' "Q" <_<


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I'v never really bought the "Hicks Ripoff" label that Leary was saddled with, as he says the style is similar but the viewpoint is very different. Hicks generally targetted the conservative side of US culture where as Leary went after the liberal/PC side of it.

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I fucking LOVE Denis Leary :thumbsup:

If any of you haven't read "Why We Suck", you should. It's hilarious. :D

I've been a fan from way back...

"I'm high as a kite and my teeth are green, Merry f**kin' Christmas!"

I still think of NyQuil as 'green death flavor'....

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